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Stand above the crowd with a premium website custom-designed for you

Get better leads
Support your sales team
Attract the best employees

We know that websites take a lot of time, and are complicated.

That’s why after designing and building 100+ websites – we’ve developed a simple process to create a website that fits you like a glove, builds your brand, and helps your ideal customers trust you.

Identify Company & Business Goals

We send a questionnaire and talk through the most important success metrics for your website, and if we can help you accomplish those goals. If not us, we'll help you get to the best partner for your unique needs.

Agree to Scope of Work & Schedule Kickoff

We are selective about the clients we work with, so that we can focus on clients where we can seriously help them get huge R.O.I. If appropriate we share a proposal – if agreed, we schedule the kickoff!

Kickoff the Website Design Process

We have a super simple '4-Step Impact Discovery' process where we talk through your positioning, ideal customers, key differentiating features, and trust factors. We then get to work – designing a completely custom website.

Be Confident in Your Website

Working with Hook is an investment that will get you better leads, support your sales team, and attract the best employees.
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Super Simple
4-Step Impact
No-B.S. or Fluff
3-Step QA
Before First
Draft Look
Websites 100%
dedicated to getting
you more leads
Cut-rate provider that sacrifices quality for budget.
No No No No No
Digital Agency

Still creates websites
like it’s 2014.
No Maybe No Maybe No
Big, Bloated,
Traditional Agency

Wants to sell you print marketing for $100k.
No Maybe No Maybe No
HookAgency Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Super-Simple 4-Step Impact Discovery.

A lot of marketers don't ask the right questions to boil down the most important parts of your company. You’ll enjoy a high energy kickoff that starts with these four elements:
Positioning Diagnostic
Positioning Diagnostic
Your ideal customer is the hero of the story – you are the guide.
Ideal Customer Workshop
Ideal Customer Workshop
‘Who it’s for’ is the #1 most important question in marketing.
Key Differentiating Feature Analysis
Key Differentiating Feature Analysis
Why do ideal prospects choose you? Make the benefits visual.
Trust Factor Identification
Trust Factor Identification
Trust is everything. Reviews, awards, & track record on every selling page.

Northface Construction

  • 39 to 882 Leads a Year
  • Clear call-to-actions and easy to navigate user experience
  • Helpful content throughout the site
 View Case Study

Pops Diabetes Website

  • Optimizing for 3 key audiences
  • The messaging is YOU focused
  • Regular, rhythmic content marketing for search and social
 Read The Case Study

Mackey Creative

  • Big Beautiful Headlines & Work
  • 15 Ultra Flexible Templates
  • Easy to Edit & SEO Friendly
 View Case Study

First American Roofing & Siding

  • Completely Custom WordPress Design
  • 61.19% Increase in Time on Site
  • Moved up 3 Spots to Be #1 for La Crosse Roofing
 View Case Study

Cornerstone Support

  • Completely custom design, map tool, and built for multiple audiences
  • 181% more traffic from Google
  • 57.1% more leads from Google
 View Case Study

Sustainable 9 Modern Homes

  • Custom WordPress Build
  • SEO & Lead Gen Prioritized
  • Went from 10 Leads on Average to 30 a month
 View Case Study

The Hook Website Guarantee

We're going to do our absolute best to make this process is as simple as possible for you.
Modern Design
Modern Design
We're at the cutting edge of modern design, so you'll never need to worry about whether your site will look good or not.
3-Step QA
3-Step QA
Your site will go through at least 3 Quality Assurance checks before you see the developed site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

Customer service is a lost art in many digital marketing companies, unfortunately. We consider this one of the most important aspects of what we do and critical to our long-term success. Whereas you might get lost in the shuffle with another Minnesota digital marketing team, our company banks on humility and hard work, our 5-star customer feedback, and extreme responsiveness.
Each ‘Content Management System’ is like a type of car – you wouldn’t try to buy a Toyota from a Porsche dealership. WordPress web design requires some specialization as well – and I’ve worked on WordPress websites for 5+ years now, learning the ins and outs of it while finding ways to be more efficient than my competitors. I’ve seen people sell a client Magento (a content management system) because they knew they could get a better margin on it – even when the client could’ve had an extremely effective website with WordPress + WooCommerce. We honestly want you to have a website you can make changes on yourself and get the most effective solution for a reasonable price. The fact that WordPress is considered ideal for SEO / getting more Google traffic doesn't hurt either.
User Testing = Testing websites and making changes based on feedback and confusion. A/B Testing = Testing 2 versions of a design and implementing the one that gets the best results. SEO = Making sure a website is easy for Google to crawl, and making changes to get higher in search results. Besides creating extremely good-looking websites, we know how to make them effective – with over 10+ years experience and 100+ websites designed and tested. Send us a message now for a free consultation!
Our web design process generally takes around 100 days to get a fully-custom website you love, designed from scratch and developed by hand, from expert WordPress web developers.

Web Design Process - 100 days, how long does a website take?

1. We kickoff and extract all the awesome things about your company from you (2 hours tops for the kickoff)

2. Then we design (from scratch) and present it to you. We get feedback from you (the main big pieces of feedback first, and then more granularly in a super easy to use platform called Invision that allows you to comment on the design.)

3. Once we incorporate your feedback in a few rounds of revisions - and you love your website design... we develop that website from scratch in WordPress so it's easy too edit content, on the backside of your website.

4. We do a 3-part 'quality assurance' internally, work with you to get content, and then we launch the website, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape with our launch checklist.

5. We can work with you on SEO if you want!

Yes we love working with companies all over North America!

Around half of our clients are in other parts of the United States than our home town, and we have a few clients that are international. We have done international websites, that allowed for language switching etc, and are set up correctly for search engines that way.

Most of our clients are locally-focused, meaning they are a local-service provider, going after a particular region or set of regions. So we have a TON of experience, ranking companies locally, whether that's in Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, or wherever else.

Other clients are trying to go after broader regions, like they are a service provider that works with people all around the United States, and we know how to do that too!
We work with a ton of contractors and other home services providers.

But we also work with all kinds of PREMIUM SERVICE-based companies who are trying to increase their leads.

We know what it takes to make websites that are attractive, and are focused on lead-generation. We work on WordPress, and generally are the best for companies that have room to grow in both their website traffic and their business.


Because our specialty is where visual design and SEO combined?

Meaning our websites are worth more to people who value our focus on SEO in the website design process, and many times choose to work with us beyond the build to drive long-term traffic and leads.

Ready to get started? Send us a message now! We look foward to talking to you about your project, and your marketing needs.

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