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Here are the objectives of the course:

  1. That you know what kinds of activities generate the most leads.
  2. That you you know what actions you can take TODAY to get more leads
  3. That if you don’t take an action, that you have an opportunity to come back to this course later as a reference, or can at least delegate key actions to your team.


Table of Contents

Course Introduction
β€’ How To Use This Course + Outline
β€’ About Your Instructor: Tim Brown

Lead Buying, Website + SEO Basics
β€’ Lead Buying
β€’ The Elements of a Persuasive Website
β€’ The 7 Things You Can do in 2 Hours for SEO
β€’ SEO For Google Maps: 6 Extreme Advanced Techniques

Content Marketing For Lead Generation
β€’ Content That Converts
β€’ Ways to Write Content Now

How to Create a Brand + Reputation That Bleeds Leads
β€’ Building a Brand
β€’ Marketing That Increases Referrals Referral Systems
β€’ How To Get More Reviews and Testimonial Videos
β€’ Tracking Your Wins and Doubling Down
β€’ The Science of Customer Satisfaction for Long-Term Success

Paid Ad Strategies on Google + Facebook That Work
β€’ Facebook Ads for Roofers
β€’ Google Ads for Roofers

β€’ Interview: How to Get More Roofing Leads Without Door Knocking – Josh Swisher, Northface Construction
β€’ Interview: Dmitry Lipinskiy – Guaranteed Leads Companies & Home Advisor

Next Steps / 10 Best Roofing Marketing Agencies
β€’ 10 Best Roofing Lead Generation Companies to Tap for Further Expertise



My name is Tim Brown and I’ve been doing marketing for roofers for a while now!

I had’t pounded a nail in a roof since I was 19 (but I did do one recently for perspective with a client) – mostly I’ve just been on roofs in the last few years, filming videos for our roofing clients.

What do I do? Well – we find ways to create engaging content for our roofing clients customers… and that attracts LEADS.

I’ve learned a ton along the way – and we tried to make these videos condensed, so you’re going to want to DO THE CHECKLISTS, along the way. Otherwise, your website traffic and leads are going to stay the same after doing this course.

But the good news is – our average client gets over 250% more traffic year over year, and almost 200% more leads from Google. 😱

Best part is – I’m sharing every single tactic that we employ in this course, and not pulling any punches. I hope you enjoy, and if there’s any way I can make the course better – let me know, I’ll hop to it!

Lesson 1: Roofing Lead Buying: When to Do It, Ways to Get the Most out of it

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Although these lead buying suggestions may not be the best moves for more established brands, I still recommend that you try them out.

☐ Get your company profile up on Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and fill out your profiles.
☐ Get a few leads from each and identify where you’re getting the highest quality (maybe spend a little bit of money but resist high-pressure upsells.)
☐ Ask for a referral from one happy customer from these platforms.
☐ Share that you are open for business and looking for customers on your personal Facebook and Instagram profiles.
☐ Ask for referrals on your Facebook and Instagram profiles.
☐ Create a business profile on Facebook + Instagram if you haven’t yet.
☐ Join 3 ‘City Groups’ on Facebook.
☐ Have your friend who owns a different type of business also join city groups – and try to respond with their business about related questions, and have them share about yours.
☐ Create a business profile on Instagram if you haven’t yet.
☐ Share about your referral partners on social media.

Lesson 2: The Elements of a Persuasive Website

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Take the time out to add these elements to your website in order to increase traffic and leads for your business. You can work on implementing these things yourself, or give this checklist to your web designer if appropriate.

☐ Add trust factors around the point of conversion
☐ Add a 2-minute explainer video to your homepage
☐ Create clear and obvious ‘call to action buttons.’
☐ Cut down to only the most essential elements on your homepage, to reduce friction.
☐ Create a call-to-action that goes above the footer on every interior page
☐ Create a call-to-action button that goes right next to the menu on your website header.
☐ Incorporate friendly, real images from around the office + worksites into your website.
☐ Make sure you have UNIQUE value propositions, and
☐ Boil the process for working with you down into an easy 1-2-3 process so that people feel comfortable working with you.

