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There's a lot of fluff out there. We like strategy, but action gets results. Through our proven process, clear deliverables, and comprehensive content – you can stop wondering what the hell your marketing agency is doing. Stop paying for fluff, start paying for stuff.
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"We appreciate Hook Agency’s expertise, flexibility & how easy they are to work with. I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it."
Dallas Werner
"Our SEO position & inbound leads were almost nonexistent. Within 3 months our website authority had drastically increased – we were consistently receiving organic leads."
Greg Toler
Marketing Manager
"Their website work, and subsequent SEO, blog writing, and social media marketing expertise have done wonders for our lead pipeline. We would recommend them to anyone."
Ryan Hanson
Partner / Co-owner
Small Business Marketing Minneapolis Client Dan Corrigan
"The entire Hook Agency team was very responsive, accommodating, patient, and easy to work with. They made the whole process productive and stress-free."
Dan Corrigan

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FAQ's About our Minneapolis Web Design + SEO Services

We believe there is a lot of fluff in the marketing industry. A 25k branding document for a small business at best doesn’t get used very much, and at worst – just becomes a dusty reminder of why marketing sucks. We’re different because everything we do is around driving leads long-term. We believe you should own your marketing systems, and your leads – and we help build those systems for you. Our Minneapolis Web Design services – are different because all of our designers know development, and all of our developers know design. This leads to a cleaner end product and helps you avoid a weird looking website. Our SEO services drive leads by identifying the keywords people are searching on Google and then by writing content on your behalf, and building links naturally back to your site from other websites in your niche.
Our Minneapolis website design process – can be in the range of 20-30k and up depending on the functionality + complexity of your organization, because we do fully custom website design, and build from scratch on WordPress so the back-end of the website is easy to use for non-technical people. Our SEO services are currently either 3.5 or 4.5k – for many clients. The key variable is the quantity of content we write for you (you can scale this up) and the quantity of linking effort applied monthly. Linking + Content are the 2 biggest levers you can pull to increase your position on Google. We also do technical SEO, some website edits, and report monthly.
Everyone on our team has a clear process to follow that creates 103%+ year-over-year leads from Google for our average client, but we also make our internal guiding principle – ”get more leads” for our clients. Whatever you're doing from the smallest website tweak, to the way your blog posts are written are done with that at the center. We do weekly training internally on ways our writing, design, and other methods are done so our people are always leveling up around this principle.
In addition to technical SEO efforts, SEO writing, and link-building and outreach – we chat with you monthly over a video call to go through key details of your account, what’s working, and what we’re doing the following month. We have keyword targets we’ve come up with based on competitive analysis and creativity (based on your ideal customer profiles) but we can pivot on a month to month basis as well because we know details change very quickly in business.
We do not have contracts that lock you in. 30 day notice and you’re good to go. We want clients that want to be with us, and do our best to continue earning your business with results and having a good relationship. We know SEO and digital marketing is a long-term game, and so we do our best to educate you along the way as well, and constantly are looking for new ways to earn your company new business.
As told from Hook Agency's founder - Tim Brown's perspective:

I was a marketing directory for another agency, and went out on my own full time. Having gone to school for web design, and learning SEO from some of the best in the city.

I hired my wife, and we had an amazing first year. We started standardizing processes, hired our first couple employees and changed the name to Hook Agency (it used to be Tim B Design) but there were growing pains. Our first employee left, and we weren't filtering clients properly – so a few clients would take up too much time, and we had to create consistency.

As we standardized - culture became extremely important, we needed a bigger "Why" that our people could buy into, and motivate us all to the best work possible.

Our mission took shape to ‘Champion the underdog, and change our clients lives.’ We do this by regular volunteering and taking things off our clients plates, and aggressively taking action on their behalf to get more Google traffic and leads.

What was once ‘just telling our clients stories online in a compelling way’ has turned into driving significant ROI with regular marketing habits through content marketing + constantly finding new ways to get higher on Google for money-making keywords.

Now we have 14 in-house people 3 years after my wife and I’s great first year. Our system is about 5x more effective than the first year, and we’re in it for the long game.

We have 27 Happy Recurring Clients (around 2 for every 1 employee - 100’s of launched websites, and 50+ 5-star reviews on Google.) We care a ton about our reputation, and are shooting for people loving their website, the leads it gets them.

Each new client - we don't just shoot for satisfaction. We aim to earn a 5-star review, and referrals, as we seek to delight and turn our customers into 'raving fans.'

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