Roofing Sales Training Courses: 4 of the Best for 2023

You probably came to this page because you fall into one of these three categories: You recently got a job as a salesperson for a roofing company, but the company is not…

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Roofing Sales Courses

You probably came to this page because you fall into one of these three categories:

  • You recently got a job as a salesperson for a roofing company, but the company is not providing thorough training on how to land customers fast.
  • You are considering getting into the roof sales industry but want to find more information on how to succeed.
  • You have been trying to sell roofs for several weeks or months now and still haven’t seen the results you were hoping to get, and now you are looking for legitimate courses and training programs on how to increase your sales.

If you can relate to one of these three situations, then we are here to help. This guide reviews four roofing sales training courses that can help you spot and tie down customers fast.

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The Roofing Academy

Whether you are a newbie marketer or an experienced salesperson in the roofing niche, the Roofing Academy course will suit you. The course will help you master skills to meet and network with key stakeholders in the roofing niche. You will be learning from people who have established their roofing business from scratch.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and this business covers everything you need to know about how to propel the sales aspect of a roofing business.

The good thing about this course is that it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you have a choice of canceling your subscription and get your money back within seven days of purchase.

The Roofing Academy program is offered in different packages, including the Start Package, the Build Package, and the Growth Package.


  • An all-inclusive course that focuses on roofing salespersons
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Divided into packages
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded salespeople


  • Limited customer reviews on how helpful the course is

Roof Sales Mastery

This is another comprehensive training program for aspiring roofing salespersons. It has easy-to-duplicate sales scripts that can help you land clients with ease.

In addition, the author explains everything in a simple-to-understand manner. The guide covers pitching clients and gives you actionable tips and scripts you can use to convert your potential leads to clients.

You will get actionable tips on how to spot people who need roofing services or materials and how to establish a trustworthy relationship with them.


  • Provides actionable steps on how to better your sales game
  • You will learn the do’s and don’ts of running a roofing sales business
  • Entertaining to follow


  • Lacks money-back guarantee

The Art of Sales 

We include The Art of Sales course in this list, although not a roofing-specific course, as it is one of the best sales training programs covering a broad range of sales topics that can help you as a roofing service/product marketer.

The course is divided into different sub-courses, including customer prospecting and segmentation, sales pitching and closing, establishing a relationship with sales prospects, and building a sales toolkit.

All the materials in this course are presented in an easy-to-digest manner. What’s more? Upon successful completion, you will earn a course certificate that you can showcase on your resume.


  • Covers topics related to perfecting your sales
  • Quite affordable
  • Pretty comprehensive


  • It is quite lengthy
  • It suits beginner marketers more

Winning with Relationship Selling

If you would like to establish yourself as the best marketer in the roofing industry, this course is for you.

Winning with Relationship Selling helps you learn how to engage your target customer, listen to their concerns, establish your credibility, and offer them a problem-solving solution.

It is pretty comprehensive, but the good thing is that Dale Carnegie, the author of the course, has done an excellent job at making the course easy to consume.


  • There are in-person training sessions offered
  • The author is a popular name in the relationship-building niche
  • Divided into different categories


  • Pretty expensive
  • Calls for a massive time investment


Don’t venture into the roofing world unprepared and untrained, as this will be a costly mistake. Take the initiative today and invest in a legitimate sales training course that will help you perfect the art of selling.

All the above roofing sales training courses are proven and will teach you how to do the sales job right.

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