The Ideal Roofing Marketing Plan for 2024 (+ Budget Percentages)

Industry experts suggest 5% for your overall marketing budget if you’re a roofing company. That’s 5% of your overall revenue – is allocated for marketing. It does depend of course if you…

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Industry experts suggest 5% for your overall marketing budget if you’re a roofing company.

That’s 5% of your overall revenue – is allocated for marketing.

It does depend of course if you are trying to grow! If you’re not trying to grow – perhaps you don’t need to spend nearly as much on marketing.

What Percentage of Revenue Should go to Marketing in Roofing

Trying to double in the next year? Perhaps you need to spend more than 10%!

I sat down with Josh Swisher of Northface Construction and we talked about what the Ideal Roofing Marketing Plan would be (and principles for creating that)

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Possible Ideal Roofing Marketing Plan Percentages

  • Spending 20% on Google Ads
  • Spending 20% on SEO
  • Spending 20% on Angi Leads, Thumbtack or  Other Lead Aggregators
  • Spending the rest for truck wraps, yard signs, home shows, print materials, video marketing and other miscellaneous efforts. 

3 Most Effective Methods - Roofing Marketing Plan

MIX Long-term and short-term goals. 


You want to build up your reputation in the community. Yes, that starts with the name, the logo, and the ‘Word of Mouth’ referrals you are getting. But what is a ‘BRAND’ but a promise to get the job done right, and ‘insurance’ that no matter what, you will follow through. Creating this kind of reputation with your customers, getting reviews, and creating momentum with content, social media, and videos will always make every deal easier to close.


Every lead will be easier to get, and easier to close if you have brand awareness. But you still need to ask for the business, and you can use Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads, and lead aggregators like Thumbtack and Angi to generate leads in the short term. Things like call centers, and door-knocking might also fall under this bucket – at the end of the day, though you have to get leads, to close leads. This is what roofing company owners often think of when they’re thinking about marketing, but everything you do on brand awareness also compounds into your lead generation if it’s done right.

Short Term vs. Long Term - Roofing Marketing Plan

If You’re Under 2.5 Million Revenue – Do either SEO or PPC

I would suggest that if you are under 2.5 Million it would be wise to hammer either Google ads (if you need more leads quick) or SEO (building for the long-term.)

But to try to go hard on both – may be difficult to do well without a higher percentage of your revenue spent on marketing (if we’re still thinking about 5% in marketing budget being spent of total revenue.)

Then as you pass 2.5M – I would layer on the other one (either PPC or SEO.)

When to Add a Roofing Marketing Manager

Personally I’d suggest hiring a Marketing Manager at 5-7M revenue (that has deep skills in 2-3 of the five major needs – for instance, video editing, graphic design, copywriting, social media, ad management and utilize agencies for the other things.) 

Unless – you are a super high-touch remodeler / aesthetic exteriors company, at which point social media and video may play a larger role sooner in your companies marketing.

Roofing Marketing Plan - Get These Things in Your Calendar

The 10-Part Ideal Marketing Plan:

Either do these things (put each in your calendar, in the next 3 months – or find someone who is adept at the key skills needed, and ensure they are incentivized and charged – as well as held accountable for these things.)

  1. Ensure you have a high-end brand, consistent colors, look across all designs online and off
  2. Create a high-end, website that communicates clear value propositions.
  3. Boil down the key things your customers love about you into 3-5 ‘themes’ that get used consistently throughout your marketing all the time.
  4. Create systems for getting more referrals (e-mails that go out, rewards, incentives internally.)
  5. Post 2-3 times a week on social media, identity who is responsible, create accountability.
  6. Be creating regular video + blog content, as well as be building out landing pages for niches and cities rhythmically. (Find a # per month that can be committed to, and commit to it or have agency do.)
  7. Find ways to benefit referral partners , be part of Facebook groups, refer them out regularly, tagging them on social, creating video content with them, etc. 
  8. Ensure well branded + designed signs, trade show booth, brochures and sales presentation that create a high-end impression – consistently be leveling these up as well as the look of proposals. 
  9. Be running Facebook ads + Google ads, and create a feedback loop – once monthly meeting to go over the best performing ads, and what messaging to push into / with what ad spend. 
  10. Ensure that there are high authority links coming to the website with methods like guest posting, Help a Reporter Out, podcasting, local media efforts and other creative methods as well as technical SEO, keyword research, and content level-ups on the best content and landing pages according to analytics to drive awareness and website authority. (Also be upgrading key website features that will turn more website visitors into customers – by creating TRUST.)

But REALLY – you should assess what has worked for you in the past, and how could you double down on that. 

Important principles: 

Know Your Numbers

None of this matters if you don’t have a ton of clarity on what’s currently working.

Three tools for this:

Tracking your numbers in Roofing - and doubling down on what's working

Double Down on What’s Working

Once you know what IS working, push into the things that are creating a lot of opportunities.

For instance – if 32% of your business is coming from Google organic traffic, and 21% is coming from Google ads – certainly, you’ll want to look at if it makes sense to increase your budgets, and at what point you get diminishing returns.

Own Your Marketing

Don’t outsource the ultimate strategy of your marketing efforts.

Even if you FAIL at one particular method, you want to know what didn’t work about that, and get clarity around what you could do better in the future or if that particular ‘channel’ is not going to work for your company.

The Ideal Roofing Marketing Plan is Flexible

You don’t know every opportunity that you’re going to have this year.

A home show might come up, a storm might hit, and your Facebook ads might be rockin’ and rolling.

Keep your plan flexible enough so that you can respond to big opportunities without negatively affecting your long-term prospects.

What you would change about our ‘Ideal Roofing Marketing Plan’? Comment below!

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