Hilarious Thumbtack Pro Reviews + How to Get the Most Out of Thumbtack Leads

Are you a contractor or service provider who would love to generate more leads? Are you tired of relentlessly posting on Facebook to promote your services? Maybe you’re exhausted from spinning your…

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Are you a contractor or service provider who would love to generate more leads? Are you tired of relentlessly posting on Facebook to promote your services? Maybe you’re exhausted from spinning your wheels trying to advertise your contracting business.

If so, then you’ve probably heard about Thumbtack Pro. Is Thumbtack Pro right for your lead generation needs?

In this article, we will share some of the most hilarious and shocking Thumbtack Pro reviews to help you decide.

This post is for entertainment purposes only.

We are not able to get your money back from Thumbtack.

We’re a marketing agency that curated a bunch of reviews of Thumbtack to show you you’re not the only one they’ve scammed.

Thumbtack Pro: Thumbtack for professionals review

We’re also going to show you five marketing tips for contractors so you can get the most out of Thumbtack Pro. Even if you decide that Thumbtack Pro isn’t right for your business, you can still benefit tremendously from reading these smart marketing tips. 

First, let’s quickly look over some of the most revealing Thumbtack Pro reviews we could find:

Hilarious Thumbtack Pro Reviews:

# 1 – A Verified Thumbtack Pro Reviewer Complains About Fake Leads? Yikes!


Review Source: Consumer Affairs

# 2 – This Verified Thumbtack Pro Reviewer Cites Long-Distance Leads:

Rate and Review Thumbtack Pro

Review Source: Consumer Affairs

# 3 – Check Out Another Claim of Bogus Leads from A Verified Reviewer:

Hilarious Thumbtack Reviews

Review Source: Consumer Affairs

# 4 – Unhappy Thumbtack Pro Reviewer Cites High Cost Per Lead:

Review Source: Sitejabber

# 5 – Thumbtack Pro Reviewer Details Their Frustrating Lead Generation Experience:

Review Source: Sitejabber

# 6 – Another Reviewer Questions the Quality of Thumbtack Pro Leads:

Thumbtack Pro - Reviews

Review Source: Trust Pilot 

# 7 – This Thumbtack Pro Reviewer Mentions the Questionably High Cost of Leads:

Thumbtack Pro Leads

Review Source: Trust Pilot 

# 8 – This Thumbtack Reviewer Awards Thumbtack Pro! With the Worst Customer Service  Anywhere In The World:

Thumbtack Pro - Review

Review Source: Trust Pilot 

# 9 – This Thumbtack Pro Review Offers a Scolding Critique of Their Pricing Policy:

Thumbtack Pro Fails

Review Source: Google Play

# 10 – Not All of The Reviews Are Bleak! Here’s A Classic Thumbtack Pro Review All Small Business Owners Need to Read:

Thumbtack for Roofers

Review Source: Google Play

# 11 – This Epic Thumbtack Pro Review Contains Legendary and Timeless Advice:

Thumbtack succcess

Review Source: App Store


Here’s What We Learned from These Thumbtack Pro Reviews

The reviews above indicate that some contractors love Thumbtack Pro as a lead generation tool. However, many contractors aren’t impressed. (To say the least).

After reading these reviews, you may ask yourself, is Thumbtack Pro a colossal waste of time?

Our answer is: not always. We propose that it’s possible to generate contracting leads on Thumbtack Pro. Some contractors who hustle hard and collect positive reviews experience good luck using the platform.

But never forget that you have a variety of other options to consider.

There’s an abundance of services to help promote your contracting offers. Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and even Craigslist are great places to promote your contracting business.

Another thing to consider is that it’s probably better to take your marketing efforts into your own hands.

Instead of relying upon third parties to generate leads, consider launching a unique website for your business. You can then focus on publishing authoritative content with optimized SEO that attracts clients and leads organically.

Let’s also look at five crucial lead generation rules to get the most out of Thumbtack Leads or any other platform.

# 1 – The Top Rule to Getting the Most Out of Thumbtack Pro

When you launch a profile and sell your services on Thumbtack Pro, go all-in on the process!

In other words, try to rock a fantastic profile and brand it from top to bottom.

Your profile may be the first interaction that your audience has with you and your brand. Make it a good one!

# 2 – Put Your Best Branding Foot Forward and Look the Part

When you build your Thumbtack Pro profile, try to put your best foot forward. Put forth diligent efforts, such as having a decent profile description and a decent photo that solidifies your brand.

In other words, try not to sport a beer-stained tee shirt or a grainy selfie that’s not even fitting of a Facebook profile image!

Look the part, so any prospect would quickly realize you are a professional worthy of entering their home.

# 3 – Reply to Leads Quickly and Politely

Regardless of how you interact with leads, you should always provide excellent customer support before your leads hire you.

Stellar customer support starts by responding to your leads in a timely fashion. Never let your competition steal your leads! Losing a lead can happen all too easily if it takes you too long to respond.

Get back to any inquiries quickly so you can prove to your leads that you offer premium and thoughtful support. By providing stellar customer support, you can help build your brand and lasting relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you offer roofing services or are a tech professional or a plumber. Try your best to “wow” your customer in a timely fashion.

# 4 – Always Perform the Best Service Possible

A satisfied customer can be the most potent branding asset that you have. That’s why you should continuously strive to provide fantastic service support to every client you ever serve.

Why are satisfied customers so powerful?

  • Satisfied customers leave excellent reviews if you ask.
  • Satisfied customers are more likely to give you repeat business.
  • Satisfied customers go out of their way to tell their friends about your excellent service.

# 5 – Always Strive to Help Everyone! Even Prospects Who Don’t Buy

If someone doesn’t buy your service, please show them the utmost respect.

Share helpful information. That way, even if your prospect doesn’t hire you right now, they may remember that you offer terrific customer support.

So, if they ever require services in the future, there’s at least some chance they’ll remember you. Even a tiny chance is superior to no chance. So try your best to be respectful, amicable, and benevolent to every prospect who crosses your path.

How to Generate Contracting Leads Without Relying on Any Third Parties

We’re not saying that Thumbtack Pro is useless. We’ve known clients to succeed using Thumbtack Pro, even more so than Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor.

We merely suggest seizing control of your brand and your lead generation process. If you take your contracting business seriously, controlling your marketing systems fully is a genius idea.

We challenge you to launch a fantastic website for your business!

That way, you can position your business from a place of authority. You can focus on branding your business website, which is a considerable lead generation asset. You can then strategically publish content to help advertise your contracting business in your local area.

With a proper business website, you never depend on a third-party service such as Thumbtack Pro, or any other marketplace to generate leads. Ultimately, you’ll worry less about which third-party platforms work, and which don’t.

If you want more control over your lead generation process without second-guessing, click here to contact us for a free consultation.

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