Roofing Sales Training Courses: 4 of the Best for 2024

You probably came to this page because you fall into one of these three categories: If you can relate to one of these three situations, then we are here to help. This…

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Roofing Sales Courses

You probably came to this page because you fall into one of these three categories:

  • You recently got a job as a salesperson for a roofing company, but the company is not providing thorough training on how to land customers fast.
  • You are considering getting into the roof sales industry but want to find more information on how to succeed.
  • You have been trying to sell roofs for several weeks or months now and still haven’t seen the results you were hoping to get, and now you are looking for legitimate courses and training programs on how to increase your sales.

If you can relate to one of these three situations, then we are here to help. This guide reviews four roofing sales training courses that can help you spot and tie down customers fast.

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TopRep is the premier sales training in Roofing + Home Services

For roofing companies and home service companies grappling with the challenge of optimizing their sales teams, the world of contractor sales training offers many solutions. However, one method that has garnered attention is the TOP REP system, crafted by industry experts Chuck Thokey and Jim Johnson.


What Sets TOP REP Apart?

Unlike conventional sales training, the TOP REP system isn’t just about refining sales techniques. It places significant emphasis on understanding the psychology of making a sale and how incentives drive performance. This holistic approach ensures that salespeople aren’t just reciting rehearsed pitches, but genuinely connecting with their clients, resulting in higher closing rates.

Chuck and Jim have a history of working with a wide spectrum of businesses, from local contractors to larger players like Garage Kings and Able Roofing. And the results speak for themselves. Many contractors have reported an uptick in their closing percentages, some as much as 50%, after undergoing this training.

Feedback and Impact

The efficacy of the TOP REP system can also be gauged from the numerous positive testimonials from diverse businesses. Whether it’s Rhino Roofers or Integris Roofing, the feedback underscores the transformative effect of the training, not just on the sales metrics but on the team’s overall morale and confidence.

In summary, as the contracting industry becomes increasingly competitive, sales training methodologies like TOP REP could be invaluable assets, focusing not just on sales techniques but the underlying motivations and psychology behind a successful sale. At their events, they also introduce contractors to the most innovative roofing software and technologies at the cutting edge of the industry.

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The Roofing Academy is leadership and business consulting

Whether you are a newbie marketer or an experienced salesperson in the roofing niche, the Roofing Academy course will suit you. The course will help you master skills to meet and network with key stakeholders in the roofing niche. You will be learning from people who have established their roofing business from scratch.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and this business covers everything you need to know about how to propel the sales aspect of a roofing business.

The good thing about this course is that it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you have a choice of canceling your subscription and get your money back within seven days of purchase.

The Roofing Academy program is offered in different packages, including the Start Package, the Build Package, and the Growth Package.

Roofing Academy also connects you to the best vendors and vets technology, SEO, marketing, and other types of companies for you – so you only work with the best.


  • An all-inclusive course that focuses on roofing salespersons
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Divided into packages
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded salespeople


  • Limited customer reviews on how helpful the course is


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Roof Sales Mastery helps reps master individual skills

This is another comprehensive training program for aspiring roofing salespersons. It has easy-to-duplicate sales scripts that can help you land clients with ease.

In addition, the author explains everything in a simple-to-understand manner. The guide covers pitching clients and gives you actionable tips and scripts you can use to convert your potential leads to clients.

You will get actionable tips on how to spot people who need roofing services or materials and how to establish a trustworthy relationship with them.


  • Provides actionable steps on how to better your sales game
  • You will learn the do’s and don’ts of running a roofing sales business
  • Entertaining to follow


  • Lacks money-back guarantee


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Reeva Impact shows you how to build inside sales

Roofing businesses today stand at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, and optimizing sales, recruitment, and leadership is paramount. Enter Reeva Impact, a dynamic initiative aimed at elevating these sectors.

What Does Reeva Impact Bring to the Table?

  1. Comprehensive Training Modules: Whether it’s in-person classroom sessions or the flexibility of an online learning platform, Reeva Impact covers the gamut. Their approach ensures both novices and seasoned professionals can benefit.
  2. The Roofing Machine Concept: This transformative concept offers executive and recruiting training specifically tailored for the top-tier – General Managers and Owners. It offers insights into ready-to-use processes for the holistic management of roofing businesses.
  3. Customer-Centric Philosophy: At its core, Reeva Impact emphasizes a customer-based mindset. Their Roofing Machine structure, as detailed in their foundational literature, promotes a business model obsessed with customer satisfaction, aiming to push sales revenue to significant heights, potentially even surpassing $40 million annually.
  4. A Winning Team Blueprint: It’s not just about numbers and strategies. The essence of Reeva Impact is to instill a relentless drive for success and growth. The approach is about not just creating teams but molding ones focused on victories, both small and large.

Behind the Curtains of Reeva Impact

Reeva Impact isn’t just a theoretical construct. It’s the brainchild of Martin Pettigrew, the powerhouse behind Monarch Roofing. His journey from kickstarting a roofing business to steering it towards a dominant market position, achieving an impressive $40 million in annual gross sales, is the backbone of Reeva Impact. This initiative is his way of offering the tools, strategies, and knowledge he used, making it accessible to Business Owners, General Managers, and Sales Professionals nationwide.

In summary, for those in the roofing business aiming to blend tradition with modern techniques, optimize their sales, and create a winning team, Reeva Impact could very well be the catalyst for that transformation.


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