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Manufacturing Marketing



“I put my full trust in them and they are doing great with all of it. Because of their work I've already seen growth in the number of sales leads generated by my website which is terrific!”

Josh Carlson, Owner
Treasured Spaces Inc.



“From the very first meeting with Tim I knew he was the guy to go with for my businesses online needs. He took a deep interest in understanding what my business was about and our vision for the future. The whole process went very smooth”

Joshua Swisher, Owner
Northface Construction

Manufacturing Web Design Process

  • 1

    Kickoff / Discovery

    We meet with you to discuss what makes your company special and sets it apart from its competitors. Our goal will be to then showcase that visually, and increase trust for site visitors to take action.

  • 2

    Wireframe / Block out key elements

    Internally, we take what we learned from you about the company – and distill that into a basic layout, in a rudimentary way before moving into the full visual design phase.

  • 3

    Visual design based on your competitive advantages

    We know how to make sites look beautiful. But more than making sites look good, we know how to make sites that are effective at getting more leads and attracting traffic from Google. We iterate at the end of this process with you and then get into development.

  • 4


    We make websites on WordPress. Not with a theme, but actually based on your needs – and we make them so they are easy to edit. We do 5 Layers of quality assurance, make sure all of the content is in the site, and get any changes from your company before we do a soft launch.

  • 5


    We then launch the site – first soft launch, and then a celebratory champagne popping launch. Whether that's in person, or on Google hangouts – but we do like to have a climactic, celebratory moment if possible.

  • 6

    Optional: Have us help get more leads with ongoing SEO.

    We love helping manufacturing companies get more leads. We have a proven system that involves regular content marketing, earning backlinks from other websites, and ongoing technical improvements on the website that ACTUALLY makes your website get more leads. We report to you on a monthly basis, with a clear as daylight dashboard – and watch the 'year over year' traffic climb, along with the leads. We see our average client get 20-60% more traffic yearly.

Recent Video We Did for a Construction Client

Things to Consider when Choosing a Industrial Manufacturing Marketing Partner

Manufacturing marketing can be powerful if you "hook" up with the right partner...

See what I did there?

Seriously though – we've seen many manufacturers have a hard time trying to connect with a company that actually cares about their bottom line and long-term success, and that's why we try to be selective about who we work with, but when we feel there's a good fit – go ALL IN and really work with you to find out what makes your company special, and all of its competitive advantages. Our marketing then is completely focused on showcasing these and gaining trust from ideal clients.

With industrial manufacturing marketing, you want to know what is actually working – not just what makes you and your team look good.

Being part of every trade magazine may actually be a negative for the long-haul, if you haven't gotten and RFQ from that direction in 2 years.

We know how to track where all of your leads are coming from online so you can spend less time and money on the things that don't work, and more time and money on the ones that do.

You want an ROI-focused digital marketing company for your industrial manufacturing company, because you care about your bottom line. You work too hard to be wasting money on channels that don't work – you want long term success, and that starts with INDUSTRIOUS marketing.

Partner with Hook Agency now to get starting creating a long-term marketing plan that can help accelerate your growth.

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