Plumbing Leads | 9 Simple Tips to Get More Leads

What would an endless flow of plumbing leads pouring into your business do for your company? This guide will give you the exact steps that led to companies getting high-value leads, without…

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Plumbing Leads Guide

What would an endless flow of plumbing leads pouring into your business do for your company? This guide will give you the exact steps that led to companies getting high-value leads, without paid ads or paying sheister companies like HomeAdvisor for bad leads.

  • Reviews, referrals, and Google My Business are a huge part of the game.
  • Learn the basics of SEO + try various lead gen services.
  • Move into PPC ads, Google local services, remarketing and trim your efforts down to only the MOST effective.
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Plumbing Leads Guide

1. Online reviews are more important than many plumbers realize for getting leads

Are you ignoring the biggest ‘quick indicator’ for most homeowners on whether or not your company is legitimate and professional?

The first mistake many plumbers make is considering these things to be trivial – you can not overestimate the importance of 10-20+ glowing 5-star reviews on Google in particular.

You don’t have to have a perfect 5-stars, but pushing on getting more, and making sure your rating is above 4.5, will significantly increase your chances of getting the call – if it’s between you and another provider.

Action Item: Create systems for your people to ask every time, after a great interaction with a customer.

2. Get your reviews right, get your referrals right.

Once you get your reviews in place, you can also create systems around getting more referrals. Most people aren’t necessarily automatically thinking about who you might also help that they know – but if you ask, perhaps around the time you ask for a review, you’ll help remind them that small businesses rely on referrals and word of mouth.

Action item: Ask for one referral via e-mail every time you have a successfully completed job.

3. Optimize your Google My Business listing

Besides reviews – making sure you have a completed Google My Business profile, filled to the brim with keywords and that you are regularly active on there.

  1. Enter every single field that Google offers while you’re setting up your GMB listing.
  2. Include the keywords you want to rank for in your descriptions.
  3. Keep Business Operating Hours Accurate.
  4. Add Photos that showcase your personality, and the interior and exterior of your space.
  5. Manage & respond to every single customer review.

4. Implement these 4 crucial search engine optimization tips

Some of these may seem a little hard to understand but look into them more and SEO will seriously increase your rankings on Google:

  1. Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page.
  2. Remove anything that slows down your site.
  3. Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you.
  4. De-index thin and duplicate content.

5. Google local services ads

The biggest new player in the game is Google local services ads – and any smart home services company is jumping all over this new method.

6. Use a tight list of keywords on Google PPC ads.

Doing Google PPC can really drain your business of cash unless you know what you’re doing. That’s why I suggest doing ‘Expanded Exact Match Keywords’ – which uses [brackets around your keywords] to make sure that every single keyword you include has to be present in a search for your site’s ads to show up.

Why is this important? Because if not – you start showing up for something you didn’t want to show up for since Google expands your keywords out way too far if you don’t keep a tight circle around the things you DO want to show up for.

Also – I strongly suggest going in and adding negative keywords every couple weeks until you get your ads ONLY showing up for the things you want them to.

7. Use the NextDoor app + other lead generation services, but don’t get trapped.

NextDoor app is the best possible lead avenue for many home service companies right now.

The other one that is working well for some – is Thumbtack but always do small tests to start and respond to leads as quickly as you possibly can.

Avoid getting stuck in a place where these are the only leads you’re getting because you might end up in a ‘race to the bottom’ for pricing – and not sell on a premium basis.

8. Invest in a content strategy that helps ideal customers.

Content marketing is massive – particularly if you identify a tight niche of customers you want to go after. You can create landing pages that go after cities and sub-services, but then you also want to build out answers to common questions, and constantly be looking for new ways to get in front of customers. This is massive for getting higher on Google as Google loves fresh content on websites, but also these pieces of content are great for social and staying in front of existing customers and referral partners.

9. Remarketing is the cheapest clicks you can get.

If there’s one thing I’d strongly suggest doing as far as paid advertising goes, besides ‘local services ads’ it’s remarketing. It takes most people 7 times to see your company before they contact you – so if they come to your site make sure they see your ads all over afterward by using remarketing ads.

Wrapping up – How to Get Endless Plumbing Leads on Autopilot

The only way you’re going to get endless leads on autopilot is if you take massive action for the success of your business.

No magic pill is going to create the business of your dreams, and in fact – (as many home services companies have realized with companies like HomeAdvisor) if they act like their method will be a cure-all – it might be actually more likely to harm your business than help it.

I suggest companies double-down on ‘sweat equity’ in regards to these 9 plumbing lead-generation tips. Take 100% responsibility for your business’ success, stop blaming plumbing lead generation services, and start generating your own plumbing leads – particularly by digging into plumbing SEO tips.

If you are a premium services provider – and want our help implementing SEO to help in your efforts, send us a message for a free consultation.


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