Best Roofing Websites – Roofing Web Design Examples 2024

Is your roofing site bland and boring? Your roofing company’s website is an essential part of your marketing strategy. But why do most roofing company websites suck? They talk about the company…

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Roofing Website Design 2023

Is your roofing site bland and boring?

Your roofing company’s website is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

But why do most roofing company websites suck?

  • They talk about the company instead of the CUSTOMER. (Self Obsessed)
  • They don’t provide enough clarity about why a homeowner should TRUST your company.
  • They don’t SHOW why you are different visually. 

A roofing website design is more than a digital business card for your roofing services; it’s a list of your services, a point of contact for your company, and an important sales pitch. Some of the best roofing websites have a few elements in common that entice their audiences to sign up for the companies’ services.

We love being involved in the roofing industry. People even volunteered for us to roast their roofing website designs! Watch us roasting roofing sites live here:

YouTube video

Ideally – beyond having a great design, you also turn your roofing website into a traffic magnet with Roofing SEO, and potentially even drive leads with Google paid ads.

🚩 TLDR: Big Roofing Website Design Red Flags for 2024 🚩

  1. Self-Centric Content: 🚩 A major red flag on a roofing website is when the content is focused more on the company itself rather than the customer. This includes excessive bragging about the company’s achievements, history, or staff, rather than providing useful and relatable content that helps potential customers understand why they should choose this particular roofing company for their needs. The website should empathize with the customer’s pain points and provide clear, helpful solutions.

  2. Lack of Trust Factors: 🚩 If a roofing website doesn’t provide clear reasons for a homeowner to trust the company, it can be a red flag. Trust factors can include positive customer testimonials, industry certifications, memberships in professional organizations, and transparency about their team and operations. Lack of such information may cause potential customers to question the company’s credibility and expertise.

  3. Poor Web Design and User Experience: 🚩 A poorly designed, slow, or difficult to navigate roofing site can be a significant red flag. A good roofing website should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also have a user-friendly design that allows visitors to easily find the information they’re looking for. Slow loading times, broken links, or a confusing layout can frustrate visitors and potentially turn them away. Similarly, if a website is not mobile-responsive, it can lead to a poor user experience for a significant portion of the audience who access the web through their mobile devices.

  4. Lack of Location-Specific Pages or SEO Content: 🚩 Your potential customers will likely search for services in their local area. For example, if you’re a roofing company in Denver, you want to rank high for searches like “roofing services in Denver” or “Denver roof repair”. If a roofing website lacks pages dedicated to specific locations they serve, it’s a big red flag. These location-specific pages not only help in local SEO but also provide the necessary information to the local audience about your presence in their area. Furthermore, if there’s a noticeable absence of keyword-optimized content, it’s a sign that the website might not perform well in search engine rankings, making it harder for potential customers to discover the business online. This could result in lost business opportunities.

Common Elements of Roofing Companies Websites

Your website shouldn’t be the same as your competitors, but there are a few things you can do to turn it into a website that converts visitors to customers. If you visit other roofing company websites, you may notice that the most attractive and engaging ones are those with helpful content and intuitive, eye-catching web designs.

roofing websites and roofing web design ideas Roofing Website Content

A roofing company’s CONTENT (meaning the written words on the page) and their blog is almost as important as any other piece of the site. Your blog is what can help your site rank in a Google search by targeting keywords that your desired audience might be searching for. Rather than using a roofing blog to talk only about the company itself, roofing companies with winning websites use their blogs for long-form, informative content that helps those interested in roof repair, maintenance, and more.

A couple of examples of Hook Agency – Roofing Websites:

YouTube video

Also, your website should have other blocks of content that help an audience know what your company does, who’s involved, and how they can contact you. Standout roofing websites typically have pages that list their services, give some company history, provide quotes, display testimonials, and point visitors in the direction of how to contact someone, creating the perfect funnel for leads to sales.

To generate leads from search engines – you’ll not only want to read this entire article and take the recommendations, you’ll want to check out our tips for getting more traffic from SEOclick here to see our entire strategy

Roofing Web Design

Your roofing web design is an especially important piece of your overall website strategy. Roofing companies with converting websites have exceptional website designs that make their sites easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. According to an Adobe survey, as many as 38% of people will leave a site that they feel is poorly designed. Another 66% want to view a website or content with a beautiful design and layout rather than those that look dull or too simple.

But, it’s not only your aesthetic design that matters. If your website is too image-heavy or takes too long to load due to images, plugins, or slow servers, your audience may also turn away and find a different site.

It’s equally as important to ensure that your visitors’ overall user experience is one that you’d also enjoy when visiting a website. Most elements of your site should be easy to find from the moment a visitor comes to your site by using a top navigational menu or displaying relevant information on your main page.    

What Are Some Examples of Best Roofing Websites?

