Roofing Marketing | 22 Best Steps for Marketing a Roofing Company

Marketing a roofing company shouldn’t be an afterthought once you’ve created your business. Roofing marketing tactics will be much more beneficial when they’re well-planned before you open your doors to customers. Fortunately,…

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Roofing Marketing Guide 2022 - roofing marketing agency

Marketing a roofing company shouldn’t be an afterthought once you’ve created your business. Roofing marketing tactics will be much more beneficial when they’re well-planned before you open your doors to customers.

Fortunately, roofing marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be powerful.

Between non-digital and digital marketing strategies, your roofing company has the potential to stand out among the competition if you use several types of marketing to your benefit. The following marketing tactics are perfect ways to get your business name to the masses for more leads and sales for your roofing company, and many of them require little to no money to start.

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Start by turning every job into a billboard for your great work

Nothing is more important (especially in tight-knit areas) than having a decent looking job-site, to make all of the neighbors think “If I’m going to get my exterior done – I’m going to use THAT company”

That’s why I highly recommend using something like ‘The Catch-all‘ that not only helps protect the property, but also turns the entire job site into a billboard for your company. Here’s our client Roof Troopers (also check out their gorgeous website we built) using the Catch-all system to wow customers and neighbors.

Another awesome example of a Hook client, Hammerhead Roofing using a Catch-all:

1. Claim Your Business on Google Maps w/ Google Business Profile

If you don’t yet have your business claimed on Google, you should consider doing so. Claiming your business on Google is free and allows you to input relevant information for others to find and contact your company. 

👨🏻‍💻 An optimized Google Business listing starts with the core information of your business:
  • Name 
  • Number 
  • Address
  • Website
  • Description
  • Category

Google’s intuitive algorithm will pop up your business information in a Google search when someone searches for your roofing business’ name, making it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in contact with you. 

For more tips and tricks on optimizing your Google My Business listing, check out our beginner’s guide breaking down all you need to know.

2. Make sure your website looks great and gets trust / assists in selling deals on mobile devices

It’s virtually unheard of not to have a website for your business in our digital age. When you create your business website, you should optimize it for the web and mobile devices.

It should be clean, easy to read and navigate, and quick to load so that you don’t turn potential customers away because of an unfriendly site. You can then use your website as a way for customers to learn more about your services and contact you, and also to provide helpful content.

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3. Find things your customers are searching and make content on your website answering those questions

Website content is one of the most important pieces for roofing marketing. Use a free keyword research tool, like Google Keyword Planner, to find long-tail keywords that potential customers may use to find a business like yours. 

Long Tail Keywords: keywords or keyphrases that are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly used keywords. Long-tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific.

🔍 There are other research tools that can help you find the perfect keywords to round out your strategy:
  • KWFinder
  • Keyword XP Pro
  • Moz’s Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword Tool
  • Long Tail Pro (Premium)
  • KeywordEye
  • Keyword Spy
  • SEMRush

Sprinkle keywords throughout long, engaging, helpful blog posts and articles that will give your audience valuable information and keep them coming back to your website for help with their roofing questions.

4. Build out your key pages with detailed ‘question and answer’ content.

The best type of content for a roofing company may be blog posts in the form of questions and answers. Create a blog post title with a question you get asked a lot as a roofing company owner and create your blog post by answering the question as detailed as possible. 

For example, “What’s the average price of a roof?” is a question a typical customer may ask and one that you, as an expert, can accurately answer. These are also the types of questions people searching Google will ask, which gives you the opportunity to pull in some search traffic to your site.

🧐 Some common questions that homeowners may have that you can give your expert advice on include: 
  • Which roofing materials are the best to consider for my home?
  • Should I repair or replace my roof?
  • How can I get the most out of my insurance claim?

5. Be the local weatherman / home exterior expert on social media with reels and short form video (as well as other social media strategies)

Use your social media accounts as a form of marketing. They’re free, and it’s not only simple but also fun, to engage with your audience on social media.

Post pictures of your team at work on Instagram, re-tweet happy experiences from customers on Twitter, and create contests or giveaways on Facebook.

We love short-form video: The mistake we see most roofers make is they post differently than they scroll. They find themselves watching a ton of video, but when they go to post they post a static post!

