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9 Methods of Lead Generation for Window & Door Replacement Companies

Getting more business opportunities is something that many companies constantly find themselves looking for. After all, more business is what makes you more money.  When you are busy running a business, it…

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Getting more business opportunities is something that many companies constantly find themselves looking for. After all, more business is what makes you more money. 

When you are busy running a business, it can be challenging to find new ways to gain more leads and potential customers. 

Use this list of proven methods for lead generation for windows and door replacement companies. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you bring Search Engine Optimization into your marketing, you will have more pages show up on Google that is in your niche from improvements that have been made on your website. 

The most effective SEO companies will utilize strategy content, earn high-quality backlinks from other sites that will link back to yours, and make technical changes. These techniques will get your website to rank higher on Google search ranking and will get more people to come across your website bringing you more leads in the process. 

If you want to find out more about what exactly an SEO company does, check out this post that talks about what an SEO company does in simple terms you can understand.

If you are looking for a company to bring you more leads, Hook Agency is a great choice for getting your company to rank higher. 

Get a YouTube page

YouTube is one of the biggest search engine platforms in the world with only Google being above them. 

One of the coolest things about YouTube videos is that they are also able to rank as a search result in Google so you can get more people to view your content. 

This content strategy is used by many businesses so they can drive traffic back from their YouTube video back to their website. With the video being posted to YouTube, you need to have a call to action that will motivate the viewer to visit your website when they are done viewing the video. 

A good tip to get more people back to your site is not to sell them on the YouTube page, but provide them with more information that will bring them to your website and sell them there. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a great way for you to connect with prospective customers and display your talents in the window and door installation niche. 

A majority of small businesses use social media as a part of their digital marketing strategy which means if you are not, they could have a leg up on you. 

The type of media that you would be posting would be focused around useful information for people that are looking for new windows and doors and what they would want to know. 

Social Media Advertising

The relationship between SMM and Social Media Advertising is similar to that of SEO and SEM. SMM parallels SEO in that it’s all about giving the social media platform what it wants, fresh content to push to its users. SMM and social media advertising are ways to pay for that traffic instead.

Social media advertising is focused on putting your social media content in front of users the social media platform knows are interested in your company’s products or services. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram know who these users are because of the information they have on these users and their accounts. 

If you are a small local business, it is important that you are targeting local users around your area. The amount of detailed information Facebook has on its users is pretty remarkable. 

They know who to place the ads in front of and who is most likely going to click on those ads and depending on the amount of money you’re willing to dish out, will place those ads in front of others. 

Local Industry Directories

Using local industry directories are a great way for you to acquire backlinks to grow your website’s search ranking. They are also a great way for locals to find any services they may need with all the businesses in the area that offer that particular service and can go right to their website. 

You want to be sure that your business’s information is consistent across all of the directories you are listed in. Adding photos of homes that have your windows and doors installed is another great way for you to boost yourself from the competition. It can help drive more traffic onto your site over others in the directory because you are showing the work you have done and they can feel more comfortable with your company because of it. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses to utilize. It is able to drive traffic to your website from prospects and customers who are interested in the links within the email. 

In order for you to build up a list of names for your email marketing, you need to find a way to motivate them to give you their information. Think about past situations you were in where a business was able to get you to sign up for their email updates and what it was that motivated you. 

One popular strategy that is used to get people to sign up for email lists is giving something away for free. Something a window or door installation company can do for this is to offer people a free estimate. For this person to receive their free estimate, they have to sign up and schedule their appointment. 

This can be placed on several parts of your website or as a pop-up that comes onto your page after a few seconds. You are also able to place it at the end of each blog article or put it as a link in your YouTube video description. 

Hand out Business Cards to Happy Customers

One way to make your word of mouth work as effective as possible is by handing out business cards. 

This ensures that your happy customers will pass your card out to friends and neighbors that are in need of your services.

Direct Mail

On each piece of direct mail, there is information about the business and some sort of call to action to visit the business website. The best call to action to use are coupon codes offering discounts on installations or products. 

Your call to actions need to give the customer something in order to get them to visit your website. It may sound like a simple task, but it is important to remember that they have many options to choose from and you want them to give them a reason to choose you over the competition. 

Having a Website

You are missing out on a lot of possible business if you do not have a website. It is one of the best tools you can use to get more business because it gives people a place to find out more about your business, contact you, and purchase things with just a couple of clicks.  

At Hook Agency, we have created a process to create a website that will fit with your company and its goals to build your brand. 

Find out more about our website design here and get more leads for your business. 

Hopefully, this list of proven methods of lead generation for window and door replacement companies gives you a few more ideas on the options you have for your companies lead generation. 

There are many options out there for us to choose from, but it is all about finding the ones that work best for you.  

We wish you the best of luck in the building of your business and lead generation. If you are looking for SEO services or a website, contact Hook Agency and we’ll discuss your business and goals.

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