The below examples are some of the best websites for roofing companies based on the common elements that top roofing company websites have in common. When you’re ready to design your website, you can get some inspiration from these examples, which provide users with excellent content and stand-out, yet easy-to-navigate, design.

1. Voyager Roofing (Web Design by Hook Agency)

Voyager Website - Roofing Website Design Examples

Here at Hook, we implement our winning website formula, which includes things like trust factors, targeted headlines, bold call-to-actions, and warm happy photography. We focus on ‘Hookified Elements’ which are branded design features that help customers get excited about your company and other elements that enhance the uniqueness of each brand that we work with. Every company has an edge in their market and in their area, and we want to capitalize on it.

2. Open Box Roofing (A Roofing Website Hook Agency Designed)

Open Box Roofing Website Design - Roofer Web Design content and features

Many roofing companies make the mistake of going super masculine (and sometimes downright intimidating)

  • Maybe you don’t have to go all the way pink – but do think about who your ideal customer is!
  • Maybe it’s a 48 year old married, working mother of children.
  • How can you soften the design, and curve the edges of things, make it feel feminine to attract those people that might be making the initial contact to your roofing company.

Open Box Roofing’s website is an example of a client who took the feminine all the way – we love this design and think it’s a great example of going all in on their ideal customer. 


3. Northface Construction (A Roofing Website Hook Agency Designed)

Northface not only gets 1000’s of leads from it’s website a year, it also feels very consistent with their trucks, yard signs and other marketing. The BEST roofing websites focus on the customer not just the company and this site 100% accomplishes that with headlines like ‘Protect Your Family and Home’, and pictures of a son on a dad’s back. Tap into their own self-interest, their pain points, and warm their heart – that’s how you turn your roofing websites from a cold and dead online business card to a lead generation machine, generating leads on autopilot for your company, even at 3am!

Northface Construction - Contractor Website Design

We even got out on a roof with Northface – and roofed a house with them recently 🙂

YouTube video


4. Roof Troopers (A Roofing Website Hook Agency Designed)

Roof Troopers website showcase

We love the roofing brand name ‘Roof Troopers’ because it’s original, unique and calls to mind specific symbols and ideas that we could utilize in the website!

  • We incorporated a soft military feel and these brand colors really popped!
  • We utilized the ‘badge’ idea and shapes throughout which gave a more cohesive vibe to the whole site. 
  • Best of all – Hook knows how to build traffic to a roofing website through SEO and paid ads. So the traffic has risen dramatically since we launched this site and have been doing SEO for it.

Roofing Website Design 2024

5. Bay Valley Roofing (A Hook Roofing Website Design)

Bay Valley Roofing Website Design, SEO and Marketing

Bay Valley Roofing has one of the most eye-catching designs for a roofing company and offers plenty of information about the materials it uses, the services it offers, and the expertise of the team on its main page. From the same page, you can request a quote, contact the company, and see a ton of helpful social proof. With the helpful navigation links at the top of the page, visitors can find what they’re looking for without digging around.

6. Level Edge Construction (a Hook Agency Roofing Website)


level edge construction inc, roofing website design by Hook Agency

Level Edge Construction‘s website is eye-catching from the moment you visit it. You don’t have to scroll at all to find a ton of evidence they are legit, the number to call, or the form to receive a free quote. The site reads like an outstanding piece of copywriting and includes trust elements, like its BBB rating and positive reviews, which can help win over visitors and turn them into customers.

Additionally, the company provides helpful information to visitors in the form of articles, blog posts, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. This information can help further establish the company as a trustworthy source for people who need roofing services.   

7. Johnson Restoration (a Hook Roofing Web Design Project)


Roofing Website Design, Feminine Examples 2024, Beautiful Hipster Modern Flat Roof Web Design project case study If there’s one thing you notice when you visit the website for Johnson Restoration, it’s that the company’s branding is front and center. From the brand’s bold purple, pink and blue colors to the family owned and operated messaging, Johnson’s website remains true to its branding on its website.

And by listing the services the company provides and how it stands out from the competition, you don’t have to scroll past the main page to learn about Johnson Restoration. But, if you want to learn more, the website provides several pages about its products, financing options, and more, so you can see if the company is right for you.

One thing award-winning roofing websites / best roofing websites have in common = they build trust.

The best roofing websites know how to get TRUST quickly.

It’s not about the most immaculate color scheme, or even having brilliant images, with smiling happy customers (although that’s ideal) – it’s about helping your prospective customer believe you can help them.

  • Reviews with an image of the reviewer, the logo of the place it was left, and a 5-star icon.
  • Organizations you’re a part of.
  • Pictures of your real team, show your office, show real customers.
  • The ability to get a free estimate, roof repair, and see how that company has earned respect not from the roofing industry – but from homeowners, and the broader community and internet. 

