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2019 Web Design Inspiration

Updated March 3, 2019
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Bryce Boyle Hoban
Bryce Boyle Hoban

Bryce is a SEO Specialist and Content Strategist with Hook Agency – focused on creating content that attracts ideal customers for our clients websites.

Recently, we talked about some website design trends to watch out for in 2019, such as integrated animation, particle backgrounds, bold typography, and color gradients. To accommodate that post, here are some gorgeous websites that will feature some of those trends, as well as some other design techniques to look for this next year, like the use of white space, 3D images, and using high quality photos. Use these examples to to inspire your next website!

Courtesy of Best Served Bold at Dribbble
Courtesy of tubik at Dribbble

These two modern websites take advantage of integrated animation, but take it to a whole new level.


Courtesy of George Olaru at Dribbble
Courtesy of Jan at Dribbble

Big, bold typography is used in these two sites, which allow them to highlight the benefits of their business offering for the user.



Websites that are heavily saturated with one specific color and tone are visually appealing and engaging.




Websites that are predominately white have been popular the last couple years. In 2019 we’ll continue to see our fair share of this simple, minimalistic designs. Also, note how the first website has asymmetrical elements, another 2019 trend.





Large images as the background with text overlaying them is sure to be a modern and popular trend that will only increase in usage over the next few years.


Courtesy of Brandon Temini at Dribbble

With long loading times a key reason for users leaving sites, keeping the user engaged with an animation on the loading screen can help you retain those impatient users.


Gradient Website Example
Courtesy of Ceros
Spotify website gradients
Courtesy of Ceros

Popular brands like Spotify continue to use gradients on their app, which illustrates that gradient is here to stay for awhile.


Courtesy of Cosmin Capitanu at Dribbble

While using 3D images on your website is going to take a little more time, it can add a whole new element of depth and visually appealing detail to your site.


If you know me, you know I love local casual menswear brand Askov Finlayson, so I had to give them a shoutout to their website too. The Minnesota company takes the time to use nicely shot, crisp clear photos that emphasize their brand values. The lesson here: avoid stock images when possible. Now, you can find some good images online that fit your brand well, but make sure you view them as placeholders rather than permanent.


particle backgrounds
Courtesy of MOTOcms

A great example of using particle backgrounds with your website. This site looks great and runs smoothly.

Minimalism in Web Design – 2019 Inspiration

Minimalism – the word and ethos is getting more and more publicity as of late with the Netflix documentary, and a couple books about it like “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s follow up “Spark Joy.”

The original idea of minimalism was characterized as “a trend in sculpture and painting that arose in the 1950s and used simple, typically massive, forms.” 

Simple. Massive.

Today it is characterized by white space in decor, less things – smaller wardrobes, a lack of trinkets that don’t “inspire you, or add joy to your life.”

In web design, minimalism can be a notable lack of variety in features, typefaces, colors, or big chunky areas of white, dark or other flat colors.

A couple of case studies that demonstrate minimalism in web design


Minimalism in Web Design



When your product is excellent, and there is a deep emphasis on its contours, it’s shape, and it’s elegance – than simply photographing it well and finding a few solid thematic elements (in this case a gold overlay box, and a gold outline box) and deeply considering your typographic choices will draw out the natural beauty.



Minimal Web design examples


The Affair

Simply rectangles and type – the Affair also then makes use of the simple white and grey figures in it’s featured photography to give a very sparse, luxurious and open appeal.

White balloons, white table, white bike, white chair – this website is stripped of color very intentionally. If you do this kind of design, it becomes all the more important to balance the remaining elements and create the right appeal with your font choices.

White space - minimalism


To be 100% honest with you – I don’t even know what this site is selling. Perhaps just this gloriously simple bottle of water for an exorbitant price? Hey – I’d think about buying it… just because of how good this site looks. European websites have been going minimal for years and some of the aesthetic is just now starting to hit the more pop culture focused design of the United States.


Minimal Web Designer


The ideal with a more minimalist approach to web design is that the few things you leave behind when subtracting are only the absolute most important elements that will bring the composition together. In this case there are more stylized elements behind the products – these design elements go upwards and at an angle to draw the viewer’s eye along the page, and the circular elements give a cohesive feel to the page with the circular products in the foreground.

Other ways to get inspired for your next web design project in 2019

The way to level up is to find the ‘model for excellence’, and to follow that model on a regular basis. So I strongly suggest not just looking at the designers or people around you, but rather branching out and learning from the best of the best.

1. Awwards – Awarding amazing design on a regular basis.

This site regularly refreshes it’s examples, and awards the best web designers monthly. Insanely good examples, of people that are pushing the boundaries of website design.

2. AWSM Color on Instagram – sharing new color schemes every day.

New color schemes and combinations are essential – and I absolutely love this curated account. It’s nice to have something that just shows up in your Instagram feed, without having to go seek it out.

3. Codrops – for interaction design snippets, and code examples.

Great web design isn’t just about the aesthetics – but about the way it feels to interact with a design. I love Codrops for this reason – they’re constantly sharing code for free that will help make your final products look amazing.

Tips for your 2019 Web Design Inspiration journey

These three simple steps will help you get better every week with your web design skills!

1. Create an inspiration habit

2. Bookmark this and other posts that make you excited about design.

3. Write about everything you’re learning on a weekly or monthly basis.

What Trends Will You Use in Your Next Website?

New websites are an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to rebrand your company and finely tune it to your current demographics needs. If you’re looking to update your old site or start completely from scratch, consider using an agency who can help make sure that all your new website goals are met. Here at Hook, we have tons of experience helping our clients create engaging, conversion-worthy websites. Feel free to contact us and set up a meeting to get started on your next site!

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Bryce Boyle Hoban
Bryce Boyle Hoban

Bryce is a SEO Specialist and Content Strategist with Hook Agency – focused on creating content that attracts ideal customers for our clients websites.

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