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With so many lawyers and attorney website design done by a few providers – it’s a wonder any of them are much different from each other at all. We provide a wildly effective, and fresh approach in a sea of sameness – to get you more leads, and more business.

  • Have a website that sets you apart from the pack
  • Have the site built in a way that doesn’t handcuff you to an overpriced platform
  • We build websites in a search engine friendly way to get more traffic and leads
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You know the types of clients that sometimes think they can make it on their own? Do you ever think to yourself, “hey – in the long run you’re going to save money working with us, but have it”?

Don’t be that company in regards to web design. Look into the principles that make for a seriously effective attorney website design, get inspired by the best of the best – and send us a message.

How many clients could you be earning with a fresh website that really earns your law firm more visitors and conversions?

When a prospect visits your site and is shopping around for the best lawyer within your specialty – you might as well be the law firm that looks like you have it together, and are reputable and trustworthy. This is why web design is an investment in the long term success of your law firm.

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Skip the generic website and stand out from the crowd by getting more free traffic from search engines.

We know how to build law firm websites that attract free search engine traffic and can help your firm do this effectively.

The question is – can you afford to lose all of this business to your competitors who have the top spot on Google for your specialty?

We can advise you how to build out content in the right areas, how much content you’ll need and guide the content strategy going forward.

Your website needs fresh and relevant content on a regular basis to compete for high competition keywords that bring in real revenue.

Don’t be left in the dust – get professional attorney website design and receive your fair share of Google search traffic and the leads you deserve!

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Questions and Answers about Law Firm Web Design / Attorney Website Designs

There are 3 keys to helping drive up the amount of leads on your law services website.

1. Create a compelling visual design that makes your firm appear very professional and unique, so that people feel emotionally connected with you and want to do business with you.

2. Provide enough examples of your work, evidence that you’re respecting in the community – with organization badges, testimonials, and various other ‘trust factors’ to get the visitor’s trust and respect.

3. Push people to the actions you want them to take by providing clear and obvious next steps throughout the process in the form of ‘call to action’ buttons or sections that aren’t so subtle reminders of the key action you’re inviting people to take, like “Work with us.”

We focus on SEO for driving traffic after we do web design for law firms, because we know that often the quality of leads from PPC ads can be poor.

We want qualified leads, and 85% of people (and usually more savvy individuals) tend to skip the paid ads on Google and go right to the organic search results.

We don’t think that paid ads are always a bad idea, but I think it’s appropriate to really build your website is the main asset, and by building out content and links from other high authority website – you have a lead magnet in the form of a website you own and have more control over long term than paid Google ads.

1. You can write at least 700 words for each of the services you offer, and create pages and supply at least 700 words for each of the sub-services your firm specializes in.

2. You can answer questions related to your law firm’s specialty on Quora and link back to a longer-form version you’ve written on your website, as well as answering common questions you receive during the onboarding process with new clients in blog posts. Answering commonly asked law questions is a great way to get your Lawyer web site new visitors.

3. You can created deep guides to deal with common issues people are looking for to help possible clients start on their own issue. By being the supplier of some initial knowledge and suggesting why they may want to hire a professional, you can peek new prospects interest and have a better chance of helping them at their time of need.

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