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Plumbing Website Design Inspiration 2024 – 8 Gorgeous Examples

Plumbing website inspiration is a little harder to come by on average, as a lot of plumbing websites look out-dated. Maybe you don’t think that your plumbing website has to be cutting-edge.…

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Plumbing Website Design, Plumber Web Designer

Plumbing website inspiration is a little harder to come by on average, as a lot of plumbing websites look out-dated.

  • Maybe you don’t think that your plumbing website has to be cutting-edge.
  • Perhaps your competitor’s sites look way more unprofessional than yours.
  • Maybe you’re already successful and you don’t see what value a custom website might have.
  • Need more plumbing leads? We create gorgeous plumbing websites and offer plumbing SEO services to help plumbers get higher on Google.

We decided to curate 5 awesome plumbing websites to give some examples of companies who invested in their websites, leading to better and more high-quality leads.

We’ll give you what we like and what we don’t like about each example, and then share 5 keys to making sure your plumbing website is as likely to convert website visitors into leads as possible, below the examples.

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8 Awesome Examples of Awesome Plumbing Website Design:

Each of these exemplifies something we strongly suggest for people trying to get more leads on their plumbing website!

1. Paladin Plumbing (a Hook Agency Website)

What’s working well: We completely overhauled the look of this website, bringing it into the 2020’s, and giving it a look that better reflects the quality of the companies services.

 “What a wonderful experience working with everyone on the Hook team! Everyone is very engaged and focused in making our web site and project successful. Its been 6 months and the results we are getting are phenomenal! So much that we just engaged with Hook to build and develop another web site for us. Awesome experience!”

– A Google Review from 4Front Energy (Paladdin’s parent company)

2. AJ Alberts – an example of our Plumbing Website Design

What’s working well: Right away we have the trust factors – in the ratings right next to the form. The form is up top, and ‘Request service is emphasized.’ Key bullet points are easy to read, and getting started is quick and easy. (If you need a plumbing website – build by professionals, send us a message.)

Plumbing Website Design, Plumber Web Designer

“Hook Agency is a great company to work with. Easy to deal with and very good at what they do. They increased our web traffic substantially and got our phones ringing. I highly recommend this company.”

– Jim Alberts, AJ Alberts Plumbing

3. Blue Sky Plumbing – A Design by Hook Agency

Here’s our take on a sleek, modern plumbing website. Plumbing services are essential in every home, so we included a top call to action bar with a phone number, because usually water heater, toilet, and sink repairs need to happen asap. 

Additionally, we try not to bombard the user with tons of information. You clients just need their stuff fixed without necessarily going into detail. Our colors and typeface choices are a bt beyond the norm, which make this a memorable and fun user experience.

4. Mr. Rooter – very easy to get started + clear services, modern design

What’s working well: The smiling faces, easy to get started call-to-action, and the 4 main services all clear and right away – complements the modern, fresh – full-width design.

What may not be working well: ‘There’s a reason they call us Mr.’ has to be one of the weirder / more vague taglines I’ve seen in quite a long time. A good reminder that the MESSAGING on your site is just as important as the design. It needs to be persuasive and clear. “If you confuse, you lose.”

Mr Rooter Plumbing - Website Design Inspiration for Plumbers


5. MCH – Simple design – maybe a little too simple.

What’s working well: What simplicity does is make the things that ARE there stand out more, that’s why you don’t want a website that feels ‘cluttered.’

What may not be working well: The problem here is that the design is so simple that there might be a few more things visitors would need before making a request. Trade organizations, a clear phone number, pictures of the team, sub-services and process for instance.

6. Williams Mechanical – pleasant vibes, a clear hierarchy

What’s working well: The brand here is strong – and gives a very pleasant ‘vintage feel.’ Yes, Williams does a lot more than just plumbing, but the design is simple enough. and the site laid out well enough – it doesn’t overwhelm you.

What may not be working well: There are a couple of very boring sections on this site – where they’ve just crammed in a bunch of text. The reason for this is to give Google a way to know what the services they offer are (text is good for SEO) but there are a lot of ways that a plumbing website can do this without it feeling just like a huge chunk of text on the site, like alternating images on the left and right at least.


Web Design Plumbing Inspiration


7. Benjamin Franklin – Clean, bright and trustworthy design5

What’s working well: The number right away, the easy search and the quick bullet points of the process are all super useful for the average homeowner just looking to get quick service.

What may not be working well: We really like big smiling faces, and something that indicates the service right away in an image. In this case the photo is heavily overlayed, but honestly  – this whole site is very well done.


Plumbing Website Design Inspiration - 2020 2019 - Benjamin Franlin - Examples of plumbing websites


8. Cornerstone Plumbing – Human-centric, centered nav

What’s working well: I love the happy pictures, very humanizing.

What may not be working well: The color scheme feels a little heavy and not particularly trustworthy – I’m not sure you want brown as the main color if you’re a plumber.

Plumbing Website Design Inspiration 2020

How can you make your plumbing website more effective?

Having a beautiful plumbing website might not be enough to really drive new sales.

