2024 Modern Fonts | 51 Best Trendy Fonts

Hey there font-lovers! Are you ready for some seriously stylish typeface action in 2024? Well, buckle up because we’ve got the cream of the crop for you. Our team of three fancy-pants…

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Bloom by Nine Elms, IMpression studio - inspiration of website design

Hey there font-lovers! Are you ready for some seriously stylish typeface action in 2024? Well, buckle up because we’ve got the cream of the crop for you. Our team of three fancy-pants graphic designers has scoured the land and hand-picked the 4 best modern fonts to add to your collection. And don’t worry, we’re not gonna flood you with a ton of options like we sometimes do. Quality over quantity, right?

Looking ahead to 2024, the trends are all about bold, clean, high-contrast looks. So get ready to make a statement with your typography! Happy designing!

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The Top 4 Fonts of 2024 (47 More Below These)

1. Cosmica – Bold, Errudite, Refreshing – Purchase from Village

Cosmica - best fonts for 2024

2. Niveau Grotesk by HVD – brings the chunky grotesqueness back to grotesque

Best fonts for 2024

3. In context shot from our post on web design inspirationFarnham Text Bold 

Bloom by Nine Elms, IMpression studio - inspiration of website design

Best fonts 2024 - Graphic Design, Web Design

4. A little riskier – Archeron Pro by MoTyFo

Archeron Font 2024 Best top fonts for designers


The Top 7 Fonts of 2022 

Novla Bold Italic - Modern Fonts 2022

Novella Bold Italic

Ultra-modern clean, heavy duty serif font

This font from Atipo blows by the competition, when it comes to Serif fonts. If there’s one serif you want in your arsenal for 2022 – this is the one. Comes in plenty of amazing weights to whet your whistle. (Yeah I said whet your whistle.) Pay what you want for the complete family.

Geomanist Bold Italic - Beautiful Modern Fonts 2022


Geomanist Bold Italic

Big bold and beautiful italic for your dramatic pleasure

Some people like to play it safe. Some people like to hit hard. This font will accomplish both of those things, because it looks bold, but it’s also comfy on the eyes. Pay what you want for this beastly, but gorgeous font from Atipo.


Bison Bold

Heavy duty bold sans-serif, all caps

Free version available on Behance for personal use, complete family for $30 on MyFonts. Some fonts look better in all caps, and some fonts they give you no option. I’d almost prefer it if your font doesn’t look good in lower case. I’m looking at you Champion, Bebas, Oswald and Geogrotesque.

Larken Modern Fonts for 2022

Larken Bold

Dramatic, angular serif font

Try before you buy, or $107.92 for the super family. This definitely feels like the font you want to use if you’re trying to win design awards. Me… I’d prefer to keep my shelf clean of trophies. Naw – this font is really really good-looking.

Simula Book Font

Simula Book

Simple, friendly Serif

The girl next door! Simula Book has a friendly look, while still having an obtainable luxury vibe. Mix the basic version, and the italic versions of different weights for a magazine editorial.

Bogart Semibold

Bogart Semibold

Whimsical Serif

I don’t know if I know of a particular use case for this font, but tell me if you find something. It looks pretty cool, and is very well crafted. I didn’t want to have just standard issue fonts in this batch, so here’s something different. Free version, and paid versions available from MyFonts.

Futura Now - Free fonts for 2022

Futura Now

New take on a seasoned classic

Free version here for trial, otherwise full version is on MyFonts.  In October 2020, Monotype Studio launched a definitive and improved version of Paul Renner’s original Futura. They named the font “Futura Now


More fonts below from previous years! Also – check out our blog posts about Electrician Leads, Roofing Leads, HVAC Leads, Construction Leads, Remodeling Leads


The Top 8 Fonts of 2021

Chaney Fonts 2021 - for marketing, in all caps


Bold, crisp all-caps fonts that stick out (in a clean way)

Chaney from Atipo, is part of their 2020 collection – but it seriously exemplifies a hardcore trend in 2021: Clean, geometric and bolder than triple-filter coffee.

Medium Noway - Best fonts of 2021

Noway Medium

Vertically stretched, but simple sans-serifs

Having fonts that are bold – but not too wide is super useful in design. Noway Medium, is another option like Geogrotesque, which is one of my favorite from the last five years as well.