Why you may not want to use a “roofing website template”

The problem with themes – or roofing website templates is not that you end up looking like other competitors, although that can happen:

  • Make sure you upload ‘sample content’ – if you purchase a roofing website theme (usually included if you buy a theme.)
  • Many times – it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to make the theme look as good as the demo.
  • The real hard part of making an effective roofing website is the content entry, and the details when you are fitting the development to the actual content. This is something we handle as part of our process, but it involves coding and design chops, so make sure you have a resource (or can handle that yourself) if you buy a roofing website theme or template.

The hardest part: making effective roofing website content

We help our clients identify what type of content is needed, and guide them in that content creation…

But oddly enough – we don’t suggest that we create the initial ‘about’ content when making their website design.


Because we believe the main pages on the website – should ideally come from the internal team at your company, so they feel HONEST AND AUTHENTIC. 

Ideally you wouldn’t outsource this content – unless you’re willing to spend much more time, working with that team you’re outsourcing to fully understands your history, the context of your market, and your business model in insane detail.

Otherwise – we strongly suggest that roofing companies write the main pages of your website content yourself.

That being said – we DO help people write blog articles etc, and you can work with a roofing SEO company on things like that. (And we can do this about content / roofing company homepage content if needed.)

12 Quick & easy to understand roofing website ideas

  1. Start with a big picture of a smiling person in front of a fresh roof.
  2. Before you scroll twice – have a section with testimonials and reviews, and the pictures of the reviewers.
  3. Use a ‘get a free estimate’ form at the top of each selling page.
  4. Have a horizontal list of certifications, BBB, or awards that looks clean or is in greyscale.
  5. Write your headlines towards the ideal customer (not about your company.)
  6. Put a button with ‘Get a free estimate’ up at the top right of the website on all pages in the menu.
  7. Add a phone number, top right next to or above the get a free estimate button.
  8. Ensure every selling pages has 500 words or more, and text is broken up with images.
  9. Try to keep your forms too 6 or less fields so customers don’t get scared off.
  10. Use bullet points at the top of selling pages, with 10 or less words each, so people scanning can get your ‘key value propositions.’
  11. Ask real happy customers what they like about your company – and use their language in your headlines.
  12. Use ‘show-hide’ FAQ’s to increase the word count and address common questions customers ask in the sales process without overwhelming the page with a ‘wall of text’ that decreases interaction.
  13. The best roofing companies dominating with digital marketing not only offer free estimates, but they also advertise for roof repair on their roofing site, because many of the people that are looking for repairs also can turn into full roof replacments.

Reach out if you need roofing website services

Yes – Hook Agency handles roofing websites for customers.

You can see everything we do, our pricing, etc. HERE.

  • We build custom roofing websites our clients love.
  • We help drive traffic to those websites with content + SEO.
  • We care about roofing contractors, and love working with them!

Check out pricing + timeline for our roofing website services

Five Things to Go Do Now: Create a Winning Website for Your Roofing Company

Roofing websites that turn visitors into customers focus on what the company can do for customers through its services and by providing a helpful site. With exceptional content, easy navigation, stand-out branding, and an aesthetically pleasing design, your roofing company can make your websites stand out from the competition. Place important links, phone numbers, and information about your services on the front page and point visitors in the direction of becoming customers with enticing copywriting, photos, and testimonials.

Your roofing business’s website is one of your most vital assets for lead generation. However, it’s only effective if it’s structured and optimized correctly. The following summarises the key points we’ve covered in this post and gives you five immediate actions to take. Make these changes now, and start transforming your website into a lead generation machine.

1. Do it Now: Update Your Contact Information:

Ensure that your contact information, including your phone number, address, and email, is easy to find on every page of your website. This encourages prospective customers to reach out to you directly and enhances credibility.

2. Do It Now: Improve Your Call-to-Action (CTA) Placement and Design:

Assess the placement and visibility of your CTAs. Make them bold, concise, and persuasive. Remember, the purpose of a CTA is to lead potential customers towards conversion.

3. Do it Now: Add Testimonials and Certifications:

Show off your expertise and quality of work. Include customer testimonials and display your industry certifications prominently on your site. This boosts customer confidence and credibility.

4. Do It Now: Create Location-Specific Pages and SEO Content:

Make sure your website has location-specific pages catering to the different areas you serve. Also, ensure your content is SEO-optimized with relevant keywords. This helps improve your search engine rankings, making your business more visible to potential customers online.

5. Do it Now: Use High-Quality, Relevant Images:

Ensure that your website uses high-quality images that showcase your work. Visuals create a significant impact on potential customers, so make them count!

By taking these five steps, you can substantially increase the lead-generating potential of your website. So, don’t wait – make these changes today, and start seeing an influx of quality leads for your roofing business.

