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What is a Roofing Software? 10 Tools Successful Roofers Recommend

Many may say, “Why try to fix what’s not already broken?!”

Well we can tell you why…

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What Is A Roofing Software? 10 Tools Successful Roofers Recommend

We’ve curated 10 roofing professionals’ insights and first-hand experiences on some of their favorite software to make their every day a HECK of a lot easier! We hope these can be of use to you and your business moving forward.

“Will Be An Integral Component of Our Sales Process For Years to Come.”

“I still use Manila folders for every project and manually write down every interaction, print every subcontractor quote, and document every phone call, text, and email on the front of said envelope. Once we got SumoQuote, I was frustrated with learning something new because I have a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality”. After finally spending ONE afternoon to actually learn how to use this tool, I feel even more confident in my presentations. Adding upgrades and warranty options on SumoQuote have been an easy way to “sell it like a doctor”. The good, better, best options on the proposal is a great way to offer detailed information to our homeowners to transform them into educated consumers during the “migration”of the repair process. One day, my Manilla folders may be gone, but I know that SumoQuote will be an integral component of our sales process for years to come.”



Brian Marin

Hammerhead Roof General Contractors

“Sales Coach In Your Pocket”

Rilla! Being able to hear your salesman in a setting where you aren’t hovering over them is awesome. Then just the feedback with the speech analytics is a game changer for analyzing how the appointment went from just an overall speech skill standpoint. It’s honestly more of sales coach in your pocket than a Sales Manager tracking system.



Dylan Herman

Hayward Roofing

“They Found Their Niche & They Stay In Their Lane”

“Definitely CompanyCam. The reason being they found their niche and they stay in their lane. They are not trying to be everything to everyone. They are not trying to create a CRM and an estimating software and everything else. They focus on what they are good at and continue to get even better at it. They definitely believe in deeper not wider.”

Nate Schweppe

Yeti Roofing

“Get accountability and clarity around your canvassing efforts”

“Get more effective about the spots that you knock. Leadscout allows you to target and specify certain areas that you want your team to knock, and it also helps you understand where they’ve already knocked. According to their website it’s ‘A software platform that empowers your sales reps to self-generate quality leads and amp up brand visibility wherever there is opportunity.’ The Web Dashboard enables managers to configure and oversee the play’s setup and progress, while the Mobile App empowers sales reps to qualify prospects while on the move. Additionally, Automated Programs put marketers in charge of managing channels and messaging. And to streamline everything seamlessly, our CRM integrations offer the option to automate the entire process.”

Bea Bonte

Hook Agency

“Text & Email Old Leads”

ProLine – lead rehash to text and email old leads and let my inside salesperson work on closing the ones that respond back, instead of spending time on the phone calling them.”

Chris Diroll

Tresnak Roofing

“Next Level Software That Allows Customers to Get Quick Quotes”

Roofle ‘Roof Quote Pro’ is one of those next level software options that allows customers to get a quick quote without contacting the company. People more and more want to be able to get an idea of pricing – and this is the best in class tool for this function. The back-end allows you to choose your own price per square, has financing options built-in, and keeps getting better and better. Other tools try to do the same thing, but they aren’t the leader in innovation on this type of tool. Hook has incorporated Roof Quote Pro into several of our website builds, you can see it at Northface Construction, Roof Troopers, and Best Exteriors.”

Tim Brown

Hook Agency

“Amazing Tools, When Used To Their Potential”

“Depends on your area of focus. Insurance related residential, Acculynx all day long. And the people I’ve dealt with have been good. If your focus is more varied into commercial, etc, Nimbus might take the edge. Both amazing tools, when used to their potential. That’s the key. Most people using either system are barely scraping the surface of the capabilities”

Aaron Holmes

“Honestly I’ve Had RoofLink For A Long Time”

“Honestly I’ve had RoofLink for a long time, and their service is amazing but I don’t get what I want to out of it because I don’t get off the roof, that being said if you put the time in I feel it’s amazing”

Thomas Fristed

“Their Field App Is Second To None”

JobNimbus for the win. Ease of use, automations are easy and limitless, integrations galore, and their field app is second to none.”

Bill Kassakatis

Hometown Exteriors Inc.

“HailTrace Is The Market Leader”

HailTrace is the market leader in figuring out where storms hit, and supporting your sales team in canvassing and selling in those areas. It also allows you to share that information with live maps to your marketing team and anything else that you might want to use hail maps for. In addition, you can generate a report that’s cosigned by meteorologists that there has been hail in that area for insurance companies, which comes off much more credible than some other hill, map options.”

