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Mission + Aesthetic of “The Coolest Designs”

The Aesthetic is about open-ness. 

Clean, open designs that evoke a feeling of luxury and comfort.

We want to be able to curate this feeling more than anything. A place to come and be transported to only the most aesthetically pleasing design available. The strongest designers and the strongest designs. Yes – it’s elitist, and yes we are going to curate this according to our tastes – but the ideal is that there will be many more people that will submit work with this high end aesthetic in mind. We invite you to add to it – and we’ll add the work after it’s been reviewed for quality, and is suitable for the aesthetic that we’re shooting to help evoke.

Our Mission: Find the best graphic design, and best website designs and inspiration

We want to be able to create a place that you can bookmark and return to on a weekly basis with only the freshest graphic, web and identity designs. Only the coolest agencies, workspaces and WordPress themes. This can be a place to be informed, to share, and to contribute to. The coolest designs you’ve ever seen! The coolest designs, and the best designers – in a celebration of talent and the blood, sweat and tears of the coolest designers making work today.

High-end Aesthetic = White Space, Stark Openness and High Contrast

I love the high-end aesthetic.

I love wealth, open space, clean design and power.

This high-end, open, and occasionally stark aesthetic is in fashion at the moment, but I like to think of it as timeless. Much of what we consider clean design today has roots in the Bauhaus movement of architecture in the early 1900’s. The brutal nature of the crisp lines and lack of ornament was set against the ornate victorian architecture that preceded it.

This sensibility became prominent in print design at the time as well and meant simple, san-serif fonts – powerful bold clean colors and lack of shadow and flourish.

While this gallery doesn’t aspire to be Bauhaus-inspired work only – it does seek to pull inspiration from this movement, this obsession with form as function – this wiping away of the un-necessary – to reveal clean, powerful lines and white space.

How to create work that’s qualified for this gallery

Whether you’re just looking to add your favorite designs here – or design something afresh for the purposes of this gallery, I invite you whole-heartedly to do so! 

If you want to be included, here are a couple notes about the curator’s tastes. I love greenery, I love matte black, I love white objects juxtaposed up against other white objects. I love open spaces that seem uncluttered, and I love anything that seems like it would be comfortable.

A list of other high-end, and clean design focused galleries and resources (Websites like this one)

1. Abduzeedo Another personally curated, high-end feeling design inspiration site – Abduzeedo spreads his love out into architecture and books as well. I deeply respect his tastes though and am trying to emulate the feel in this gallery (as of this writing.) I think it’s worthwhile to take what you’re inspired by and try to create a collection – and Abduzeedo has done that consistently for years now. 

2. Mind Sparkle Mag Mind Sparkle Mag is all about high-end aesthetic visual design inspiration as well, and consistently updated with high-end print design, high-end web design, and a respect for white spaces, bauhaus style design, and stark / contrast focused designs. Mind Sparkle Mag should be a definite bookmark for your consistent viewing pleasure and inspiration folder. 

3. From Up North – From poster designs, Beer Labels, Typography to UI Design, Animation and web design – From Up North is constantly putting together roundups of the best in design today. A very strong collection, and a very keen eye for both high-end, but just outside the box design examples in general. Definitely a wonderful design collection to come back to regularly to see what else they have put together. 


The difference between The Coolest Designs and Pinterest, Dribbble, and Behance

It’s alot easier to create a gallery of ONLY FIRE DESIGNS – when you have the whole internet at your disposal and can just pull in only the highest-end, most stylish designs across the board and link back to their authors.

If you do submit work, please be sure to link back to the original author so they get full credit. In my work as a digital marketer, I am also a search engine optimization specialist and these kinds of high domain authority backlinks are actually really good for the designers visibility on search engines as well! The more of backlinks your website gets from sites like mine (a 52 DA at time of this writing) the more likely it is for your site to be served high up on search results.

Because of the sheer quantity of links going out on Pinterest, Dribbble and Behance – it somewhat devalues them because they are watered down by the quantity. Point being – if you receive a link from this gallery it is a really good thing for your site. That being said – if your work is featured here, and you want anything changed on it, or want it removed – let me know and I will take it down from the design inspiration gallery immediately!


How you can support this gallery of high-end design

If you love this gallery – please keep feeding it with the absolute best designs, and we can create a community of people that are not only featured, but just continually showcasing their tastes. I will even add other curators with a strong sense of taste if it becomes appropriate and the amount of designs being submitted surpasses the time I’m able to put into it.

Really – the absolute best way for you to help support this gallery is by linking to it! Please feel free to link to it with any of the following link anchor text options: 

  • Gallery of High-end design
  • Inspiration design examples
  • The Coolest Designs
  • White Space Design Examples
  • Websites like Abduzeedo, MindSparkle Mag, and From Up North
  • Visual Design Inspiration
  • Workspace Design Inspiration
  • The Best Designs
  • Web Design Inspiration
  • Print Design Inspiration 
  • Logo Design Inspiration

Thank you so much for visiting, contributing and potentially even sharing this gallery in your next resource roundup!

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Thank you! – Tim

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