Commonly Asked Questions About Roofing Websites

Should I use / where do I find a website builder for a roofing company?

Website builders are often a terrible idea because they end up resulting in weird-looking websites, that don’t make your company appear professional. That being said – a couple of website builders for roofing companies might be WordPress themes like Metal on Themeforest, or The Roof – Construction Theme, The Barbosa template on Squarespace, or this list of roofing and construction templates on Pedestal. Once again, using a template or theme can lead to shabby-looking results for the non-professional, but is suggested for companies under 500k in revenue. For companies 1 million and above in revenue, please consider hiring a professional company and treating your website like a real investment, and you’ll have a much better experience.

What are some creative roofing contractors website ideas?

The best roofing website ideas I have for 2020 and beyond are 1. Put a video on every service page. This will increase the amount of time people spend on average on your site, increasing search rankings. 2. Put the get a quote form right away on every page – often people just want to take the next step and don’t need to read that much. 3. Surround that form with all kinds of ‘trust factors’ and ‘social proof’ like testimonials, and organizations you’re a part of to decrease friction in the prospect’s mind. We believe you should always offer free estimates! 

Why should I hire a company that specializes in roofing websites?

Because of the pain of not hiring a professional company will be greater than doing it. Even though hiring a professional may cost significantly more than hiring your cousin’s uncle’s nephew’s brother’s friend – it cost less than doing it again in a year and missing out on 90% of the sales while they go to your competitor who actually invested in digital marketing. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a professional company that specializes in roofing websites – whether or not it’s Hook Agency. If you would like a free consultation, send us a message at


What Is a Roofing Website?

The days of word of mouth for local businesses have all but dried up. More and more, contractors like roofers need to rely on the internet to spread the word about their business and give their customers absolute ease in requesting the service. 

There are many reasons to build a roofing website; these include getting your name out there, increasing your customers’ confidence in your business, and giving your customers a hassle-free experience in hiring your company. 

The reason roofing websites are so successful at getting your name out there is through a practice called local SEO (search engine optimization). At Hook Agency, it’s our job to know how to get roofing websites ranked as the first result on local Google searches. We won’t go into it too deeply here, but by investing in gaining organic search traffic (as against paid advertising), you’re not only saving money in the long run but gaining higher-quality leads.

How Do People Find Local Roofers?

People find local roofers through several avenues. The old days of word of mouth have been supplanted by word of text. In addition to search engine searches (primarily Google), people may engage with paid advertising on any of their favorite sites. Review sites like Yelp also play a big part in determining what business people will engage with.  

How Do I Make A Roofing Website Design?

There are many ways to make a roofing website design. To do it the cheapest way, you could learn HTML and CSS (coding languages required to design a website) and design it yourself. Then again, time is money, and you’d probably prefer to get to what you know best.

That leaves you a few options. You could use one of the many website design services like Squarespace, GoDaddy, or WordPress. The benefit of having sites like these host your URL is that their platforms offer code-free web design experiences. You’re still designing the site yourself, but you don’t have to learn a whole coding language to get your site up and running. 

Finally, you could hire an experienced roofing website design professional who knows both the web and the roofing business. At Hook Agency, we offer roofing website design services. In addition to making your website look great, we design your site with the customer and, significantly, the search engine in mind. 

By designing your website from the ground up with local SEO in mind, we can guarantee better search engine results than a roofing website design without a mind for SEO. 

Plus, if you’re using a service like Squarespace, you’re going to have to pay a monthly premium that will never go down. At Hook Agency, we set you up with the tools you need and send you off, saving you money in the long run.

How Do I Get Roofing Company Websites Seen?

The best way to get your roofing website seen is to engage in local SEO. Beyond that, paid targeted ads work well. On Google especially, 4 times more people click on ads than on sites like Amazon and YouTube.

Generating leads is the first step in getting to do what you do best: roofing. Hook Agency will cover everything for you. We’ll create a quality roofing website design and manage your paid ads, ensuring maximum leads for your area.

What Should Be Included In a Roofing Estimate?

When making a roofing estimate for your clients, you should keep in mind that most people hiring a professional roofer are not especially familiar with the kinds of labor required and the materials necessary to fix their roofs. Some may have no idea how much roofing should cost, causing them to raise their eyebrows when you show them your estimate.

It’s good practice to go over your estimate line by line with your clients, making sure they understand what they’re paying for and why it would need to cost that much.

By going over your estimate line by line with your customer, you can explain why your proposal might be higher but more accurate. You could speak to how many layers of the old roof need to be torn off; some contractors will underestimate this figure to win the proposal, then add the cost only after the work is complete.

Simply put, include everything that is going to cost on the estimate, whether a drip edge needs to be installed or if there’s rotten decking that needs replacing. Whatever it is, honesty is the best policy, so long as you follow it up with a line-by-line review of the estimate with the client.

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