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Clickbait Titles: How to Write Them and 25 Inspiring Examples

By Alex Kleve
Updated June 19, 2020
Alex Kleve
Alex Kleve

I help projects and content-entry go smoothly at Hook Agency as a Project Manager. Hook Agency's specialty is where visual design and SEO combine to help get you better leads.

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Clickbait titles have gotten all of us a few times here and there. After all, when you see a title that leaves you hanging, you can’t help but click on it to see what happened.

It is something that has been around for a while now starting out in things like tabloid magazines because they knew that you wanted to know what was going on with the Kardashians.

We see clickbait titles pretty much everywhere in the media. We know its there, but they somehow get us to keep clicking on those videos or buying magazines and subscriptions.

How can they be so convincing and always get us?

Well, if you’re looking to find out, you’ve come to the right place.


The Importance of a Clickbait Title

The title of your content could arguably be the most important part of the content you are putting out.

With every article you write or piece of content you put out, there are likely hundreds of similar content posts that are also trying to capture the attention of their audience.

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So how do you compete with that? The title.

The title will be the difference-maker in someone clicking on your content, or someone else’s. It is what lures them in to get them interested and wanting more. To do this, you need to make a title that is both engaging and alluring to the reader, aka, a clickbait title.

Here are a few examples of how you can write a clickbait title that works.

Add a Keyword

Google is smart and has a better idea now more than ever as to what people are searching for. This is why keywords are so important to make sure your content is being seen and generating more traffic.

When you don’t have a title that doesn’t use your main keyword, for example, “Austin restaurants”, then your content won’t rank well in the search engine results.

So if you are looking to get your content seen, having the keyword is pretty much essential, and will also help the searcher have a better idea of what the content is about.

Use Popular Trends that are Happening

Using popular trends for clickbait is another effective way for you to get more traffic from your clickbait title. This will not only add something new to your title but will also be something that your audience will find familiar.

Having both the strategy of the SEO keyword along with the trendy and eye-catching trend ion your title, you are leveraging both sides giving you a more powerful and engaging title. This will lead to more website traffic onto your site and beat out the other competing content out there.

Be Controversial about Something

Being controversial isn’t always ideal for business, but sometimes it helps you get more attention.

If you have an opinion that’s different from the status quo, by all means, share it. Just make sure you’re able to back it up.

You don’t want to be controversial just for the sake of getting a good clickbait title. If you do this, you may lose the trust of your audience and turn them somewhere else.

However, if you are able to make a valid point with your clickbait controversial title, then it can do very, very well.

Use Teasers to Bulk Up Your Headlines

When you have a short title headline that could use some bulking up, use a teaser in the headline and call something out inside of the article.

Why does having a teaser help?

Because it calls out something within the article, like “you won’t believe number 10.” By doing this, the reader knows that they are in for a treat at number 10 and will read at least up to there and will probably just end up reading until the end.

clickbait titles

Examples of Clickbait Titles

  1. 12 Surprising SEO Trick You Don’t Know
  2. 5 Incredible Roofing Tips You Need to Know
  3. 7 way you can triple your website traffic
  4. You Won’t Believe the Secret Ingredient in our Special Sauce
  5. You’ll Never Get More Leads Without Doing This
  6. 13 unbelievable marketing statistics you won’t believe
  7. The biggest food trends of 2020 (you won’t believe #9)
  8. Why You’ve Never Heard of This Top Travel Destination
  9. 8 reasons why Celebrities love this workout program
  10. What you don’t know about custom designing a home
  11. The Best Home Improvement Trends of 2020
  12. This is why you’re losing money
  13. See 7 ways business owners are saving money on taxes
  14. (Famous Person) and others think this is the best diet for you
  15. See how you can get more clients doing (example)
  16. Find out how you can travel without having to do (example)
  17. 8 ways you’re getting screwed by (example)
  18. 13 inventions you didn’t believe existed
  19. These 4 photos will make you think twice about (blank)
  20. Revolutionary ways for you to get the most out of your (example)
  21. These are the most common ways (example) fails a majority of the time
  22. You need to start doing (example) instead of (example)
  23. Get instant results from doing (example)
  24. The top 10 ways you’re putting your business into jeopardy
  25. Why you’re losing customers how you can fix it

Thank you for checking out our principles to making clickbait titles! Just don’t forget to deliver on the promise of your title. 😉 


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Alex Kleve
Alex Kleve

I help projects and content-entry go smoothly at Hook Agency as a Project Manager. Hook Agency's specialty is where visual design and SEO combine to help get you better leads.

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marys d
marys d
1 month ago

this is terrible advice, would not recommend.

Tim Brown
Tim Brown
1 month ago
Reply to  marys d

Appreciate your perspective Marys! Just a quick question – how did you find this article?

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