How to Redesign Your Website for Conversions

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It’s not enough to have some broken down (or even bright and shiny) website out there – you want your website to get you results. This guide walks you through the keys to get those results, whether it’s more leads or e-commerce sales.

  • How to prioritize and organize persuasively
  • Using the power of mirroring to convince
  • Creating a high-end and trustworthy appearance
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Your website is your battle tank – is it time for a tune-up?

If you consider yourself a high-powered professional who knows how to tailor your message when speaking to the people you’re speaking to – why is your website doing such a poor job grabbing their attention?

It’s likely because you haven’t taken a good hard look at whether its prioritization is straight and clear visually in some time. This guide can help get you started towards redesigning your website for conversions – and if you need any further help, I’m here at your service.

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Questions and Answers about Redesigning your website for conversions

A conversion can be anything from an e-mail sign up, to a contact form submission, or a sale of a product on your site. Why have a website if you don’t have a specific goal you want people to accomplish on that site!

There are many things you can do to create more conversions on your site, and some of the simplest ones to accomplish are also the most effective. Decreasing the amount of choices, adding trust factors, and answering key questions will all help you all more people to feel comfortable buying from you, or contacting you.

It depends on what kind of business you run – but for service based businesses, the most common one is some kind of contact form, or ‘free consultation’ – the simpler the better.

A website without conversions is a pamphlet. If you’re using your website like a brochure, you’re missing out on the most important aspects of digital marketing. You need interactivity – you want responses, and feedback… and of course, more leads.

Conversions matter – because revenue matters.

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