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We were able to drive 383% more leads in less than a year for this Electrical Company

Absolutely stunning, mobile-friendly website design
More blogs and targeted landing pages
The combination of design + traffic = more leads
Electric City

Utilizing beautiful illustrations Electric City’s new website is absolutely gorgeous. The design inspires trust with the clear trust factors all throughout and has awesome interior pages that are set up to expand as the site grows in the SEO process

The site is just the groundwork. But it certainly doesn't hurt that the brand is elevated by a modern, sleak, and well-ordered website that makes it easy to become a customer of Electric City's.
First comes the keyword Increase - we ranked Electric City for 100.9% more keywords. Then, the traffic increase = 37.6% Increase. Which makes it almost surprising that the leads went up so much. In fact the conversion Increase: 383% Increase, much in part to better tracking and the new site design.
Electrical Mobile

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Quick differentiating features + call-to-action – People make decisions quickly when talking to home service providers. At least to set up initial calls, so the easier you make it to work with you, the better. All ways lead with a bulleted list of benefits to working with you and a button to contact or a form right away.
  • If you don’t want to be on a race to the pricing bottom, invest in design – The design itself screams that Electric City is the market leader. For the ideal customer (a huge surge in their business is electric vehicle charging) the savvy, sharp appearance of the website matters.
  • Get aggressive with your content marketing – Not only did we target the landing pages with ‘City + Service Keyword’ type pages, we ensured each one appears high-end and has trust factors, and clear call-to-actions. Each key sub-page is like a mini version of the homepage.
  • We know how to increase your electrician leads – and can work with you whether you’re a 1 million dollar revenue business and we can work directly with the owner or a 10million dollar business marketing manager who just wants killer website design and a Google specialized team. We have a team of experts that’s excited for you to reach out. Send us a message now!


Increase in Keywords


Increase in Google Traffic


Increase in Leads from Google
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