Tim Brown

Hook Agency

Roofing Software: Streamlining Your Business and Real-Life Experiences

In the fast-paced world of roofing, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for success. Thankfully, roofing software has emerged as a game-changer, empowering roofing professionals to streamline their daily operations and boost productivity. In this blog post, we will delve into the insights and experiences of real roofing professionals who have harnessed the power of roofing software to make their every day a lot easier. From sales optimization to specialized solutions and CRM integrations, let’s explore how these tools can revolutionize your roofing business.

What is a roofing software?

Roofing software is a specialized digital tool designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of roofing business operations. It provides roofing contractors, companies, and professionals with a comprehensive platform to manage tasks such as project estimation, quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and job tracking.

A roofing software typically integrates features like aerial measurement tools, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting software like quick books to manage roofing cash flow, material ordering, job management software, lead management solution, and workforce management, all aimed at improving efficiency and productivity. 

By automating manual processes and centralizing essential data, roofing software empowers businesses to optimize project management, communication, and financial tracking, leading to more organized and successful roofing projects.

Enhancing Sales Efficiency with SumoQuote and Rilla

In the competitive roofing industry, closing deals efficiently is paramount. Two powerful tools that roofing professionals swear by are SumoQuote and Rilla. Brian Marin, from Hammerhead Roof General Contractors, shares his success with SumoQuote, which has transformed his sales process. Initially hesitant to change his methods, Brian eventually embraced SumoQuote’s user-friendly interface and now delivers confident client presentations with ease. With SumoQuote, he can offer upgrade options and warranty choices seamlessly, presenting proposals in a way that educates homeowners during the repair process.

Meanwhile, Dylan Herman of Hayward Roofing praises Rilla for being a sales coach in his pocket. The ability to monitor and analyze sales appointments through speech analytics has been a game-changer. With Rilla, sales teams receive valuable feedback, leading to continuous improvement in their sales approach and overall performance.

Specialized Solutions for Focused Growth

Every roofing business has unique needs, and finding software that caters to those specific requirements is essential. Nate Schweppe, from Yeti Roofing, recommends CompanyCam for its unwavering focus on its niche. By providing a comprehensive photo management solution, CompanyCam has enabled roofing companies and professionals to handle project documentation with unmatched efficiency. By staying true to their specialization, CompanyCam has earned the trust of roofers nationwide.

William Campbell of All or Nothing Roofing experienced transformative growth by combining Roofr, CompanyCam, and Rooflink. These specialized tools have elevated their entire business to new heights, allowing them to handle accurate roof measurement reports and provide top-notch CRM functionalities at a reasonable price. Emphasizing the importance of going deeper rather than wider, William credits these tools for propelling their business from $1.3M in the first year to an impressive $5M projection for year three.

Unleashing the Power of CRM Integration

A robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the backbone of a successful roofing business. Chris Diroll, from Tresnak Roofing, highlights the significance of ProLine’s lead rehashing feature. By automating text and email communications with old leads, the inside sales team can focus on closing deals with responsive customers, leading to increased efficiency and higher conversion rates.

JobNimbus takes the spotlight as a roofing CRM-integrated solution that Bill Kassakatis of Hometown Exteriors Inc. swears by. JobNimbus ease of use, limitless automation, and intuitive mobile field app have revolutionized their operations, enabling seamless coordination between teams and fostering excellent customer relationships.

Roofing Software

Innovative Tools for Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to success in the roofing industry. Tim Brown, from Hook Agency, introduces Roofle’s ‘Roof Quote Pro‘ as a cutting-edge tool that enables customers to receive quick quotes without the need for direct contact. With features like customizable pricing per square and built-in financing options, Roofle’s innovation is unmatched, making it a leader in its domain.

For storm-chasing roofing professionals, Aaron Holmes recommends HailTrace as the market leader in storm tracking and sales support. Its live maps and credible meteorological reports enable businesses to target areas affected by storms, optimizing sales and marketing efforts.

Roofing software increases sales efficiency

In conclusion, roofing project management software has emerged as a transformative force, enabling roofing contractors and professionals to enhance sales efficiency, focus on specialized solutions, and leverage the power of roofing CRM software integration. Through real-life experiences and insights shared by industry experts, we’ve witnessed how these software solutions have driven business growth and improved day-to-day operations.

As you navigate the roofing industry, take inspiration from these success stories and recommendations. Evaluate the unique needs of your business and choose the roofing software that aligns with your goals. By incorporating the right tools, you can streamline your business, boost productivity, and thrive in this competitive market. Embrace the power of top roofing software’s, and let it be the key to your business’s continued success for years to come.

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