Lesson 3: The 7 Things You Can Do For Your Website's SEO in 2 Hours

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Got 2 hours to spare? Great! Let’s take that time to work on improving your website’s SEO with these 7 steps. πŸ”₯

☐ Create 50+ Local Directory Listings (List of 50)
☐ Ask 3 people for reviews
☐ Write meta titles and descriptions for your top service pages that contain keywords you believe people are searching
☐ Create at least one video for a key service page.
☐ Reach out to 3 websites and ask if you can write a blog post for them.
☐ Write 700 words for all of your service pages and use FAQ’s to augment your content
☐ Get at least 3 giant guides onto your site (start now with the top question you get in the sales process)
☐ Install Yoast SEO (or Rankmath) and de-index thin and duplicate content (choose the options – “de-index” for items on your site that don’t have under 100 words)

Lesson 4: Basic + Advanced Google Maps Techniques

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Here is a wide range of techniques that you can use to improve your Google Maps listing.

Basic Techniques:
☐ Be sure to have all fields filled out correctly on GMB
☐ Add all the relevant categories
☐ Add more quality photos

Pro Techniques:
☐ Get as many great reviews as possible
☐ Respond to all reviews, both good and bad.
☐ List your business in other directories – 100+
☐ Make your link in Google My Business
☐ Corresponding landing pages with keyword-rich meta titles and descriptions
☐ You need to use click-through focused language and not just keywords

Advanced Techniques:
☐ Location-based keywords in the anchor text of inbound links to your domain.
☐ Get inbound links to your domain from locally relevant domains
☐ Get links from local websites through sponsorship
☐ Implement Rankmath’s local schema
☐ A video with the city, state, and zip code in the video title
☐ Add EXIF location data to photos

Lesson 5: Content Marketing – Content That Converts

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Keep these 7 tips in mind when creating content, and watch your leads skyrocket!

☐ Create 1 piece of content that solves a common problem for your prospects
☐ Be helpful earlier than normal in your writing and introduce your solution (before they’d need you) with a blog post
☐ Explain your strategies in detail – give checklists as examples or clear reasons on how your process keeps the result consistent.
☐ Talks about a competing solution (cheaper roofers, for instance, and why not to use them) in a blog post.
☐ Give your audience 5-10 solutions for their problem – Talk about the top 10 roofers in your area (gasp!) Even if they are competitors. HUGE RESULTS oddly.
☐ Talk about the problems and issues your customers are having in a blog post.
☐ Upgrade and update your content (try updating one old piece of content now.)

Lesson 6: Ways to Write Content now!

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Check out these tips that will have you writing blog content that engages your audience in no time!

☐ Start off a blog post with some common misconceptions
☐ Create a clickbait title and deliver on that title
☐ Utilize the mentioned keyword placement strategies on at least one blog post
☐ Have a Call-to-action within the post – but don’t make the whole post salesy
☐ Promote the blog post in at least 5 places (consider using Buffer or a similar tool to schedule out promotions later on)

Lesson 7: The Importance of Building a Brand

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Building a Brand is a crucial step to take if you want to generate any leads. Use these tips to create a strong brand identity with your customers.

☐ Post on Google My Business
☐ Take the next step towards getting your truck wrapped if it’s not.
☐ Look into yard signs.
☐ Reach out to one event to collaborate or exhibit.
☐ Create systems for referrals.
☐ Post a video on your Social pages
☐ Reach out and schedule a testimonial video (can be on shot on your phone.)
☐ Write down 5 things you’d want to say in a brand video
☐ Ask 3 People for Facebook and Google My Business reviews
☐ Post once demonstrating expertise on Linkedin
☐ Reach out to 5 people on LinkedIn + Facebook to ask if you can help in any way.
☐ Look into the type of sign you’d want for your building if you don’t currently have one.
☐ Write down 3 things about radio spots you’ve heard recently – call and ask for rates to a local station.
☐ Look into local billboard rates.
☐ Cold call 5 people in areas recently hit by a storm – ask if they know about the deadline coming up to get it checked out if there is one.
☐ Try a letter campaign – or mail campaign.
☐ Take 5 Minutes to reach out to organizations or events to speak at
☐ Connect with local media – connect with 20 people on Linkedin, mention you’re open to interviews if there are any severe weather-related issues that they’d like a roofing + siding expert on.
☐ Ask 3 local Instagram people (10k + followers) what they’d charge to do a collaboration with.
☐ Look into better design options for your flyers and business cards

Lesson 7: Create Marketing That Increases Referral Systems

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Are you wondering how to increase your business’s referrals exponentially? Implement these tips, and watch the referrals flood in.