Work Sans 201 - best sans-serif fonts of 2021

Work Sans

An alternative to Proxima Nova, Open Sans or Gotham

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this font – but that’s why it might be so versatile in your 2021 designs. Sometimes the simplest (but most well constructed) fonts, get used the most. This one is free from Google fonts.

Gilroy Extra Bold

Gilroy Extra Bold

The cleanest of bold serifs

I’m not sure I even need to explain how gorgeous this sans-serif is. I’m tearing up a little bit just looking at it. I want to stop writing this blog post right now, just to go use it on a side project. 🙂 I’m sure you know the feeling.

Knile Black Italic

Knile Black Italic

Slab Serifs that kick-ass

More steak than sizzle – this particular slab-serif looks amazing in italic.

IBM Plex Sans

IBM Plex Sans

Typefaces with a lot of options

Neutral, yet friendly Grotesque style typeface that includes a Sans, Sans Condensed, Mono, and Serif and has excellent legibility in print, web and mobile interfaces.

Archivo Bold - 2021 Fonts Best Design in Graphic and Web Design

Archivo Bold

Clean, bold serif – as a free modern font from Google

How nice is it when you find a free trendy font that can be easily used for desktop and website use.

Trendy Modern Fonts 2021 - Free Google Fonts

Chivo Black

A Solid Option / another free option from Google Fonts 

Once again – nothing crazy or fancy here, but a versatile, usable font – that is of the exact variety, sensible non-risky clients love. Good to have plenty of those in my back pocket as a working designer.


Publico ExtraBold

Bold Serif Fonts 

What is the principle at work here? Bold serif fonts exude positive, modern energy – without the sparse dryness of a sans-serif. Smart technology companies are learning to humanize their brand with some alternative looks, besides just the mechanically clean look of sans-serifs.

Publico ExtraBold - Modern Fonts 2020

Anonymous Pro

An Awkward on Purpose Sans-serif

This font pairs well with Druk below, and can be used in an artistic / Awwwards-esque vibe that reminds me of the best of European UI/UX designers work. Obviously, it shouldn’t be used haphazardly and might be more of an ‘agency site only’ kind of look.

Anonymous Pro Font


Sentinel Screen Serif

A modern 2021 Serif that’s easy on the eyeballs

A super well-composed and readable serif, Sentinel Book, seems like it could be a very nice addition to any user interface designers playbook. My take on fonts in 2021 is that you really only need like 10 good ‘go-to’s’ to round out your specific look, and Sentinel Book is in the running for my top 10.

Sentinel Book Font - Free modern fonts for 2020


Circular Bold

A super modern, versatile and simple sans-serif

Sure – “Circular” may have been redesigned into the interface of Spotify back in 2015, but I’m more of a ‘wait and see’ designer – I need my fonts to simmer for 5 years before I know they’re truly vetted. 😏Anyways, this font has a ‘familiar’ tone that people looking at your sexy new design will feel drawn to (partly because of the association with Spotify) and stands on its own as a ‘Gotham’ or ‘Proxima Nova’ competitor for 2021. *The crowd gasps… “it’s… it’s beautiful”*

Circular Bold - Best fonts of 2020


Druk Text Wide

Expressive headline font to be used sparingly

Once again, maybe more for my Dribbble account than any real client work – but I do love the vibe on the heavy-duty, slab-tastic sans-serif. I found Druk Text Wide on a gorgeous site featured on Typewolf, and I really look forward to working it into experiments at least.

Druk Text Wide - An expressive font for 2020


Cheltenham Bold

Another flawless, modern serif for 2021

Ok, so I have a type. This font couldn’t be executed any better had I chiseled an ideal font from stone on the top of a mountain. If I am buried in 2021, I want my gravestone to be done in Cheltenham Bold. Yes it was made originally in 1896, and it’s included in Adobe Fonts, but hey – just because it’s easily available doesn’t make this design any less glorious.

2020 Serif Fonts - modern fonts for 2020


Apercu Light

Colophon Foundry comes out swinging with this quirky sans-serif

I went in search of more quirkiness and found this glorious bastard. Apercu may not be your average sans-serif, but it might be a slightly more sophisticated alternative to Proxima Nova if you know how to wield it correctly.

