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Construction Contractor Websites (14 Incredible Examples)

Updated July 20, 2019
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Contractor web design - construction websites

We’ve built so many general contractor websites – but really still love to poke around and find other amazing sites that are out there. These sites (whether our designs or other website design companies) really demonstrate some excellent principles of effective web design and general aesthetics.

Of course – if you are looking for a company who’s built 20 plus sites for contractors, home services, and other construction companiessend us a message for a free consultation.

Without further ado, 14 awesome examples of general contractor and construction websites!

1. First American Roofing (A Roofing Website We Designed)

First American Roofing Website Design


2. Northface Construction (A Roofing Website We Designed)

Roofing Website Design and Marketing

3. Weitz

Construction Company Web Design – https://www.weitz.com/

This construction company website is clean and open and gives clear metrics of the companies success, but more importantly their effectiveness. By presenting key numbers in a way that draws attention to them and showcasing expertise with case studies of projects, Weitz goes all-in on their digital marketing efforts.

Weitz Construction - Construction Company Website Design


4. Adorned Homes

Realtor and Renovation Company Web Design we designedhttp://adornedhomes.com

This renovation/design-focused realtor was a client of mine, and we did our best to take the absolute best of the best photographs they had from their interior decoration and design work and make them central to the site. Good photos and good fonts are half the battle when making a website feel high end.

Renovation Web Design Company and Agency


5. McCarthy

Building Companies Website Design – https://www.mccarthy.com/

With a video background and a bold, simple brand – McCarthy’s website design has all the components of a commercial construction company website design that would make other companies take notice. At the end of the day, it’s still another human looking at your website, and if you can’t persuade the individual to work with you, you’ll never get those coveted high-value commercial construction leads – and contracts.

General Contractor Web design example


6. Treasured Spaces

Custom Home Builder Web Design we designedhttps://treasuredspacesinc.com

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Treasured Spaces is a client of ours at Hook Agency and we not only branded them (with the demographics of the 35-55-year-old housewife in search of an upgrade or renovation), but we created this sharp site that gives a ton of information for people looking for niche residential home building or remodeling project. From the 700+ words of information provided about basement remodeling, or the visual outline of the process from design to execution – we facilitate the prospective customers learning process and give Google what it wants and helped get Treasured Spaces major increases in rankings for the services they offer. If you’re curious, learn more about how we help our clients get more search engine traffic and increase revenue from digital leads 200%+ here.


Minneapolis Construction Company


7. Ridge

Construction and Plumbing Web Design – http://ridgecp.com/

This has to be one of the cleanest websites I’ve found out there in construction company web design. Although it doesn’t have an extremely high amount of search engine traffic, it does have that trustworthiness through messaging that I like to see in a construction company website.

Plumbing web design

8. Alpine Asphalt

Asphalt Company Web Designhttp://alpineasphalt.com

Alpine Asphalt came to us with the simple request to modernize their asphalt company website design. I’ve had a lot of success helping contractors get their websites looking professional, so I jumped at the chance. In the end, we came out with a site that showcases their positive reviews all over Google, Facebook, and Angie’s List – and provided the right information to customers so that they could get started.

Asphalt Company Web Design

9. Straub Construction

Construction Company Websites – http://www.straubconstruction.com/

Straub’s site might be a little dated – but overall it’s clean and simple. I like the individual pages dedicated to projects they have done, the ‘Quality assured since 1920’ tagline, and would just like to see more ‘trust factors’ like reviews, badges, awards, and testimonials to support the overall message of trustworthiness and sustainability.

Construction Company Marketing and web design - straub

10.B&D Masonry

Masonry Web Design we designedhttp://bdmasonry.net/

This site is currently in progress, and the filler text below shows where we are working with the business owner to get these pieces added. I’m extremely excited about the new look and how we might be able to show the professionalism and quality of work on their website that they previously haven’t. Just because you’re the best in town – doesn’t mean people can psychically find that out, they need proof, both with reviews and testimonials and other visual elements that speak to that quality and professionalism.

Masonry Company Web design examples - masonry marketing

11. AT Homes Builder

Custom Home Builder Web Design – http://athomesbuilder.com/

These might be one of the weaker examples on this list, but I do like the testimonials and the page dedicated to their process on this site. The AT Home Builder website design could also have some more content built out so that Google and other search engines have more information about what they sell. I suggest at least 700 words for the home page and each of the sub-services you offer.

AT Builders Homes Construction Marketing - Minneapolis, Minnesota. Adwords, SEO, social media for construction companies


12. KTS Group

Home Design Web Design – http://ktsgrp.com/

Once again this site is a little thin on the content, but in this case, the visual aesthetic is striking. A video background shows plans being drawn and then turns into a frame and then a fleshed out building. The process demonstration feels unique and interesting and captures your attention.

Consturction marketing - web design

13. Forensic Construction Consulting

Construction Consulting Web Design – http://forensicconstructionconsulting.com/

From the photography to the icons that help communicate key points, Forensic Construction Consulting’s website is really a much higher caliber than most construction contractor websites and construction industry marketing web designs in general. Clean open visuals and high contrast between the text and the background make this site stand out among its peers.

Forensic Construction - Marketing and web design

14. Empowered Global

Electrical Contractor Web Design – http://www.empoweredglobalinc.com/

Empowered Global might be a touch less modern than some of the other highlighted sites – but the message is clear about what they do, the phone number stands out at the top right of the design, and examples of their work are front and center and easy to get to. No matter how stylish your website is, what’s most important is the ease of use, the clarity of your message, and nudging people in the direction of the action you want them to take on your site.

Electrical web design contractors


I hope you enjoyed these awesome construction company, and general contractor websites – and got some ideas about how you might implement some of the things they do well on your construction industry website design. If you need any help with your construction company marketing or website design – check out our work and get a free consultation. Thanks!


Some frequently asked questions about contractor web designs:


Should I go with a template or have my site custom designed?

Often contractors who are early in their business choose to go with a templated website design, but after when they’ve been in business a few years – decide to move onto something that’s custom for their business. The ideal is that a website tells your unique story, is built around your best images, and doesn’t look like any other competitors sites. Beyond website design – being visible on the web is by far the most important part of marketing yourself online.

What are the most important parts of having an effective website?

Search engine optimization should be considered during your website design. How can you make sure your most lucrative services will be central to the website and get the right amount of content/word count (a key ranking factor on Google.) Having your contact information central, being ideal customer-focused in your headlines, making sure your images are compelling, and making sure organizations/awards/testimonials give credibility and trust and help website visitors take the next step.

How much should I spend on a contractor website?

It really depends on what you feel a website could make you. A ‘business card’ style website might net a 3 million dollar construction company 10 leads a month – but what if a website could drive 20-30 leads a month instead? This is the kind of opportunity that drives smart contractors to seriously invest in their website design. If you’re the type of contractor who’s committed to getting more and better leads with a website that reflects your premium services – send us a message now for a free consultation.

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