10 Roofing Sales Tips/Strategies (Pre-sale, Objections + Closing Secrets)

Are you a roofer or a roofing salesman who wants to have much better luck selling your roofing services? If so, then this roofing guide is about to rock your world. We’re…

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Roofing Sales Tips

Are you a roofer or a roofing salesman who wants to have much better luck selling your roofing services?

If so, then this roofing guide is about to rock your world. We’re about to brainstorm 10 of the most robust sales strategies, so you can quickly increase your closing percentage without begging, dancing, or jumping through hoops.

Let’s go in for a closer look into the most potent roofing sales tips that you’ll ever need!

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# 1 – Respond to Clients Quickly

Time is always of the essence as a roofer or contractor.

Unless you have a stellar reputation as a roofer, there’s a high chance that your client doesn’t possess one ounce of brand loyalty for you.

Your new roofing leads don’t care if you help them, or if someone else does. They’re literally in a “whoever helps my roof first and at the best price gets the job” mentality.

You need to follow up with your leads as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, you run the risk of your competition greedily snatching up your leads before you have a chance to close them!

# 2 – Understand Your Ideal Roofing Client

Spend time thinking about this question: what problems does your ideal roofing client face?

Your typical roofing client is possibly in a state of anxiety regarding their roof.

What frustrations and anxieties do your roofing clients have?

  • Maybe they’re frustrated because their roof looks awful.
  • Maybe their roof is leaking, and their entire family is stressing.
  • Maybe there’s snow piled on their roof, and they need removal fast!

Understanding the stress of your roofing client puts you in a superior position. Now you can write better sales copy on any of your platforms, and you can communicate with your customers in a way that’s super focused and relevant.

Roofing Sales Strategies

# 3 – Evoke Scarcity

Nobody wants to hire a roofer who struggles to get by, right? Everyone wants to work with the roofer with consistent business. Because your clients know that well-booked roofers do a good job and have a solid reputation.

Use this train of thought to evoke scarcity, if applicable, to your roofing business.

Here’s how to do it.

If you’re busy, then show that fact off! Show off your busy schedule on any of your online platforms, in your online profiles, on social media, and even during conversations.

Scarcity can help to increase conversions dramatically. The idea is to, hopefully, help your leads to realize that they need you more than you need them.

# 4 – Ask for The Sale

If you never ask directly for the roofing sale, then you’ll never get it! Make it abundantly clear to your prospect that you can help them.

Every time you interact with any prospect, you should include a call to action. All of your marketing assets, websites, online profiles, and conversations should consist of a call to action.

What type of call to action options do you have?

  • If you’re talking one on one, then give your customer a precise estimate.
  • On your online profiles, including a telephone number and other ways to contact you.
  • Any of your websites should have a blatantly clear call to action so clients can get in touch.

Even if your client denies you the sale, ask them why via a survey. You can then strive to learn what works for your sales team, and what doesn’t. This Forbes article lists polling your prospects (both won and lost) as a great sales strategy, and we agree.

# 5 – Make Payments Easy

Imagine if you were about to close a massive roofing sale, but things got caught up during the checkout, or payment process?

You’d probably spend a month kicking yourself in the foot! That’s why it’s a great idea to offer various payment options.

Never let your client stress out about how they pay you! Because never forget that your clients remember. You never want to be the roofer who “is a pain to pay!”.

Instead, you want to be the roofer who is a dream to work with, a roofer without stress. If you’re unsure how to start, consider using platforms like PayPalSquare, or Stripe.

# 6 – Serve Your Existing Roofing Clients

One of the simplest and lowest hanging fruits in your sales arsenal is your list of existing clients. If you wish to increase your closing percentage reliably, then pitch to those who already trust you.

Consider contacting your existing leads via flyers, telephone, or even email to let them know about any seasonal discounts, promotions, or special offers.

# 7 – Offer an Amazing Roofing Experience

Offering a tremendous service that makes your roofing clients happy is one of the best ways to improve your closing percentage. Why is that the case? Because your leads probably do their homework on your business before they talk to you.

They read reviews, ask their friends and their family, and they check out your previous work.

# 8 – Ask for The Review

We live in a society that cherishes social proof. For that reason, your online profiles (such as Yelp and Thumbtack) must feature great reviews.

Always remember to let your clients know that you appreciate and even need reviews. Be doubly sure to remind your client if they seem especially happy and satisfied with your service!

# 9 – Diversify Your Roofing Offers

Ask yourself what other roofing services you could offer? If you’re limiting yourself to only one or two services, then maybe consider branching out.

Consider the following services perfect for your happy roofing clients:

  • Snow removal (from ground or roofs)
  • Chimney repair
  • Roof cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roof inspection
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Winter preparation

# 10 – Show Off Your Best Work

If you offer terrific roofing services, show it off!

Ask your client’s permission to take photographs (or even videos) of your handy work. Post that content on your online profiles, on Facebook, on YouTube, and your website.

That way, your roofing clients can see with their own eyes that you offer fantastic work that they can rely on and order with confidence.

Roofing Sales Strategies Summary

If you follow the roofing tips in this guide, then you’ll have every opportunity to improve your closing percentage.

If you’re hungry for an everlasting flow of roofing leads that won’t quit, then build out your own website with powerful SEO Strategies. Hook Agency is an excellent option to fuel your business’s need for leads so that you can practice all of these remarkable roofing sales strategies. Send us a message now for a free demonstration. 

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