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We know you’ve invested your blood, sweat and tears into your company – and we can help you reap more of the rewards by owning your marketing – and wielding your Google ad spend better.

  • We have a Google-specialized team of marketers – from coders to copywriters.
  • We’re here for you – so you can more time running your company, rather than trying to learn about marketing stuff that you’d rather have done for you.

Free PPC Opportunity Report

Contact us now, and mention the ‘Free PPC Opportunity Report’

After we have an initial call – we can take a look at your area, key services you want to target, and how many people are searching in your area – and put together a report similar to this:

Free PPC Opportunity Report


Writing great ‘creative’ copy and making sure it’s compelling and persuasive is foundational for any ads account.

Google Ads Structure


The under-rated hero of Paid ads, structuring your account will help everything be more efficient from organization to spend, affecting your bottom line.

Keywords Ad Management


What search terms that have many people searching them are worth going after. As a niched agency that only works with contractors we can find these more quickly.

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Ads that actually get the click + landing pages that win the business

There are terrible Roofing PPC providers out there that don’t even know how to make new pages on your website, and that definitely don’t have 3+ web designers and developers on staff ready to create landing pages for each campaign that is lucrative for you.

We know what it takes to scale marketing campaigns that get massive results for our clients – and we LOVE working with roofers. You need more leads, in a scalable, efficient way that feeds your sales team and creates sustainable growth in revenue. We’re here to help.

10 Keys to Successful Roofing PPC Campaign:

First – 5 Tips for Writing Ads That Convert 

Roofing PPC Examples - Roofing Google Ads

1. Make your call-to-action stand out –  Every ad needs a call-to-action, but don’t make it an afterthought. Test out different CTA’s on different ads!

Roofing PPC - Google Ads Management Examples for Contractors

2. Include Trust Factors – Customers will click on your ad if they TRUST that it will provide them a solution.  Examples: certifications, warranties, 5-Star reviews. 

Google Ads PPC roofing examples - how to make them useful and lucrative

3. Identify and Showcase unique value propositions – What makes your business different from all the other contractors running Google Ads? “#1 Roofer in [city]” is okay to use on occasion, but every roofer says that. What’s can you say that’s unique?

Call only ads for Roofing - Do they work, Roofing company google ads

4. Give them a fast solution with a call-only ad –People Searching on Google are often looking for fast answers. Give them a fast solution with a Call Only Ad

Roofing Google Ad - Utilize All Available Extensions Tips + Examples

5. Always use every available extension –  What are extensions and how do they work? Essential Extensions for Contractors:

  • Snippet
  • Lead Form
  • Callout
  • Promotion
  • Sitelink 
  • Location
  • Call
  • Image

Tips for Managing Your Account

Keyword Match Types -

6. Choose the right keywords and watch how they perform – Do your research (Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Spyfu, Semrush) Be aware of the match types.

Whats a good return on investment for adwords for roofers

7. Know your numbers – The #1 Goal with Google Ads is to make MONEY! Numbers to Know

  • Projected Clicks 
  • Ad Spend
  • Conversion Rate 
  • Lead Value
  • Closing Rate

Bidding Strategy for Roofing Ads

8. Choose the Right Bidding Strategy For Your Goal – What is bidding strategy? – Often people want to maximize clicks  But you have to work with Google, and tell them what you want them to do with your money.

Optimizing Google Ads Management for Roofing Companies + Contractors

9. ABO – Always be Optimizing – Check Your Campaigns for Key Performance Indicators. Check Your Search Terms Report  Are you getting impressions and clicks for the right keywords?

Optimized Form for Google Ads PPC

10. Ensure Conversion-Focused Landing Pages – Make GOOGLE like your landing page (relevant to ads and using keywords.) Make Visitors want to fill out your form

Mistakes to Avoid Doing PPC For Roofing Companies

Many roofing PPC agencies copy and paste ads from one client to the next. 

This may seem inconsequential at first, but unfortunately it has serious consequences for the effectiveness of those campaigns. 

  • Your company has special qualities that actually make you different from other companies and those facts will actually make the ads more effective. 
  • Mistakes can get made, and copy+paste roofing ppc companies can end up advertising for things you don’t do. Sounds crazy – but we’ve seen it many times. 
  • This ‘Copy+Paste’ Roofing PPC Mistake leads to LAZY THINKING, you want your agency to be thinking critically about every aspect of your campaign, not just lazily rolling out your ads.

It’s not really the copy and paste that is the end of this kind of approach, it’s the whole culture around using the same strategy over and over, without thought to the companies differences, their service area and their specialties that make them the most money. 

We do completely custom Roofing Google ads, as well as websites and SEO. Think of us as the high-touch, custom roofing marketing company. You may pay a little more than some companies, but when it comes to your digital marketing – trying to pay the least, often means your hard-earned money can be squandered.

Ads are not a place you want to get careless – because the money can spend so quickly. 

Why choose a website, SEO + PPC focused roofing lead gen agency

We know where the best leads come from.


That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Facebook Ads, Angi Leads, or the multitude of shared lead programs out there. 

But we want you to have exclusive leads that want to work with your company. 

You are not the same as every company on Angi. You are a force to be reckoned with. Roofing leads that come from search are significantly ‘higher intent’ than almost any other source on the planet.

  • You’re not interrupting their social feed with an offer that has nothing to do with what they were looking at.
  • You’re not competing with the 4 other companies that Angi sold the lead to.
  • You’re not wasting money on leads where the source is questionable, or you don’t know exactly how the person found you.

Search Engine leads are ‘high intent’

They are high intent to PURCHASE.

And nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter how good your offer is on social media, if they didn’t come there to buy. 

So the reason they login to an app or go on a particular website, and with search and Google the reason is to FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU.

So – that’s why we focus so intensely on search engines. 

“I trust that they know what they’re doing – and they’ve proven it.”

Dallas Werner

First American Roofing

Google Ratings, 5-Star Reviews

“Revenue-wise, it has paid off quite a bit.”

Josh Swisher

Northface Construction

Google Ratings, 5-Star Reviews

Our Process

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  3. Kickoff + We start work
  4. Week 3: Landing Page + Ads Presentation
  5. Week 4: Launch Campaign
  6. Monthly reporting calls
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