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Electrician Website Design Inspiration | 6 Beautiful Examples for 2021

Electric City – Web Design by Hook Agency Here’s our take on website design for electrician/electrical services with Electric City. Our site utilizes clean and modern layouts to drive more leads. What…

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Electrician Website Design Inspiration

Electric City – Web Design by Hook Agency

Here’s our take on website design for electrician/electrical services with Electric City. Our site utilizes clean and modern layouts to drive more leads.

What do we do well?

  • We utilize a variety of fun and engaging illustrations that keep viewers engaged longer while reading content. Electric city has a fresh and vibrant color scheme, which made it fun for us to develop CTAs, illustrations and icons for a cohesive viewing experience.

Here is an example of electrician website design by Hook Agency for Electric City


Green Electrical

    A UK based company, Green Electrical utilizes a clean, calming web layout done by Reflect Digital. The soft green and grey color palette takes the stress off and puts the user at ease. 

    What do they do well?

    • Great use of empty space, it allows the user room to breathe. 
    • Good use of subtle transitions with hovers and scrolling.
    • Love the split spread at the bottom with the booking and contact options. 

    What may not be working well? 

    • The transitions are smooth, but some of them feel a little clunky or unnecessary. Less is more. 

    Some electrician website design inspiration from Green Electrical


    Puckett Electric

    Puckett Electric is a clean-cut, high and tight layout done by BitBranding. The choppiness of the logo is carried throughout the visual elements and makes for a concise and user-friendly interface. 

    What do they do well?

    • Red is a really dominant color, and this site does a good job of not overdoing it.  The hero and navigation allows for visual consistency across all pages, but also allows for customization through the imagery. 

    Electrician Website design from Puckett Electric


    Wicks Electric

    Wicks Electric uses moody photography and color choices to highlight a niche area of lighting services.

    What do they do well?

    • The stylized icons really pop. It fits well with the darker tones of the brand. 
    • Wicks does a nice job of highlighting their unique projects. Their images really stand out against their color palette, and shed light on their services. 

    What may not be working well?

    • While it makes sense to have a darker color scheme for a lighting and electrical company, it can feel a little drowning with all the black. Maybe add in a few grey tones to make the site more welcoming in to introduce a clearer hierarchy with design elements. 

    Electrician/Electrical Services website design inspiration from Wicks Electric



    The electrical contractors at Lemberg are lucky to have this stellar site. It’s clean, refined and concise.

    What is working well?

    • The landing page video does a nice job of showing products and finished work, but also the process to get there. The site reiterates the trusting and quality services that Lemberg provides through a simple layout. 

    What may not be working well?

    • Honestly, this is a really clean site. The only thing that seems out of place is the long orange bar on the side. Maybe a little distracting?

    Here is a great example of electrician and electrical services from Lemberg


    Randy’s Electric

    Randy’s Electric is a local electrical services company with a friendly and trusting website design.

    What  is working well?

    • We like the friendly faces from both the company and the satisfied customers. This site utilized an effective color overlay to convey that they are the go-to for friendly neighborhood electrical services.

    Electrician website inspiration from Randy's Electric

      Thank you for checking out our electrician website design inspiration! 🙂

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