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How Northface Construction Went From 39 to 882 Leads a Year With Web Design + SEO

High-end Premium Website Design
Industrial-strength Search Engine Optimization
Doubled down on traffic from Paid Ads + Video

Northface increased their leads by 180%, with content marketing + SEO – 882 leads total in 2019. Northface has an updated monthly dashboard with all of their key numbers and leads keep going up.

Your website should represent the level of quality of work that you do. Don’t let your company look out-dated and unprofessional. We bring the heat.
We’ve help Northface bolster their online presence as a video and paid ad management company. Helping them save money, and dominate the competition
"Hook Agency took a deep interest in understanding what my business was about and our vision for the future."

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Trust factors – we know what it takes to help people trust you quickly, with visual elements around key areas that the eye is drawn to.
  • Clear call-to-actions and easy to navigate user experience – Creating a usable interface on your website, requires modern professional design experience, and our designers are constantly leveling up. We have 30+ years of combined experience on staff, and a team of ‘Designer/Developers’ – all of our coders know how to design, and all of our designers know how to code. This allows a more cohesive, and holistic look to your website, while other website companies often end up with weird looking websites, because of disjointed teams.
  • Helpful content throughout the site – Content marketing not only increases the trust of your brand, it also attracts more customers, who can find your site easier online. The more ‘entry-points’ / the more useful pieces of content that are targeted for money-making keywords, the more ways customers can find you.


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