Certainly you want to have the basics in place, here’s 3 I suggest on every website:

  • A reviews carousel, with who left the review and the logo of where it was left, with a 5-star icon.
  • At least 500 words on each selling page so search engines have context, and people can get the important information they need.
  • Headlines and images that are focused on happy customers, and how the company helps solve their problem (not focused on how cool the company is.)

Great photos – ideally means they are original photos, but that takes time and effort to get, so if nothing else, make sure the photos aren’t cheesy old stock photos, make sure they feel modern and not of a too-clean or ‘overused’ style.

What is the best Plumbing website builder?

I strongly suggest working with a professional on a custom website design, and my favorite platform is WordPress, because it’s best in class for SEO, and it’s open source so people are always creating new add-on’s for it that are great for marketing.

That being said – it’s hard getting started on that, so if you are going to make it yourself, I might suggest:

  1. Squarespace – clean templates, spacious and sparse. Perhaps start with the Nueva template.
  2. Weebly – ton’s of options. Perhaps start with the Plumber Theme from Roomy Themes.
  3. Wix – Older design / look – but there are plumber options like the Plumber Wix Theme.

Plumbing website template

If you can find someone to help, or you’re willing to put in 20 hours learning the basics of using a WordPress template or theme – here are 5 WordPress themes for plumbers to consider:

  1.  ProHauz – Handyman or Plumber WordPress Theme ($69)
  2.  Plumber – Construction or Repair Man WordPress ($49)
  3. Plumbing SPL – WordPress Plumbing Theme ($59)
  4. Kempner – WordPress Plumbing Theme ($33)
  5. Homefix – Plumbing & Home Maintenance Theme ($59)

But Tim – why are you sharing all these cheap WordPress themes for plumbers?

Aren’t you scared that will make people not want to buy your custom website services?

Not really –

  • Our best customers have tried templated websites before and decided they wanted to go the professional route by the time they get to us.
  • If your website could mean the difference between a slow season and your phone ringing off the hook, it makes sense to spend more. Totally possible – when we do Search Engine Optimization for clients, just look at what Jim Alberts of AJ Alberts Plumbing said about our services:
Plumbing Website Design Inspiration - Testimonial for Plumbing Search Engine Optimization Services

Tips For Writing Plumbing Website Content:

We handle blogging and landing page writing for Plumbing companies, but we don’t suggest having an outside company write your main selling pages, and the about pages on your website – why?

  • You should actually put your personality into your main page content.
  • Focus on your best customers and write a ‘sales letter’ to them, pretend like you’re talking to one customer.
  • Share examples of happy customers, and boil the main BENEFITS into headlines and bullet points so people can skim.
  • But certainly – try to make sure that each key page has at least 500 words on it for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Choosing a plumbing website company

If you do decide to work with a professional plumbing website design company – make sure they have a lot of great 5-star reviews!

We work with a lot of trade / home services companies and have 50+ five-star reviews on Google.

If you are looking for a company that will listen to you – and create a modern, search engine friendly website design for your plumbing company, send us a message now to get started!

What should I put on my plumbing website?

A google place to start might be pictures of before and after work, or pictures of happy customers, and a brief explanation of your process. You want people to very clearly understand how they can work with you and take the next step. Direct them to fill out a form, or give you a call.

To take it to the next level, use our ‘Winning Website Formula’ – it’s primarily 5 key points: 1. Trust factors like testimonials and badges. 2. Clear visual call-to-actions. 3. Persuasive images and headlines demonstrating why you’re different. 4. SEO consideration throughout the process (make sure you have 500+ words on every page, and pages for every service you offer.) 5. Really clear differentiating features (what can your competitor NOT SAY.)

How do I create a plumbing website?

You can create one yourself on Weebly, Wix, Webs, Squarespace, or Godaddy website builder.

You can pay for a cheaper web designer 2-10k to make you one on WordPress (usually via a pre-built template that other people might have as well,) or you can have a professional web design team like Hook Agency handle the process for you and create something persuasive and custom that fits your company like a glove.

Many times people will go the cheap route one or two times before coming to us, or a company like ours. We are the ONLY high-end web design company that only works with contractors, and actually does relentless and consistent SEO.

How should I handle plumbing website content?

If you have sold for the company – it will be way easier. Just type out the common questions people have (How do you price, how long does it take, what is your process?) and then clearly and concisely answer all of those questions, and mix in real images of work, and happy customers.

The best content is written IN-HOUSE at a company, because you have the most intimate knowledge of your customers pain-points and how you help solve them.

Lead with the PROBLEM, and why YOU’RE DIFFERENT, and a SIMPLE PROCESS.

How can you make your plumbing website get more leads?

You have to either (A.) Pay for ads on Facebook and Google. (B) Push content out on the website, and slowly but surely work on your sites ‘Search Engine Optimization’ to get you higher on Google.

Hook’s specialty is where Visual Design and SEO Combine to make a more effective website, we can also help you drive traffic with paid ads as well.

Do you need more plumbing website inspiration?

These are just a great place to start – of course, you’ll want to have your site custom made from scratch to accentuate what makes your company special. Let us know if we can help design something you’re proud of!

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