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10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies Minneapolis + Choosing

A massive problem with Clutch, UpCity, and Expertise’s lists of the top digital marketing agencies in Minneapolis – is that the curators of those lists do not live in Minneapolis and have…

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Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency

A massive problem with Clutch, UpCity, and Expertise’s lists of the top digital marketing agencies in Minneapolis – is that the curators of those lists do not live in Minneapolis and have no context whatsoever on the market, and the actual skill or value of the agencies listed.

Other than that – they’re great πŸ˜‰

  • The problem with our list is that we ARE a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis so you may not know whether you can trust us.
  • You may think we’re going to give preferential treatment to digital marketing agencies in Minneapolis that we know.
  • You may think we are going to drop ourselves smack dab into the middle of this list and promote ourselves.

That would likely be a little ‘on the nose’ for some of you – so we’ll just throw in here… We are also awesome, and our specialty is helping small businesses and construction companies get higher on Google – and at that, we’re really good.

Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency

But other than that – we’ll keep ourselves off of this list to try to keep it as impartial as possible!

1. Nina Hale – For those that need a tight digital strategy, planning, digital marketing, and PPC.

From their top-notch website to their long-standing reputation in the Minneapolis digital marketing community – Nina Hale is built after it’s namesakes tenacity and commitment to strategic ground-up marketing planning to PPC ads at scale.

2. Rocket 55 – For companies that need clean web design + development, and heavy-duty PPC, or Amazon advertising.

Rocket 55 is close to us in certain ways just larger – have tons of great people. 50+, and lots of awesome paid ads people, developers, and strategists. More focus on the audits side when it comes to SEO, but also have in-house writers and designers.

3. Ovative – For large organizations that want to grow enterprise-level analytics capabilities and confidence in spending.

They refer to their unique planning and analytics strategy as ‘Enterprise Marketing Return’ – meaning they quantify return across in-store and online avenues, and help you get the most out channels, test, switch channels, etc.

4. Guerilla Agency – For E-commerce and Small Businesses who want to get higher on Google through video and SEO.

Smaller agency focused on SEO, and video – lighter on the account management per se, but a great mind on the link-building side of things in the form of Clayton Johnson – probably one of the smartest link-building people in Minnesota. A very direct competitor of ours, but having learned everything I know about link-building from him, have to give credit where credit is due.

5. Uproer – For E-commerce companies that want to get higher on Google.

On the other side – on the on-page and content marketing strategy side, Griffin Roer is a pure genius – and his SEO + PPC agency is quickly coming up in Minneapolis as well. I have not seen a more brilliant overall strategic marketer in my time in the industry, and I tried to soak up as much as I could when I worked with him at a previous agency. ForΒ  E-commerce and tech companies that need a brilliant strategy but possibly have people in-house to write, and do some work.

6. Augurian – For medium size companies that need in-depth PPC strategy more than just ‘get stuff done’ mindset.

Augurian is for people that may have some people in-house to do work like meta titles and descriptions, but want an outside company to give ‘confidence’, in that strategy. Smart people, particularly on the paid side, and for medium-sized companies (50-100m,) Augurian would be a great fit. Not currently offering web design and development help in-house but most companies this size have those people internally.

7.Β  Collegis Education – For colleges and education organizations that want more revenue.

Collegis talks about not just enrollments, but revenue. And with a super tight niche like higher education, they are able to have specialized knowledge and ‘network effects’ within that industry that would make them a super-smart fit for anyone looking in that industry.

8. August Ash – For smart organizations that need a custom, super-targeted campaigns.

With developers and highly paid consultants internally – they take a “sniper approach rather than a shotgun approach” to digital marketing. So if you have a hyper-specific demographic with sophisticated tastes (think engineers or scientists) August Ash is your company. They know how to reach these people with super-targeted PPC and advertising, and have been around for 20+ years.

9. Irish Titan – For E-commerce companies that need a super-custom site.

With a heavy-duty group of designers, developers, and software engineers and being that they are a partner for BigCommerce and ShipStation – Irish Titan is for companies that need higher-end e-commerce solutions. Custom design and development is right in their wheelhouse.

10. Windmill Design – For manufacturers who need a partner who understands their industry.

Manufacturers and OEM’s who need web design and development as well as ongoing marketing help – may find that Windmill understands their language and can help them create a modern, strategic approach to reaching their targeted audience.

How to choose – get close to your niche and receive the ‘network effects’

Having seen the direct benefits to ‘niching’ and getting tight on WHO IT’S FOR, we’ve seen massive efficiencies for our construction-industry and roofing clients.

Network effects – a phenomenon whereby increased numbers of people or participants improve the value of a good or service.

Look for this kind of positive-sum opportunity with the company that you choose your marketing, and the strategic / networking / consultative benefits will be higher to your organization as a whole.

We believe in abundance and that there is more work to go around than we can all possibly do.

For those in our industry who question our ability to talk positively about so many competitors – I ask you to consider how many prospects that came to you needing Minneapolis marketing agency services – and fell off the face of the planet after talking to you.Β 

  • They didn’t make a decision to go with a competitor
  • They likely succumbed to apathy instead
  • The truth is we aren’t competing with each other as much as we are competing with apathy in regards to marketing.

Yeah, sure we’re competing with each other… but I believe there are so many more businesses that need our work than we could possibly all service. At least at present in the Minneapolis digital marketing agency world today – in the fall of 2019, as I’m writing this.

So if you are another one of these amazing Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agencies – feel free to hit me up for coffee, or to tell me to eff off, or to tell me to take you off the list. πŸ˜‰

If none of the above work out – we’re here to help.

We serve predominantly home services, construction, roofing, and small business clients – help them get higher on Google, and help them make their website more effective. In short – we save people time, and make them money, by helping them earn more ideal customers – with hard-working digital marketing and SEO.

Let us know – if we can be of service. And yes, I’m keyword stuffing Digital Marketing Agencies Minneapolis and it still works in 2019 πŸ˜‰Β  😜😘

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