HVAC Website Design Inspiration | 7 Gorgeous Examples 2024

Having an amazing looking website is crucial for getting the best leads – and these HVAC companies made sure to create an impression! We did our best to curate the best HVAC…

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Comforthub Heating and Air Conditioning Website Design HVAC Websites 2021

Having an amazing looking website is crucial for getting the best leads – and these HVAC companies made sure to create an impression!

We did our best to curate the best HVAC websites design inspiration we could find.

Without further ado – the stars of the show, HVAC companies who really know how to roll out the red carpet for their customers/website visitors!

But first what makes a ‘Winning HVAC Website’?

We know what creates leads on an HVAC website design – and it comes from our experience designing and developing 50+ contractor websites, and doing A/B tests, user tests and monitoring analytics. Here are the 5 critical components of a winning HVAC website design:

  1. Strong visual call-to-actions throughout the site.
  2. Testimonials and other trust factors.
  3. Emotionally persuasive headlines + images.
  4. An emphasis on Search Engine Optimization throughout the website design and development process.
  5. 5. Really clear differentiating features / unique value propositions – what do you do that’s so different that your competitors couldn’t say. (Hint: It’s not the easy stuff that comes to mind: customer service, etc.)

1. Alpine HVAC – Website Design (by Hook Agency)

alpine hvac company website homepage design in blue and orange

Any successful website design speaks primarily to the company’s ideal customer. The ideal customer of Alpine HVAC is young families, and the first photo you see in the hero section is an emotional image that shows a family comfortable in their home. The purpose of this tactic is so that your ideal customer immediately sees themselves reflected in the website.

The use of dynamic shapes and bright, bold colors communicates a familiarity with the HVAV space. We associate blue with cooling and orange with heating. The fun heating and cooling controls ensure the user knows they’re on an HVAC site right away.

The circular image, rounded corners, and swooshing motion at the bottom of the hero section not only feel similar to the shape of many modern thermostats, but they also call back to the company’s logo. 

As you scroll through the homepage, it’s cleanly laid out and just as functional as it is striking.

2. MIDSummer HVAC – Website Design (by Hook Agency)

midsummer hvac website design

This design showcases how you can have an aesthetics-forward website design that still focuses on lead generation. The muted blue, white, and gray colors for MIDSummer HVAC allow for a comfortable and airy feel— exactly how everyone wants to feel inside their home on a hot summer day. 

This design does an excellent job of featuring trust factors (5-star ratings across multiple platforms) right at the top of the page or “above the fold.” The average time spent on a website is only 53 seconds, so you want to ensure the user sees impactful, decision-influencing information right away.

Between the use of video, an active blog, and clearly laid out process steps, the user has access to many resources to learn more about the company and what to expect from their HVAC services.

3. Tundra – HVAC Website Design (by Hook Agency)

bold hvac website design for tundra company

The bold, industrial web design of Tundra HVAC makes the brand appear established and polished. The diagonal line features and sharp edges allude to the same sharp edges in the Tundra logo. The orange and blue colors immediately signal “heating and cooling” to our brains so that we know we’re on an HVAC website.

The contact form is framed by trust factors on the top and real customer reviews on the bottom, which helps the user immediately understand that this company is trustworthy and legitimate. 

Since coupons are an industry standard, we love how they’re tastefully featured right on the home page so that an interested user can’t miss them. Overall, the navigation of this design is incredibly user-friendly, with eye-catching CTA buttons being the cherry on top of a seamless user experience.

Perhaps we’re partial to Standard because their office is 2 blocks away from ours 🙂 

4. Standard Heating and Air Website (Minneapolis)

What it does well: I really love Standard’s brand – it feels high-end, and certainly bringing their people to the forefront emphasizes their size and capabilities.

What could be better: I believe the call-to-action could be clearer (what’s my next step as a visitor.) Also – I think pictures and testimonials of happy customers are really important to keep prominent right when a visitor lands on the website.

HVAC Website Design Inspiration – Heating and Air Conditioning Website

5. Reddi HVAC Website (Wichita)

What it does well: Super simple design, with the phone number quick, the way to email, and the live chat. Surprisingly, not very many HVAC companies I looked at were using live chat as of 2020. Seems like an opportunity, especially if you have customer service people at the ready for phone calls at the office anyways.

What could be better: Reviews, badges, and testimonials should be prominent and above the fold. The contact link on the navigation bar should be called out, and ideally, there would be at least one smiling face of a happy customer right when you land on the page.

