13 Unique Ways to Generate Roofing Leads

Half of the people tell you to just knock doors. The other half are shilling Google Ads. If you don’t do those two, you might be on HomeAdvisor… You’ve heard them all…

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unique ways to generate roofing leads unique and creative

Half of the people tell you to just knock doors.

The other half are shilling Google Ads.

If you don’t do those two, you might be on HomeAdvisor…

You’ve heard them all before – so don’t get it twisted, I’m going to share some slightly different methods today.

Maybe some of them you’ve heard, maybe some you haven’t.

  1. Referral partnership back-and-forth on Facebook Group.

Locally focused Facebook groups – have another buddy refer, and you refer to them.

2. NextDoor

Once again – same principle, find someone that is not affiliated with the company to suggest your roofing company anytime somebody asks.

3. Physical Flyers – have people drop them off around the city.

In Minneapolis we have Paperboy Marketing, that has crews of people that flyer the zip code of your choosing. It’s more expensive than Direct mail – but much more personal too. They even have Go Pro’s so you can watch the work in progress and make sure people don’t drop them off in a swamp. Find a company like this in your area!

4. Remarketing to website visitors.

Anyone that comes to your website should be getting ads for the next 30 days. Two common ways to do this are Google Ads remarketing, and Facebook Ads.

5. Insurance Agents

Start small with one insurance agent – or talk to Restoration Referral System “Our System provides contractors with the tools and training to consistently create productive referral relationships with insurance agents.”

6. Incentivize your customers to refer you business.

Whether as simple as a $100 Gift Card for every closed deal, or as elaborate as you want to make it.

7. Get on page one of Google organically.

Did you know that if you blog about things your customers ask in the sales process, and get links from around the web back to your website (a few ways are by writing for them, press releases, and sponsoring organizations) that you can increase the position you are on Google organically? Or you can also hire Hook Agency to do SEO for you. Both… awesome ways.

8. Follow up with old leads

Your CRM might be a treasure trove of leads. Go back to 4 months ago. Who didn’t close? Why didn’t they close – more often than not they didn’t go with a competitor. They just suffered from indecision and apathy. You can help them with that by reminding them of their unfinished project – send something personal and short, and be friendly not pushy.

9. Give something away on social media and to your e-mail list.

I don’t care if it’s $500 for an Ugly Roof contest, or Dave & Busters Gift Cards for one person who tags a friend, likes and comments on a 1 Minute testimonial video, give something away and drive eyeballs and interest. Experiment, and get better for the next one!

10. Recently Sold Homes on Zillow.

Did you know that people spend 2x the money on home services those first couple months of being in a new home? You can offer free roof inspections for new home owners, and do a promotion around that, and door knock or flyer with that in mind (damn it – I said door knock!) Lol, I hope you’ll forgive me.

11. Networking events

You are not powerless just because you don’t have a roof to inspect. You can get out to groups that are likely to feature Homeowners (BNI, Business Groups etc) and potentially give a card that has your referral information on it. (Who your ideal customer is, and what you give for a referral, contact info.)

12. Put out a video on social media asking for ‘one referral this week’, if you’re rooting for us.

I say this one a lot – but if you haven’t done one in the last three months, turn your phone around and do a selfie video asking for ONE referral THIS WEEK. You may not get the referral that week, but they will remember you when someones talking about their roof next time.

13. Feature your employees on Facebook, make them look awesome and invite them to share.

Play to emotions, champion your people, create a ruckus, have fun.

We all want to share stuff with ourselves in it, so involve your team more often. Yes this may not create leads immediately, but I promise you if you do this, those people posts will create more leads over the long haul.

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