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42 Financial SEO Keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic U.S.

By Tim Brown
Updated March 13, 2018
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Financial Services Keywords | Financial industry terms for search engine optimization
Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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Financial SEO Keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic is brought to you, courtesy of my in-depth research using SEMRush, Ahrefs, and multiple other SEO tools.  I believe finding the highest volume terms to go after in financial services is crucial to getting the best result for your website – and creating high-quality and high-value resources will help your site rank for the services you offer. If you’d like financial services SEO for your company – send me a message now, and we can schedule a no-obligation free consultation. I can also demo some of the tools and methods I use to get your site the highest rankings possible.

Financial Services Keywords | Financial industry terms for search engine optimization

Without further ado, – here are the highest volume & traffic terms for financial services SEO. (Some lower volume terms are included for context and contrast)

  • Keyword Phrase Estimated Monthly U.S. Search Volume
  • Financial Services  10k
  • Financial Services Companies   2.5k
  • Investment Management 3.1k
  • Investment 78k
  • Mortgage 102k 
  • Mortgage Calculator 1.85M
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator 241k
  • Mortgage Rates 227k
  • Life Insurance 113k
  • Loans 78k
  • Payday Loans 142k
  • Quicken Loans 221k
  • Student Loans 128k
  • Personal Loans 128k
  • Retirement Plan 3.6k
  • Retirement Accounts 3.1k
  • Investment Planning 300
  • Investment Plan 600
  • Financial Investment 900
  • Finance 280k
  • Financial Aid 174k
  • Financial Advisor 44k
  • Financial Calculator 51k
  • Financial Planning 11k
  • Yahoo Finance 1.4M
  • Google Finance 545k
  • Financial Freedom 10k
  • NerdWallet 85k
  • Financial Accounting 9.4k
  • Financial Independence 5.1k
  • Return on Investment 20k
  • ROI 68k
  • Investment Banking 20k
  • Investment Banker 6.6k
  • Foreign Direct Investment 8.6k

I will continue to build out this list as a resource for people looking at doing Financial SEO – and looking for keywords for the financial industry that have a high volume of searches and traffic. 

Keys to finding the best keywords for your financial industry niche

If you are looking for the best keywords for financial service industry websites, you need to drill into what the specialty of the company is first and foremost.

Finding the specialty of the site you’re trying to rank

Just like in any industry, the most effective use of marketing dollars is to determine a niche that you can dominate and really go after it with intensity. It doesn’t pay to spread your specialty around all over and not have a clear focus. If you create an intentional and aggressive niche and become direct in your content strategy to build out guides and how-to posts answering common questions, you’re site will be the hub for all things in your specialty – giving you a major advantage in search engine results pages.

Gathering long-tail keywords with decent traffic

When you know what your company is specializing in – it makes it easier to drill down into what lesser high volume terms you could be going after that your ideal customers and clients would be looking for.

Many times this includes location-specific terms where someone wants to work with them in their local area.

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Aggressively going after the best long-tail terms with less competition

When you do determine decent keywords that are more specific to your situation (i.e. location or niche/specialty,) it’s time to throw your effort 100% into them and figure out what works. After you start seeing more traction in a particular corner of the market – it’s important to not give up, but to throw your whole ‘weight’ into it – and then expand to ‘shoulder’ terms that are related but not the same.

Building out guides and deep resources for the more competitive terms

When you want to go after terms that have heavy hitters vying for them, you’ll need to create epic content. We help clients create epic content around their specialty because we know it’s the best possible chance to really make a dent in the market for that website. Financial keywords with high volume require significant resources invested to rank for. You need in-depth guides, media-rich landing pages that really tell a story, and even tools that are unique and built to gain links naturally.

Beyond this – you’ll need a link-building campaign to compete with the big boys (bigger financial industry titans) who naturally have link partners and heavy advertising campaigns to rank for.

Wrapping up

Moral of the story? Go for decently high volume terms that are:

A. Specific enough to be considered a ‘specialty’ that not all of your competitors are trying to rank for.

B. In a particular state, city, and region that you can dominate because of your proximity to the people looking for.

C. Be ready for a sustained and heavy effort fight to rank for higher volume terms, create epic content and build resources that are undeniably useful to earn backlinks naturally and find ways to gain more links through community outreach.

I hope you enjoyed this resource to help you find SEO Keywords for the Financial Industry – good luck in your quest to find the right ones for your company. 


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Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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