If you need more ideas on what exactly to post on social, be sure to sign up for our free Contractor Social Media course with daily prompts to take your accounts to the next level.

The more you engage with your audience on social media, the better your chances of them engaging with you by sharing your content, which equates to free advertising and a larger potential audience. 

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6. Follow up with the leads you do have: Speed to lead is crucial

Getting leads is one thing – but you should be quick to get back to prospects, and you should have systems in place for follow-up.  One way to do this easily and consistently? Consider checking out Powrline as an automated follow-up system – PowrLine turns more leads into paying customers by automating sales follow-up, lead rehash, and more in a crazy simple to set up and use system.

PowrLine was built by roofers, for roofers, and is pre-loaded with everything you need to start selling more roofs today. It takes just 7 minutes to set up your company’s account and it’s completely free until you’re ready to turn on automations. Get started for FREE today:

7. Optimize for your location, create location pages for every suburb and city you serve!

Be sure to use your particular location in some of your blog and social media content. Use keywords like, “Los Angeles roofing,” or “protecting roof from the sun in LA” to pull in local customers completing Google searches. Not all of your content needs to be location-specific, but including some content with your city and state can help market your business locally. 

Why location pages? If you make a location landing page – every single location page you make and include 500-1000 words of original content, the more pieces of ‘bait’ you have out there in Google’s search results, and the more local terms you can show up for.

Get more help with this by hiring us – we are striving to be the best Roofing SEO company in the world, over half our clients are roofers, and we are relentless & consistent in our approach to getting higher on Google. Fill out the form here to book an intro call with us to see how we can take your business and turn it into a lead-driving machine. 

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8. Promote based on the season and on weather events

Obviously – roofing is somewhat of seasonal business in that some parts of the year may be busier than others. One of the best ideas for marketing roofing if you do want to advertise on paper, radio, or another media form is to use seasonal weather patterns in your advertisements. 

In the fall, you may want to show a photo of snow damage to a roof, for example, to entice people to prepare for the upcoming season by hiring your roofing company.


9. Co-market with other relevant home service businesses

Co-marketing is a form of marketing that relies on more than one business to share marketing opportunities together. A roofing company may partner with a gutter-cleaning company, for example, to provide a special discount for customers who choose to combine the services of both companies at one time during a spring cleaning effort. You both get business and advertising through your combined marketing.

10. Send out postcards and flyers

Mailed postcards and door flyers can be a good way to get the word of your new roofing business spread to neighborhoods near you. Additionally, this inexpensive form of advertising won’t break your budget before you start raking in customers. 

We suggest Dope Marketing for this kind of direct mail. They allow you to hit neighborhoods where you just completed a deal, or otherwise target a specific location.

Source: via PostcardMania

11. Increasing referrals is the biggest lowest hanging fruit for most roofers to get more leads today.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising, despite all the digital marketing strategies available. But, to up your marketing game, you may want to offer incentives for people to refer others to your company. Building out an effective referral program will put you one step ahead of the competition. 

A discount for another service may entice your customers to refer people to you, but you can also offer a contest with a cash prize, or another prize of your choosing, to the client who refers the highest number of new customers to you. 

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12. Do locally-focused Google ads with the ‘Pay Per Click’ Model

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, advertising is what you see when you search for a term in Google, and sponsored results display at the top of the page. You will pay a set amount for each time someone clicks on your advertisement, up to a specified budget. 

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If someone searches for “New York roofing company,” for example, which is a keyword you target in your campaign, your business advertisement will display above Google’s search results, which could lead to more sales.

13. Market yourself in a way that’s clearly different than competitors

Only marketing a roofing company as a roofing company won’t make you stand out from your competitors. You need to bring a fresh angle to your marketing efforts, such as marketing your business as an eco-friendly roofing company or one that provides the most options for roof types in your area. Make it clear to your audience how your company is different and why people should choose it over others.

14. Can you find a way to give a discount for new homeowners and promote directly to them?

New homeowners spend over $10,000 on items and home repairs for the first year after they move in. You can market your services to new homeowners to help them save money on home repairs after their home purchase by creating exclusive discounts for them. Look for direct-mail services that can help you find new homeowners in your area. 

