101 Electrical Company Names People Will Actually Remember

As an electrical company, you will get many opportunities in both commercial and residential markets. They are needed for construction, as well as repairs inside the home and have opportunities for work…

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Electrical Company Name Ideas

As an electrical company, you will get many opportunities in both commercial and residential markets. They are needed for construction, as well as repairs inside the home and have opportunities for work year-round. 

Finding a good name for a business can be tough. With a business name being the first impression you give to your potential customers, it is a more critical part of your business than you may think. You want to leave people with a lasting impression of your company by having your name stand out, as well as sound professional. It is all about finding that balance between the two.  

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We have taken the time to make a list of the best electrical company names that we could find in the hopes of giving you a few ideas for your company name. 

Please be aware that these are names that are currently being used by other businesses and are not recommended for you to use as your company name, but used for inspiration. 

Check out our list of 101 electrical company names people will actually remember below.

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Electrical company names

  1. We Volte
  2. Trizone
  3. Influx Electric
  4. Eletree Green Supply co
  5. Power Progress
  6. North House Power Corp
  7. Whitewatt
  8. Unic Watt
  9. Radiant Energy
  10. Ampere+
  11. Gigawatt
  12. POwer Plus
  13. Voltmills
  14. Mega sphere Electric
  15. PicoVolt Co.
  16. Arc
  17. Solar Mass
  18. Power Moves
  19. Elexcellence
  20. Electric Eye Corp.
  21. Icon electro
  22. White Bright Electric
  23. Arise electric
  24. North Dex Co
  25. Arbutus
  26. Butch & Butch Co
  27. Emerald Electric
  28. Yette Co
  29. Venus Electric Co
  30. A-C Electrical Company
  31. All Volts Electrical
  32. Atlas Acon Electric
  33. Berg Electric
  34. Bloom Energy
  35. Bright Electrical Supply Co.
  36. City Light
  37. Code Green Solar
  38. Core Underground
  39. Double Waste Services
  40. Electric Eye Corp.
  41. Eletree Green Supply co
  42. Empire Electric
  43. Environmental Remedies
  44. First Energy Corp.
  45. Generator Joe
  46. Great Eastern Energy
  47. Harmony Electric Co
  48. Ideal Electric
  49. Innovative Solar Power
  50. Kiwi Energy
  51. Mars Electric
  52. Mr. Electric
  53. My Chariot Energy
  54. Next Era Energy Resources
  55. On Stat Power
  56. Pacific Power
  57. Power Moves
  58. Power Progress
  59. Power Your World
  60. Progress Energy
  61. Radiant Energy
  62. Service Electric Co.
  63. The Urban Electric Company
  64. Top Quality Electric
  65. Tri-City Electric
  66. Unity Electric
  67. White Bright Electric
  68. Winkle Electric Company
  69. 24/7 Electrical Co.
  70. A Boy Electric & Plumbing
  71. Archer Electric Services
  72. Bay City Electric Works
  73. Chain Electric Company
  74. Commonwealth Edison
  75. Current Electric Co.
  76. Electrical Enterprise
  77. Empire State Electrical
  78. Evergreen Waste
  79. Eversource
  80. Five Star Electric
  81. Foto Electric Supply
  82. Green Con Energy
  83. High Tech Electric
  84. High Voltage Press
  85. Integrated Environmental Services
  86. Laz Electric LLC
  87. Medler Electric Company
  88. Midwest Generation
  89. Old Town Substation
  90. Onyx Otto Electric
  91. Persistent Energy Partners
  92. Power Pole Services
  93. Royal Electrical Supply
  94. Rubicon Global
  95. Sempra Energy
  96. Smart Energy
  97. Sullivan Pumping Station
  98. Touchstone Energy
  99. Transformer Shop
  100. Tri-Eagle Energy
  101. W8 Electric Supply

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