Apercu Light -fonts for 2020 graphic and web design


Certainly, I will be adding more fonts here for 2021 as I find awesome examples of fonts that will enhance your glorious creations. Personally, I will be using this post as a solid guide to come back to, in case I lose my way on the font path. I’d love to hear your favorite fonts for 2021 below in the comments!


Original Post: Fonts for 2019

Choosing classy – timeless fonts that work for 2019 and beyond is important. That’s why instead of focusing on ‘trendy’ fonts – I want to help you keep your font-choices tight, classy, and outside of what’s hip at the moment, but will be ugly next year.

And so… I’ve curated these 25 – as one’s I would use in our designs, and not feel embarrassed about the quality of the font – with an eye on the future of design, but mostly on the practicality and usefulness of these fonts for real designs, right now.

Here is My 2019 Font Mood Board


2019 Font Mood Board on Dark Background



YouTube video

1. Gotham Book & Gotham Bold – Download (Paid Font)






2. Archer Bold – Download (Free for Personal Use)




3. DDC Hardware & DD Hardware Condensed – Download (Free or Choose your Price)






4. Gastromond Download (Paid Font)




5. Freight Text Pro & Freight Text Pro Bold Download (Paid font)






6. Matchbook Download (Free or Name your price)




7. Brothers Bold – Download (paid font)




8. Segui UI Black Download (free font)




9. Quincy CF Bold – Download (paid font)




10. Readow – Download (paid font)




11. Holland – Download (paid font)




12. Addington Medium – Download (paid font)




13. Atrek ExtraBold – Download (paid font)




15. Voga Medium – Download (free font)




16. Open Sans – Download (free font)




17. Brandon Grotesque – Download (paid font)




18. Geo Grotesque Bold – Download (paid font)




19. Playfair Display – Download (free font)




20. Cubano Download (free font or name your price)




21. Proxima Nova Download (adobe font)




22. Hansief Download (free font)




23. Crafter Rough – Download (free font)




24. Trade Gothic Display – Download (paid font)




25. Eveleth Clean – Download (paid font)





Even though not all of these fonts are new – they exemplify a modern, relevant style – that I think has its place in our ’25 of the Best Fonts for 2019′ post! I hope some of these were useful for you – and good luck with creating epic graphic and web design.

Try Using Logo Makers & Font Identifiers

Do you need help finding the right font for your brand or website? An all-in-one logo builder may be a good option for you. Hubspot has an easy-to-use option pictured below if you’re interested!

Did you find a cool image or logo you like but don’t know what font they used? Plug it into one of these font identifier tools! With the use of massive font catalogs and special font finder AI, these sites can give you numerous options to pick from just from one image.


WhatTheFont is powered by My Fonts, one of the largest collection of font search engines out there. WhatTheFont takes an outstanding catalog of over 133,000 font styles and matches it to your photo to find you a series of fonts that match. When you upload your image, WhatTheFont will section the image into ‘strips’ and you can specify the letter in the font you want to search. For best results, make sure your image is high quality, with horizontal imaging. You should get returned very accurate font results if you follow those guidelines. WhatTheFont also features mobile apps on Apple and Android, to allow you to identify fonts right from your phone’s camera!


WhatFontIs gives you an even bigger catalog of fonts to match with – over 550,000! For every high-quality image you upload for search, the font finder will kick out over 60 different fonts that match. Guidelines for uploading your image are as follows:

  • Ensure there is only one line of text
  • Save the file in a supported format (jpg, png, gif, SVG)
  • The maximum file size is 10MB
  • No special characters, only Latin letters, and numbers

Fontspring Matcherator is a very simple, but extremely robust font finder tool. Fontspring leads the industry in font discovery, and excels by allowing font matches with OpenType features, making finding fonts across platforms as easy as can be! Fontspring also features a tag refinement, allowing you to narrow down your results to even more specific looks. Tips to get the best font results on Fontspring:

  • Letters in your image file are large and clear
  • Letters are horizontal
  • If the font finder auto feature fails, switch to manually identify, and select all your characters
  • Skip letters that might lower accuracies, such as in special logos or designed characters
  • If no characters are found, adjust contrast and/or brightness to make the letters stand out from the background

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