15. Create helpful Youtube videos that answer questions homeonwe

Some people enjoy visuals better than the content they have to read, so you may be missing out on potential customers if you don’t have a YouTube channel in place. In your videos, you can address some of the important questions you’ll also address in your blog content, show your team hard at work, and provide testimonials from satisfied customers – all of which spread your company’s name and prove your expertise.

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Source: via Homestead Roofing

16. Be part of all of the local Facebook groups and refer your company and other home service business

Facebook business pages can be difficult to tackle, as Facebook’s algorithm can make it tough for posts to get noticed. While it’s still a good idea to have a page available, you may want to invest more effort into being part of all the local Facebook groups in your area.

As the company owner, you can establish yourself as an authority in the group by posting helpful content and answering questions of local people interested in roofing services for their homes. Follow up with your customers, ask questions, and post photos of you and your crew at work to increase engagement.

17. Take pictures of completed jobs and push before and afters

Show your digital audience how incredible your work is by taking before-and-after pictures of your jobs to display on your website along with a testimonial or your social media accounts. You can also use the photos in blog posts, press releases, and digital or print advertisements to show everyone what you can do instead of just telling them. 

18. Use Linkedin to get more commercial roofing leads

LinkedIn is a not only good place to establish yourself as an expert and company owner, but also to generate some leads for your roofing company. Search for local businesses or property managers to connect with and contact regarding your services. 

19. Use creative advertising

Think outside of the box for ideas for marketing roofing. Advertise your business on your company vehicles, making your company name, website, and phone number stand out. Or, create yard signs with your company information to place in front of homes in which you work. People driving by will see your work first-hand, and your sign may entice them to call you for their roofing job. 


20. Send out press releases to get more links to your site for SEO purposes and to promote on social

A good step for marketing a roofing company is to send out press releases that outline something new and exciting about your company to relevant media personnel, like bloggers or journalists. Did you add a new type of roofing to your lineup? Are you offering a special discount for repeat customers? Create a press release with your update and add some handy tips of interest. Spread the news by sending your professional press release to editors or journalists who have important ties to your industry.   

21. Sign up with HARO and pitch the media on a weekly basis

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a website where journalists and sources can work together for media purposes. When you sign up as a source, you can search journalists’ requests for help with their stories. When you find a request for a roofing expert, you can contact the reporter to offer your expertise. Most of the time, a journalist can include your name, your title, and your business name in a digital or print publication, which will spread the word of your business and your expertise. 

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22. Stay on top of your reputation, and actively get more Google reviews

One of the most important things you can do as a business is to monitor your online reputation closely. Check your Google business listing, Yelp, and other review sites frequently to see what others say about you.


For most review sites, you can respond to customer complaints and questions. Be sure not to devalue what others say, but instead make it clear that unhappy customers can contact you and you’d be happy to help them in whatever way you can. By responding quickly, you show others you care and are willing to correct a negative situation.

Ready to Market your roofing company?

These ideas for roofing marketing are helpful, long-term solutions to gain new customers and keep current customers coming back. Experiment with a few strategies to learn what works best for your company and continue to keep your marketing tactics up-to-date to gain interest in an ever-changing digital world.   


What are the most important elements of roofing marketing?

Start with the basics. Make sure your name and brand is attractive – get your truck wrapped, get yard signs and get your social media accounts up and running. Next move to your website, make sure you have enough content on key pages and get your company on local directories. Having a brand that has a good reputation in the community – and expanding your social referrals are baseline before moving on to advanced techniques like a professional website, SEO, PPC, and video marketing.

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What can I do immediately for my roofing marketing?

Push on social media and referrals for a quick boost to your roofing business. Write a blog post about common questions that ideal customers ask and post it on your website. Add awards or testimonials to your website. Make sure your contact information and contact form is easy to find and is visually professional, and ideally attractive and prominent.

How can I get roofing leads on autopilot?

Working with a professional roofing marketing company like ours, Hook Agency to do Search Engine Optimization and/or Google PPC ads, and make improvements to your website to attract more leads. Components of our strategy include keyword research, and systematically earning links, writing content and making technical SEO tweaks to turn your website into a traffic magnet. What are you waiting for? Send us a message now for a free consultation!

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