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Skyrocket your marketing plan effectiveness – with these resources for marketing directors and small to mid-size companies, looking to grow. From free marketing plans to budget help – we’ve curated the best resources on our site + the best free resources from around the web, all in one place!

Marketing Director Guide

What should a marketing plan + budget include?

  •  Identify the activities that worked in the past – create a graph of your current clients/customers and where they’re coming from. View the full guide on “How to Get Results as a Crazy Awesome Marketing Director
  •  Cluster your activities around what worked – if most of your business has come from referral, how can you use social or video to increase referrals? If most have come from Organic or paid search, how can you pull budget from less effective channels and double down on what’s working?
  •  What are the surges in the market? How can you push into those (is Linkedin video a great channel to pair with your heavy-duty SEO/content marketing for 2021?)
  •  Once you have your HABITS identified (2 videos a week + 1 deep guide on your website + 3 social posts on all channels) push on them consistently, identifying your top channels of engagement and hone your skills.
  • Get a clear budget with the estimated return. Use our Marketing Budget Calculator for 2021.
  • Create clarity with your team, about what’s being spent and why. Free Google Doc template we created for laying that out for leadership.
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