11 Best HVAC Marketing Tips to Increase Your HVAC Leads

The needs of consumers are changing faster than ever and finding a strategy that works for HVAC marketing can be tough, especially if you have a business to run. Thats why we…

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The needs of consumers are changing faster than ever and finding a strategy that works for HVAC marketing can be tough, especially if you have a business to run. Thats why we came up with these HVAC marketing tips.

The goal of HVAC marketing is to get more leads, phone calls, and eventually, more business. Doing what worked in the past is not going to cut it, as times have changed, and so have the mediums to reach your potential customers.

1. The Top Upvoted HVAC Marketing Tip on Reddit – The Basics: Get a Website, Start SEO, Get Listed, Go hard on social media

“Well there’s always the cheap route to get you started. There are great ways to market your business on the cheap. Once you see results it justifies actual investment.

Get a website up and running or upgrade your current one to a wordpress site with a theme that tests well for seo. Check the theme’s reviews and pop into r/seo for some sidebar guides on where to start with SEO. In my industry only 20% of customers come directly through the internet, the rest are walk in but that 20% is up from 4% in 2007. Most small businesses are going to experience similar adoption curves for internet usage but some are ahead of our numbers or yet to catch up. You’d have to look into your own industry to figure out how much business you can rope in from the web.

Claim all of your local listings on Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. Make sure they’re up to date with your hours/contact info/site/etc. This is where a growing number of customers will find you. This is also how you manage your reviews.

Circle the social media wagons and follow a rough 80/20 rule. 80% of your content never mentions your company’s name. It’s helpful advice on heating/cooling topics that consumers can follow. 20% is mentioning your current offerings. Social media is a good place for contests that drive shares/likes and something as simple as a monthly dunkin gift card drawing, enter by sharing the announcement or by guess the number of beans in a jar, etc. You make your Heating and Air Cooling page palatable for the average consumer. Now you’re inside their network of awareness and you might register as more familiar when they need you next.

See what your competition is doing with their advertising and marketing. Are they using mailers or billboards or commercials?

Check with your local tv stations, many times they have apps and online media that you can get your feet wet with. That’s down the road and significantly more expensive but when I check our local weather app there are always banners for heating/cooling places and the news app has 10 second commercials for the same place.”

2. Get your business cards, and swag then move to Facebook and Google Ads

HVAC Business Cards and swag ideas - marketing ideas for HVAC Companies

3. Repeat Customers Can Be Your Bread And Butter

Repeat Customers Increase Referrals HVAC

4. After Time – Invest in a Better Website for SEO

Whether you are looking to get a brand new website, or just make some tweaks and changes within your existing one, there are certain strategies you can use to make your site into a money-making machine. 

Having a bad website speed is more critical than you think. Searchers do not want to wait for their search results for more than a couple of seconds. 

You also want to have a website that mobile-friendly, as this is where a majority of searches are coming from, which means that you need a website that is designed for mobile viewing. 

You don’t want customers to have to zoom in and out just to read what is on your site. 

Having a mobile-friendly website also helps you to rank higher on Google, as their algorithm takes this into account. 

5. Create magnets with your company phone number and put them on during service calls and after installations

Fridge Magnets - Heater HVAC marketing tips

6. Get onto Twitter and search for keywords to find what people in your area are looking for

Twitter Marketing ideas for HVAC Companies

7. Have Marketing Content with a Blog

In order to get more search rankings, you need to have a blog. This will help you capture more qualified traffic searching for specific services, and eventually land on your page. 

One important thing to remember is that Google does not rank entire websites, it ranks web pages. 

This means that if you want to maximize your online presence, you need to have pages made for all parts of your business. 

8. Use Tracking Codes to Get a Better Understanding of What’s Working

Use Tracking Codes to Get a Better understand of what's working in your HVAC marketing efforts

9. Pump Up Your Social Media Presence and Get on Apps Like NextDoor.

In the world of today, social media is a must and is one of the best tools you have for communicating with your customers which is why it is one of our HVAC marketing tips. 

You are able to promote your services, engage with your customers, and increase your visibility to potential customers. 

When you are new to the social media game, it can be tough to know where to start. Luckily, its not as hard as it may seem. 

When starting, you should focus on two to three sites that will benefit your company the most, and have the most reach for your target audience. 

Some of the top social sites for HVAC to promote on would be Nextdoor, Instagram and Facebook. 

Nextdoor is a social media app that is designed for neighborhoods around the U.S. and where homeowners are able to see what is happening in their neighborhoods, as well as find any recommendations for home projects they need to be done. 

Instagram is a great way for you to build your brand’s presence, and connect with your audience in fun ways. 

Facebook is also a great option, as it can help you to get qualified leads, and generate a larger customer following. 

hvac marketing tips

10. Get More Online Reviews, and Respond to Every One

Getting more reviews for your HVAC company can do wonders and is one of the most underrated HVAC marketing tips. They are such an important thing to have. With so many customers reading online reviews before they make their final decision, online reviews can be a difference-maker for your HVAC business. 

If you already have a few reviews and think you’re sitting pretty, think again. You can’t just get a few good reviews and call it in, as consumers have their doubts about older reviews. 

The process of getting reviews is not as hard as you may think. 

It can be just as simple as asking. You can ask your customers by email, or by having a call to action on your website. 

You can also get them just by making it easier for them to do. This can be done by giving them direction on how they can leave a review, or by having a guide and process for them to follow. 

Also be sure to respond to existing reviews, both good and bad. Be sure to be gracious of your positive reinforcement, and also take ownership and responsibility for the bad. This shows that you are trying to improve, and have learned from past mistakes. 

11. Incorporate Video on Social and to Keep People on Your Site Longer

Having videos these days can be extremely beneficial. People don’t just like video, they expect it these days and is the preferred way for them to consume information. They are looking to be entertained no matter what the video is about. 

Now more than ever people are going onto YouTube to learn something new. It is the second-highest search engine behind Google. 

You are also able to put these videos onto your social platforms and share it with your audience to use and benefit from. 

We recently did a podcast on the topic of video that has some tips and tricks on video, as well as how you can be more comfortable on camera. Check it out here

We get that you work hard trying to come up with new ideas and strategies for your HVAC business and that marketing for it can be really tough. 

After all, you’re running a business and have to focus on the daily tasks required of you. 

If the above strategies sound complicated and you still feel lost, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Check out these powerful HVAC SEO Tips, or Let Hook Agency take the reins and help you with your HVAC SEO, and HVAC PPC!

Good luck with incorporating these HVAC marketing tips!

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