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Fix Your Roofing Sales Close Rate w/ Becca Switzer

What’s your best *quick-hitter* tip for improving closing rate? Here are 3 from Becca Switzer: Actually having a script that you follow every time that answers and prevents objections. Identify where your…

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Get Better Close Rates in roofing sales

What’s your best *quick-hitter* tip for improving closing rate?

Here are 3 from Becca Switzer:

  1. Actually having a script that you follow every time that answers and prevents objections.
  2. Identify where your losing people – where are their eyes glazing over and make your presentation more sticky / emotional in those places to keep them engaged.
  3. Stop ‘soft closing’ and start real closing (three examples of real closes in the video below)

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Fixing your roofing sales close rate is not as hard as you might think – and this video and blog post will help you this week to improve it yourself, but first, here are some common myths about improving your close rate:

  • We just need more leads – then all of our sales problems will be solved!
  • Maybe if we throw more sales people at our problems, then our revenue and profit will increase.
  • Perhaps if we get really sneaky and maybe some of these other roofing companies know some closing secret!

Specific quick tips from Becca Switzer to Improve Your Close Rate

Becca Switzer of Roof Sales Mastery shares these 10 tips:

  1. Adopt a Sniper Rifle Approach: Focus on quality interactions rather than a high quantity of leads. Tailor your sales pitch to ensure a high conversion rate with qualified customers.

  2. Develop a Structured Sales Script: Create a detailed script that anticipates and addresses potential objections, guiding the customer smoothly towards a sale.

  3. Emphasize the Value Proposition: Instead of overemphasizing materials, highlight the unique value your service offers, especially the benefits of storm restoration roofing.

  4. Master the Art of Closing: Transition from being a professional presenter to a professional closer by directly asking for the sale.

  5. Reduce Sweat Equity: Streamline your sales process to decrease the amount of effort expended for each sale, increasing efficiency and profitability.

  6. Analyze and Adapt: Regularly review your sales presentations to identify where prospects lose interest, and adjust your approach to maintain their engagement.

  7. Build Emotional Connections: Focus on what matters most to the customer, whether it’s aesthetic, durability, or peace of mind, and tailor your pitch accordingly.

  8. Be Direct and Transparent: From the outset, make it clear that the goal of the conversation is to find a solution that leads to a sale, setting the right expectations.

  9. Offer Tailored Options: When closing, present options that are customized to the customer’s needs, making it easier for them to make a decision.

  10. Utilize Creative Closing Techniques: Employ innovative closing strategies, such as the partnership close, which links the purchase to a future benefit, adding value to your proposition.

The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Sales: Insights from Becca Switzer

In the bustling atmosphere of the expo, we had the privilege of catching up with Becca Switzer, the brain behind Roof Sales Mastery, nestled within the welcoming confines of the Contractor Supplement Solutions booth. The topic on the table? The critical importance of closing rates for roofing contractors and how a subpar rate can be the Achilles’ heel for many in the business.

  • Value Over Volume: The first nugget of wisdom is to shift from a shotgun approach to a sniper rifle strategy. It’s not about the quantity but the quality of your sales presentations. An effective presentation should seal the deal 80% of the time with a qualified customer.
  • Scripted Success: A well-crafted sales script can be your roadmap to preventing objections and smoothly guiding the conversation towards a close.
  • Directness is Key: The art of closing is in the direct ask. Dance around it, and you risk leaving without what you came for—a signed contract.

Diagnosing a Dismal Close Rate

If your closing stats are singing the blues, it’s time for a deep dive into your sales process. Identifying the moment your prospects’ eyes glaze over can reveal a goldmine of opportunities for improvement.

  • Focus on the Feels: Sales isn’t just a numbers game. It’s about forging a connection, understanding the client’s deepest needs, and presenting your roofing solution as the hero of their story.
  • Listen, Adapt, Overcome: Tailor your pitch to address the client’s most pressing concerns. Whether it’s aesthetics, durability, or peace of mind, make sure your solution aligns with their priorities.

The Becca Switzer Blueprint: Transforming Leads into Loyal Customers

Becca lays down a straightforward yet profoundly effective strategy for boosting close rates:

  • Embrace Directness: From the get-go, be clear about the journey you’re inviting the prospect on. This includes outlining the steps of your sales process and culminating with a direct proposal.
  • The Power of Choice: When it’s crunch time, present tailored options and nudge the client towards making a decision. This approach respects their autonomy while steering the conversation towards a close.
  • Innovative Closes: Leverage creative closing techniques, like the partnership close, which ties the purchase to a future benefit, enhancing the perceived value of your offer.

Remember, directness is not pushiness 

The insights gleaned from the International Roofing Expo and Becca Switzer’s expertise illuminate a path filled with potential for roofing professionals.

The key takeaways?

Perfect your pitch, make every interaction count, and never underestimate the power of a well-timed, direct close.

Embrace these principles, and watch your roofing business reach unprecedented heights.

Go beyond the close

I personally really love the idea about asking for referrals as part of the close.

This helps people imagine themselves having a great experience with your company.

“If you get this amazing results we’re discussing, will you leave a review (or share our company with others.)”

Try this, this week!



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