Reddi HVAC - Heating and Air Website Design Inspiration

6. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning (Portland)

What it does well: I absolutely love the smiling couple up front on the site, presumably clients. The bullet points with key differentiating features is brilliant and so is the big phone number in the header – I’m sure this helps the flow of leads into their site on a regular basis.

What it could do better: Once again – I’d pair the happy couple with a little testimonial from a client. Other than that, this is a stellar example of an “above the fold” design – meaning if someone didn’t scroll they could get a lot of the key information and be able to move forward with this HVAC company if they wanted to.

3 HVAC website builders if your just starting out

I don’t really suggest them – but there are 3 options for ‘website builders’ that will work for a construction company.

We love WordPress for real, and substantial reasons- but you can definitely get started with a Wix website or Squarespace, start blogging, and get links back to your website (huge for Google visibility.)

  • Squarespace–for photography heavy websites with simple sleek design (not great for SEO.)Website builders for HVAC - squarespace
  • Wix – A ton of different templates, but with more options, often ends up looking unprofessional. HVAC Website Builders Wix
  • Weebly– makes rolling out a mobile site primary.  HVAC Website builders Weebly

5 Easy HVAC website ideas you can do quickly

We believe getting trust is the most important part of making an effective HVAC company website.

  1. So our first suggestion is to have a ‘review carousel’ with images of the people who left the reviews, a 5-star icon, and where the review was left (a third-party logo gives the review credibility.)
  2. Have a ‘Get a quote’ form at the top of every selling page, and a button on the top right of each pages menu nudging people in the direction of the primary purpose of the website.
  3. Include real pictures of your team, your office, and your happy customers – as much as you possibly can.
  4. Prominently display your phone number next to the call to action button in the menu, and ensure your address is on the bottom of each page.
  5. Make sure you have 500+ words on every page of your website, and break up your text with images, so people aren’t confronted with a ‘wall of text.’

Where else to get inspired for web design for HVAC Companies

Need more leads? Check out our Plumbing SEOElectrician SEORoofing SEOContractor SEO, Remodeling SEO, and HVAC SEO services!

A few final words about HVAC Websites Design Inspiration

Clearly – it’s not just about visually stunning design when it comes to an HVAC websites design, it’s also about creating clear hierarchy, getting trust – and making everything super easy to get to.

If your website doesn’t have all of these things – and doesn’t visually represent your company in the most professional light, it may be time for a redesign.

People trust Hook Agency to create a high-end visually persuasive website because:

  • We know how to combine SEO and visual design.
  • We know how to make an easy-to-edit website on industry-standard WordPress.
  • We have designers who develop as well, and do completely custom website’s so you don’t end up with a weird looking website like some companies who build on slow & clunky themes.

Send us a message today if we can help you’d like our help creating a stunning HVAC website design for your company!

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Website Design

Are there any HVAC templates / HVAC WordPress themes?

A ‘WordPress theme’ is a way to roll out a structure / look on a WordPress site very quickly. ProHaus is one option for HVAC companies ($79), originally meant for plumbers and builders, Airtech is made for HVAC companies ($59), FreshAir ($49), and HeaCool ($59), are others. There is a lot of work to rolling out HVAC WordPress templates & themes – so use a little caution when you see the demonstrations, as they are hard to match. Always deploy ‘sample content’ whenever you use a WordPress theme as soon as possible after purchasing and before adding any content yourself.

What makes heating and cooling websites successful?

successful is PROMOTION. Whether you do aggressive SEO, Facebook ads, or Google PPC – the promotion is what really gets the leads. The website design needs to be 80% to ideal, and then aggressive promotion is absolutely essential. Whether you’re at 80% (and your website gets trust, and calls customers to action) and you need to promote more aggressively is the real question. Is your promotion aggressive enough?

Website design companies for air conditioning company?

There are several options for HVAC website companies besides us (though we’d love to be of service.) Other respected HVAC website design companies include Blue Corona, WebFX, and Deluxe.

What is a good marketing strategy for air conditioning company?

To have an effective marketing strategy for your HVAC company – you need to be where people are searching, build your brand, and be social. How to be there when people are searching? Create regular content for questions people ask in the sales process, answer questions, and earn links from other websites around the web. Identify your top 50 keywords and use tight keyword targeting in Google ads, build your brand by sponsoring local teams, taking out a billboard, and taking local events by storm. Be social by creating a rhythm on 2-3 key social media platforms sharing the stories of your customers, reviews, how-to videos and sharing your blog content (answering top customer questions.)

Work with an HVAC marketing company that cares:

Yes indeed – we can help you get in front of more customers.

Contact Hook Agency now if you need an ‘audience-specific’ SEO company that can help you build a website + content that attracts more attention and leads!

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