Digital Marketing & SEO Speaker Talks for Small Business
Digital Marketing & SEO Speaker Talks for Small Business

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SEO & digital marketing talks

I love talking to small business organizations about marketing and SEO. Whether you have a convention, need someone to get fiery about getting more Google traffic – or talk about what practical things are next for digital marketing, contact us now to have me speak! Here are a couple talks I have prepared (though I’m also open to suggestions.)

  • “Aligning Web Design With Search”
  • “7 Experiments that Skyrocketed Our Website Traffic, and 1 that Failed Miserably”
  • “8 Keys to Use Professional Visibility to Get More Leads”
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Digital Marketing talks that don’t go over people’s heads

I’m committed to making digital marketing accessible.

While some marketing talks try to show off the most innovative new approaches, I try to get down to business on what WORKS, and exactly how to get started on those methods.

Because theory, doesn’t move the needle. So – send me a message, give your event a kick of motivation, tough love, and laughs. We can even collaborate on the exact talk name, as I make sure I tailor my talks to the specific context, and needs of the audience at each event I speak at.

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For giant crowds to smart gatherings – savvy, forward-thinking digital marketing talks

I speak from deep experience. I’ve helped a company I was the marketing director for double recurring revenue from 1 to 2 million in less than a year – and went on to found my own small marketing agency that is growing like a weed.

I’m dedicated to continually running experiments constantly, and thus my strategies come from direct experience, not from hear-say or out-dated ‘best practices.’

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Questions and Answers about Speaking at Events

I’m to the point – down to earth, and try to give actionable advice rather than ‘out there’ theory. I focus on why digital marketing is so important, but I also – want to help people take action! Without action, all the digital marketing facts in the world won’t create new sales and revenue.

I love speaking about visual web design, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, paid ads and A/B testing. I can help your event go deep on value, and am totally open to building the talk around the needs of your audience.

I’m growing as a small business owner – a sales person, and a digital marketer on a constant basis.

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