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Get higher on Google by partnering up with our results-driven home services SEO team. We know how to bring you more traffic and leads, ultimately allowing you to work the best jobs that you are looking for. 

  • We conduct competitive research into high-intent keywords that your ideal customers are searching for.
  • We develop online campaigns with blog articles and create landing pages, which target those particular keywords.
  • We get you high authority links so you become a trusted resource within your community.
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Home Services  SEO That Will Get you the Interested Leads You’re Looking For

You want to be intentional with your lead gen efforts. As much as you want to increase the number of leads you’re getting, you also want to make sure that you are receiving quality leads at the same time. Don’t waste your time with leads that never turn into paying customers.

By partnering up with a home services SEO company that specializes in contractors, you can ensure that your marketing spend doesn’t go to waste. Our expert team gets your ideal clients onto your site with our proven SEO process.

  • We take the time to get to know your company and the ideal audience that you’re trying to target
  • We do strategic research on the top money-making keywords and phrases in your industry
  • We perform a detailed competitor analysis to see what terms your competition is ranking for and create content that will outrank them


We can handle keyword targeting and writing user focused SEO driven content for you and your team.


Backlinks are essentially votes to your website’s rankings. We earn highly authoritative relevant links back to your site from around the web.

Technical SEO

We identify all of the search terms that people are looking for across the web about your business and target your pages accordingly.

Monthly SEO + Reporting, and a Live Marketing Dashboard = Starting at [Contact Us for Pricing]/month

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Work With Home Services SEO to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Search engine optimization for home services is the process of improving your site and its brand reputation online so that it ranks highly in SERPs for keywords related to your home services. The higher you rank, the better your chances are of attracting online visitors and customers to your site.

It doesn’t matter how flashy or attractive your website is if you aren’t making efforts to direct quality traffic to it. If you have a website that isn’t getting high-quality conversions and leads, it’s going to be tough for you to get the results you want in order to help your business succeed. Here’s where we come in.

Our trained team of SEO specialists can help you get more people on your site, meaning you’ll have more opportunities to convert them into leads. Our proven strategy has helped a number of contractors just like you become authorities in their industry and level up their online presence.

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We Are a Google Focused Agency

What does that mean?

You don’t have a bunch of Facebook ad guys, trying to do Google stuff as a side project.

Our main goal is to get you higher on Google and to make it easy for someone to contact you. 

We don’t do RECRUITING MARKETING – although I know that’s a need.

We say “no” a lot so we’re the best at ONE THING.

  • We say NO to non-construction non-home services marketing.
  • We say no to marketing opportunities that aren’t exclusive to Google.
  • We choose to only partner with high-quality, helpful home service contractors to provide superior service. We say no to asshole customers, so our writing team stays well-rested and eager to help.

Do you want to become the next remarkable Hook Agency customer?

Set up a time to chat with us, and we’d love to see if we can be of service to you. We’re ready to serve you, and will help you find a good fit for a contractor marketing agency, even if we’re not the right fit!

Why Home Services SEO is Essential in Today’s Digital Landscape

In today’s fast-paced digital age, people are increasingly turning to search engines for every need, including finding reliable home services. It’s no longer about just having a digital presence; it’s about ensuring that presence is optimized and positioned at the top of search results.

Why? Because 75% of searchers never go past the first page of Google.

If your home services business isn’t on that first page, you’re potentially missing out on a significant chunk of potential clients. That’s why SEO isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for home service providers.

Our Home Services SEO strategies aren’t about just increasing the number of hits on your website but directing the right kind of traffic – users genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Whether you’re an HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing or other home service business!

So, when we talk about ‘quality traffic,’ we’re talking about real people, with real needs, that your business can genuinely satisfy.

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Building Trust with Transparent Home Services SEO Reporting 

At the heart of any successful partnership is trust. With many SEO companies, clients often feel left in the dark, unsure of where their money is going or what results they’re actually getting. That’s not how we operate.

We believe in full transparency. Our monthly reports provide clear insights into what we’re doing, how your keywords are performing, and the tangible results we’re delivering. This isn’t just about showcasing our success; it’s about building a relationship based on trust and accountability.

Our approach to Home Services SEO isn’t about quick wins or shortcuts.

It’s about creating lasting, organic results that not only elevate your online presence but build a sustainable brand reputation.

So, are you ready to light up the digital world with your home services? Dive deep into the realm of search engine optimization tailored for you, and let’s craft a success story together. Reach out today and embark on this transformative journey with us.

“I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it.”

Dallas Werner

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  5. Monthly reporting rhythm
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