Roofing Business Cards – 11 Examples to Inspire You & 3 Free Templates

Because we do digital marketing, every once in awhile some-one asks to exchange business cards and goes ‘whoop – you probably don’t have one of those, and just want me to tweet…

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Roofing Business Card Inspiration

Because we do digital marketing, every once in awhile some-one asks to exchange business cards and goes ‘whoop – you probably don’t have one of those, and just want me to tweet you – lol.’

But then – I whip out an immaculate gold stamped, high-end business card (I’ll share what it looks like at the end of the article.) Why do I care so much about the quality of my business card? Because in-person interactions are the most powerful thing in the world for sales and marketing. That’s why I’m so gung-ho about event marketing, and taking people out to lunch. In-person interactions matter – so you need to double-down on gorgeous business cards!

11 Examples of Amazing Roofing Business Cards


Roofing Business Card Inspiration

Folding Shingle Business Card

One of the more ingenious examples I came across – the folding house-like business card with shingles printed on it.

How to use the concept: Think about some way that your business card can move beyond the 2 dimensional level of printed paper. How can you get people to actually take note of the structure of your business card? If you can get them to play with it, or talk about it for more than 15 seconds – you’ve elevated the association with your company beyond the common. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘REMARKable’.


Roofing Clay Business Card

Orange Red & Green Business Card

Stylish and simple – this is one of the more aesthetic roofing business cards I found.

How to use the concept: Make sure your business card is ‘visually balanced’ – meaning you want the general balance of light to dark to be even on both sides. Move into angled designs, and make sure to either center elements or when you add something of interest to one corner, make sure to balance it out with something interesting in the opposite corner as well. Centered elements work great for visual balance.


Advanced Roofing Card - Gold roofer inspiration

Over-the-top gold / metal roofing business card

If you really want to say ‘we care about service’ / our margins our too high, check out ‘’

How to use the concept: These cards are at least 3-4 bucks per card, so obviously your ‘CLV’ or customer lifetime value should be pretty high if you’re spending that kind of money per card – but if you believe in making an impact, and are willing to go to crazy lengths to do that – this could be perfect for you. I believe this business card is actually a shiny brass.


Jordan Roofing Business Card

Extra-thick white and orange roofing card

Very solid branding here,Β  and really like these ones look in a heavy card-stock.

How to use this concept: To satiate your desire for heavy duty cards without going to the level of getting a full-on metal card, try printing on heavy card stock, and/or getting your cards letter-pressed. Letter pressing heavier duty (sometimes cotton) cards can have an equally impressive effect on people’s reaction, without making them feel like they need to hide your card away for resale value when the stock market tanks. (Yes, that was a hoarding gold joke.)


Common Sky roofing cards

Simple / old school business card

This one’s pretty simple, detract 2 points for the ‘shiny metal’ logo

How to use this concept:Β Combine your logo + with a ton of white space + maybe a colored area for the information you want to highlight, and use white text on that area. I really hate the above logo, but you get the principle – if your logo is good, this will turn out much better.


Phoenix Roofing services

Simple iconic roofing service business card

I like how simple this card is, it looks modern, and fresh. Branding is everything when it comes to business cards in particular.

How to use this concept: Use silhouettes of houses and possible the ‘Image Trace’ tool in illustrator or similar, and color them a brand-friendly color. Take your logo and white, and place it over a dark ‘brand-friendly’ color as well. On the back of the card – flip the color scheme, and use the brand font with centered text, with the name of the person larger, the job title in the brands secondary font, and the rest of the person’s information in a simple sans-serif font.

WIlliam Martin - Rofing Specialist business cards

Another simply design business card – find the template at

This one is more of an ‘indie hit’ but I think it communicates professionalism, and simplicity.

How to use this concept: You can use the same kind of ‘image trace’ effect mentioned in an illustration program mentioned in the above ‘how to’ – this card’s structure relies on a super simple approach of JUST listing the phone number, the website, and the location on the back, and that’s part of it’s strength.Β  The less you include on your card, the more focus the elements you do include will get.


GTA Roofing Business Card


GTA Roofing business card example

I’ll give this one 1 and a half thumbs up, though I do really like the two tone black in the background.

How to use this concept: The strengths of this card come from the two tone black background on the front of the card (in this case they’re using a map of the world- but you could use any design as the basis,) and the highlighter bright yellow used on the black background.


roofing business card


Bold red roofing business card

Love the simplicity of this design. Of course you’d want red to be a key brand color, but in that case, this style is perfect.

How to use this concept: Big bold all white version of white logo on one side, over the top of your brand color, and do a half and half layout on the other site. Perhaps use this card as visual reference for the other elements like general layout of type, icons and spacing.


Roofing Business Card - Tip Top Roofing

Tip top roofing card example –

Lovely color scheme.

How to use this concept: You can actually mess with this one and download it here (think there’s a small fee.)


Roofing template - business card

Another roofing business card you can download from

Lovely, albeit simple work. Good luck finding your perfect card, and hope some of these examples have inspired you!

How to use this concept: You can edit this card for a fee on their site.


3 Free Downloadable Business Card Templates (from


Business Card Template

Free Business Card Template Download #1Β 

Roofing Business Card Template

Free Business Card Template Download #2Β 

Modern Professional Business Card

Free Business Card Template Download #3



I know what you’re thinking…

With all this talk of business cards, and the above examples – what does this guys business card look like?

Well… without further ado, here’s a shot of my business cards right after I got them for the first time (I custom designed them, and had them printed at premium business card printer


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