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  • Regular rhythmic, targeted content.
  • Links from around the web, back to your site.
  • Technical experts and website improvements built into the engagement.

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Targeted Content

Want to expand your reach online? Content is a method and a cornerstone to our strategy. Be useful, get found, dominate your competitors.

Earning High-value Backlinks

Small business SEO in particular, is where backlinks can play a huge factor in your ranking. Each quality backlink is like a vote for your site, increasing your ranking. We earn them rhythmically.

Technical SEO

20% of our small business SEO offering is 'technical SEO', though if it's done wrong – your website could have serious problems getting seen on Google. We know what matters, and can ensure it's correct.

Small Business SEO with a Clear Process at the Heart

We know how annoying it is to deal with a company that doesn’t CLEARLY communicate with you, and has a confusing process.

That’s why we made a very simple to understand dashboard that shows you what we did this month in our 3 key areas (content, backlinks, and technical SEO), and what we are doing next month.

Alongside our to-do’s, Google analytics graphs of both traffic and contacts from your site, with a year over year comparison. We boil it down to what matters – and push on the activities that lead to increases.

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Scared your losing money on other Small business SEO Service companies?

The amount of money flushed down the toilet on SEO every year should terrify any business owner.

I talked with a manufacturing company recently who had 15% LESS traffic than the year before and was spending thousands of dollars a month.

Vet the companies you work with people! And ask about the specific technicians that will be working on your account.

We have in-house writers, SEO specialists, graphic designers and account managers – all so that you can be confident that the SEO work we do for you is built around OUR PROVEN SEO STRATEGY – not outsourced.

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Questions and Answers about Small Business SEO Services

We start making changes that results can start appearing in weeks – but serious and systematic changes to your website take months, and the long-term results of SEO are more in the 6-9 months range.

SEO is not a short-term strategy – so make sure you’ve researched SEO, and understand what’s possible and maybe even how difficult it is to do it yourself before you hire a company.

This is not to say you need to waste a year of your time sitting around making tweaks to your website before you hire experts.

Simply looking into the difficulty of getting heavy-duty results, often helps our ideal clients recognize how useful a company like ours is – systematically working on their behalf, and getting them more traffic and leads.

Just like you are likely an expert at what you do – hiring experts who do this 40 hours a week respects your time and allows you to get the best results in as little of your time as possible.

That’s why we focus on a ‘turn-key’ system.

We know that your time is valuable, and try to only have you give input when we’ve completed some content (for your review), get feedback in key areas before implementing, and show you the results we’ve gotten so far each month.

As they say – if you do have “more time than money” at the moment, we strongly suggest trying your hand at some SEO first.

But – as so many of our small business SEO clients have experienced, when you have “more money than time”, paying for experts who have already spent 10,000+ hours on a particular endeavor indicates a savviness and respect for “professionalism.”

1. Search with a competitors website and see what their top keywords are. Change meta titles and descriptions on your site to front-load the most lucrative keywords (high volume, and would make sense for an ideal client to search in the process of making a buying decision) or blog about something on your site that they are ranking for, but you would like to.

2. Go get a link from by registering there for a nominal fee – and see what one link can do to push up your ranking a bit.

3. If you have WordPress – Install Yoast SEO on your website and ensure that your author pages, category pages, and tag pages are set to ‘no-index’, lest you have duplicate content diminishing your chances of ranking.

– or – contact us now and have us handle all of this for you, and about 100X more!

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