Here's how to get the most out of the ideal marketing plan!

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Having doubled traffic and recurring revenue for a company in 8 months – these concepts are not based on BS, but rather cold-hard data, and content focused marketing strategy. Use this template to plan + pitch leadership on the marketing activities and budget that will get the most return on investment.

  • Swap in colors & branding
  • Plot content strategy for ideal customers
  • Identify high-value habits & goals
  • Budget marketing based on clear data
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How to make sure your marketing time + budget is well spent

Creating a marketing plan that actually makes the company significant money – requires focusing on ATTRIBUTION. Where have ideal clients come from in the past, how can we duplicate successes, and how can we attract more customers like them.

Here’s how to get the most out of the ideal marketing plan!

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What will help you skyrocket the return on investment of your companies marketing activities this year?

100% dedication to the ideal customers – nurturing them with content from awareness, consideration, into them deciding which provider to use, and creating landing pages to give them a final push to contact you.

Workshop what events they’ll be at – what social media they are on, and how to get in front in them by partnering with publications that own their attention.

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Marketing Directors Do? Duties

Questions and Answers about Ideal Marketing Strategy Planning

This is where you’d summarize the plan of action, give a couple examples of the work to be done, and explain the result that will be achieved. Give why this matters to leadership – why this matters to customers, and how it better positions your company in the market to be profitable long-term.

High level result that will be achieved – specific tactic that will be employed to achieve the result.
Example one – increase brand awareness by doing a video tutorial series, and increasing social marketing efforts with daily engagement, promoting our best content, and heavy ‘remarketing’ for people have already visited our site.
Example two – generate high-value leads by employing content marketing for ideal customers helping them with key issues that would arise along the buying journey, and adding call to actions throughout our articles + creating targeted landing pages and driving traffic with Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram ads.

What a Persona Is

A persona a beacon to target your marketing efforts toward. Consider using a combination of two ideal customers that you know in real life, and developing your ‘persona’ around those qualities. The problem with traditional persona’s is that they often get too bogged down in the hypothetical specifics – that’s why this approach is focused more on the problems they have, why they choose us, and what actions we can take in the near future to get in front of more people like this and get them to take action.

How We Use These Persona’s

We want to get right into what will help these people – via content, events, and what ads will get them to take action.

An Emphasis On Using These Practically

Don’t get bogged down in the persona’s themselves – but rather think through their title / position, their fears, needs, and how we can help. The idea here is to figure out why they choose us, get as much ‘attribution’ about the touchpoints that will lead to more of them choosing us, and present our case on those platforms, and through those mediums more.

80/20 Principle

It’s a common principle that 20% of tasks get 80% of the results – if we can identify these marketing tasks and spend more time here, we’re much more likely to get heavy results from our work.

Identifying high value tasks through attribution

We’ve identified the items that brought in the most business this past year, by using analytics and a spreadsheet to find the sources of conversions, and offline activities that led to sales.

The importance of creating goals & habits

Instead of trying to make short-term initiatives, we’ve organized our activities around daily, weekly and monthly goals and habits. Goals allow us to aggressively move key performance indicators to the next level – so we’ve associated those goals with key ‘lead indicators’ or habits that would lead to hitting our reasonable but aggressive goals.

Tracking – How will we ensure attribution for leads and sales?

Anywhere where we didn’t or don’t have clear ‘attribution’ to existing leads – we’ve taken clear steps forward to get a better idea of what led to that sale.

Ensure Tracking conversions in Google analytics
Enabling our team that goes to conferences to track leads that come in there
All leads get categorized

Define Accountability – How will we create a system of check-ups to ensure our systematic approach?

While sitting down with someone from a prominent Minneapolis marketing firm, I was struck with realization that a strictly web design firm is becoming more and more obsolete. There has to be a marketing edge to every web design firm out there.

There also has to be a web design edge to every marketing firm out there. Marketing firms seam to be becoming less and less specialized and more and more responsible for all of the practical implementation of the strategy they come up with. Would you rather have a marketing firm that told your company management that you needed a social media campaign integrated into your website and strong call to action, but then had to farm out that work to another firm for creation?

Yeah.. I didn’t think so. As workers in the field of web design and marketing work in closer and closer quarters with each other, there seams to be one major evident conclusion, at least in the near future. Web design and marketing firms are becoming inseparable and should be prepared to merge, for the one’s that haven’t already.

Whether you want to start with web design or SEO – we’d love to be of service. After you tackle your marketing plan – send us a message!

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