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We focus our process only the work that will actually drive business for your company. We love working with small businesses!

  • Have a website built to earn you customers!
  • Easily editable, and mobile friendly
  • Built in a way to get more traffic from Google

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Small business website design built to get more traffic, and built sturdy for the long-haul

We know what it takes to make effective websites that are positioned to get more search engine traffic, and that are built specifically for small businesses.

A good small business website design does not try to make the business seem bigger than what it is – but it does give an authentic and persuasive case for that business in the best light possible.

That’s why we spend time with the companies we create websites for and try to get as many ‘trust factors’ (or testimonials, and organizations you’re apart of) and original photos that tell the story of your unique selling proposition – to showcase visually.

If you want to see why our websites are so effective – check out our web design basics video here.

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Lincoln Website Design

Do you want an agency who cares about making you money?

We believe in partnership, and creating a relationship that is sustainable for the long haul.

We want you to be able to add content and edit your website easily but are always available for anything you might need after the launch.

We even help companies drive traffic to the website with small business SEO (getting more Google traffic,) if needed – but in the end it’s all about getting you more customers, and making your company more approachable and professional.

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Questions and Answers about Small Business Website Design

Many companies that do small business web design don’t care about the long-term for your website. They will charge you 5-15k, template you a website that looks like all of your competitors – and leaves you feeling like there is money on the table.

We want at least 1 out of every 10 ideal customers that enter your website to GET EXCITED about doing business with you.

That means you want a partner that will really take the time to get to know your business, soak up your ‘Unique value proposition’ and think creatively about how to display that on your site in a visual way.

Small Business Web Design that 10X’s your return on investment in 6 months.

We have a unique benchmark for how we filter prospective clients. Could they 10x their investment with us in 6 months from having a significantly improved website?

If not – we may not be the best fit.

That’s why we only take on clients, where we believe a new website could truly accelerate their growth and help them get more ideal clients.

Yes, it means we sign less deals – but it also means we have a much higher client satisfaction than many other companies. That’s why we have 35+ five-star reviews.

Small Business Web Design that focuses on Search Engine Optimization.

We know that a huge part of getting return-on-investment for your small business web design project, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)

That’s why we educate you on SEO throughout the process, and will give you everything you might need to do SEO yourself, including full access to your site – and instructions on content marketing, and the best habits and activities that will lead to you systematically getting higher on Google.

If at the end of your small business website design project you’d rather have us do it all for you – we’d love to.

We want a website that is dynamic, and that tells your story in a compelling way! Plus in support of that it needs ‘trust factors’ and ways to make the quality of your offering more clear, as well as well-structured in-depth content about each one of your services.

To be honest, in-depth content is actually my #1 top suggestion – even if you have to re-do your website yourself (not ideal.)

The first thing to understand is how much you stand to make if your website is done well.

If you can make 150k+ more this year by having a more professional website – then you should invest in a PREMIUM website company, not a low-end or templated design that can lead to a weird-looking website and lose you money.

We make sure that we focus on your business goals and objectives to come in under most of our competition, but still, get something extremely professional you can be proud of.

Send us a message now to get a premium custom website that 10X’s your return on investment.

Want to hook better leads with hard-working digital marketing?

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