Commercial Construction Marketing Case Study

Attracting more business and Applicants with Fresh Design

  • A totally fresh and modern designed website
  • Emphasis on attracting the best talent
  • Trust factors, call-to-actions, and responsive design
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APX Construction
APX Construction

What’s missing when you have a phenomenal commercial construction company that does extra-ordinary work consistently? Well – A modern website that’s completely custom-designed and regular, rhythmic content and SEO for better Google visibility!

APX Construction not only wants to drive traffic and leads through Google – they also need a site that will help bring in qualified applicants. The site we’re building for them emphasizes their current objectives. 

Content marketing + SEO starts with a keyword targeted content calendar based on your ideal customers. Then we start systematically writing about those topics on your behalf, and earning links to drive traffic – then leads. 

"We appreciate their high energy, creativity, candidness and the collaborative atmosphere they provide. They are committed to meeting all of our expectations and driving the results we desire. We trust Hook with the growth of our business and know that we are in good hands!"

APX Construction Commercial

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply:

  • Aligning marketing with their sales objectives – The best part about a new website is alignment! Does your website align with the way your sales people are really selling what you do – now? We help ask the right questions to get to the bottom of what makes you special. 
  • Custom designed and developed, responsive website – People are 10x more likely to remember something if it’s visual versus just words. We know that – and this website has trust factors and badges that will help people trust APX more, and more quickly. 
  • Content marketing, targeted for terms people are searching on Google – We don’t just tell you what needs to be done. We’re doing it. We don’t just consult – we get shit done. That’s the Hook Agency way, we’d love to be a partner you can trust to diligently move your marketing and sales initiatives forward. 

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