☐ Make content with helpful tips that current customers want to share
☐ Make a video that straight-up asks for referrals
☐ Be the subject matter expert
☐ A thank you card or gift going the extra mile
☐ Always be tagging and make them look great

Lesson 8: Tracking Your Wins and Doubling Down

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Track your wins to see if your efforts are paying off, and if they aren’t, come up with new strategies to try!

☐ Use Google Analytics to track what works
☐ Write down 3 ways of marketing that you’ve seen get leads
☐ Write down 3 ways to increase efforts without crazy spending
☐ Write down 3 methods of marketing that you love doing.

Lesson 9: The Science of Customer Satisfaction for Long Term Success

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Delighting your customers is the main way to ensure long-term success for your business. Check out these tips to learn how to leave your clients smiling!

☐ Add 1 new way to surprise and delight your customers
☐ Create three reminders or checklists related to customer service.
☐ Get a simple system for tracking your ‘net promoter score.’

Lesson 10: Facebook Ads for Roofers

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If you do nothing else, make sure to implement these top Facebook Ad strategies for your business!

☐ Create a short-term retargeting campaign (24-48-72 Hours) on Facebook
☐ Create a lead magnet like a ‘Spring Home Exterior Checklist’ and offer it via Facebook ads
☐ Use empathy (be human,) urgency, and video in your Facebook ads and promoted posts

Lesson 11: Google Ads for Roofers

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Make sure to follow these rules in order to gain the most value from your Google ads.

☐ Build out a strong Local Services Ads strategy on Google
☐ Don’t use Google AdWords Express
☐ Make sure to use the correct Keyword Match types when building out your campaign – Use broad match modified keywords (+ roofing + companies + Minneapolis) to clean up your ad
☐ Take advantage of all the ad extensions that you can, including site links, callout extensions, and location extensions
☐ Utilize Call-Only Ads and campaigns
☐ Don’t forget to link Google Ads and Google Analytics to track conversions
☐ Make sure to apply bid adjustments to Google Ad campaigns

Lesson 12: Interview – Leads without Door-knocking

YouTube video

Learn from Josh Swisher of Northface Construction as he shares his story of how to get roofing leads without door-knocking.

☐ Post pictures from 3 past projects to get more referrals
☐ Establish your brand and build your presence
☐ Set up Google Adwords and Facebook ads
☐ Ensure you’ve created habits around SEO
☐ Sign up for Google Local Services if you haven’t
☐ Don’t rent – OWN your marketing

Lesson 13: Dmitry Interview – Guaranteed Leads, Legit or Not?

YouTube video

Learn from Dmitry Lipinskiy, of as he shares his thoughts on Guaranteed Leads providers and whether roofing companies should work with them.

☐ Be wary of guaranteed leads
☐ Don’t expect much from Home Advisor
☐ Don’t overpromise – the customer’s always right
☐ Ask how a company is going to get results before you hire
☐ Don’t “desperate” spend on marketing
☐ Build your brand
☐ Check out the Roofing Insights Directory

Lesson 14: How to Get More Reviews & Testimonial Videos

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Use these methods to get more reviews and testimonial videos from previous clients!

☐ Send a link to leave a review and make it easy
☐ Make a request template and compensate your team for reviews they get
☐ Get a third party person to film and get a testimonial video
☐ Put videos front and center on the home page, about page, contact form, and at the end of your interior pages in a call to action.
☐ Create 3 systems around getting more reviews

Lesson 15: Ten Best Roofing Lead Generation Companies

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No checklist for this lesson – consider writing down a few of the most agencies that may make sense for you, and reaching out via e-mail or phone.

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