205 (Actually Good) Construction Company Names For Your Business

Getting your construction company name right is absolutely crucial. Below I’ve given a list of the 125 best construction business name ideas we could come up with within 5 hours, while also…

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205 (Actually Good) Construction Company Names For Your Business

Getting your construction company name right is absolutely crucial. Below I’ve given a list of the 125 best construction business name ideas we could come up with within 5 hours, while also curating the best we could find from around the web. (But first we’ll start with a ChatGPT prompt that will spit out better construction names!) 

YouTube video

ChatGPT could be an amazing asset for coming up with construction company names (and for other home services marketing ideas) – but without help it spits out cheesy names with where the words start with the same letter. 

So here’s a construction company naming prompt that will help with that: 

Put this into ChatGPT: 

“You are a branding and business naming expert – come up with 20 business names for my construction company. Make them bold, easy to remember – we don’t want them to be cutesy, we want them to be professional, but down-to-earth, sticky and memorable, but not cheesy. The names should be composed of two or three words, but none of the 3 words should start with the same letter as the other. For instance, if one word starts with a ‘C’, the other words should not start with a ‘C’. Rank them by best to worst.”

Here’s what it gave me – curious what it gave you! (Names created by creative humans – not ChatGPT if you scroll down a couple times lol) 

  1. Bold Blueprints Construction
  2. Solid Ascent Builders
  3. Mighty Keystone Construction
  4. Durable Horizons Building
  5. Venture Stoneworks
  6. Titan Fortress Builders
  7. Power Hammer Builders
  8. Infinity Frameworks
  9. Sturdy Pinnacle Construction
  10. Astute Constructs
  11. Ironclad Uplift Builders
  12. Vista Valiant Construction
  13. Dream House Contractors
  14. Dynamic Apex Construction
  15. Profound Heights Building
  16. Aegis Archway Construction
  17. Rugged Zenith Builders
  18. Optimal Edifice Construction
  19. Victory Vantage Builders
  20. Heritage Haven Construction

Still with the ‘Bold BluePrints’ – lol, Chat GPT doesn’t seem to be great at naming construction companies yet. 

As always – tell it what it did wrong, and ideally feed it ones you kind of like so that it can create more like that – similar to this: 

Construction company name ideas with Chat GPT 2024

Bold BluePrints Construction Company Name Ideas for 2024

But first, here’s how to get the exact right name for your construction company:

No one else is you. So what might be the absolutely perfect construction business names for you and your team, may not have been taken yet.

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You just need to follow these steps – and not skip them, below I’ll be sharing 5 questions that will help you draw out the perfect construction company name out of your imagination. But first – what is the perfect ideal for a construction company name, what will make ideal customers flock to you, remember you – and beg to do construction business with you (provided you have great reviews and a great reputation with existing customers)

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Ideally, a construction company name is all of these things:

  • Memorable
  • Rolls off the tongue
  • Can be expressed a symbol
  • Communicates your company’s core values.
  • Ideally you can get the URL
  • Avoid generic / forgettable
  • Roofing, Construction, Excavation – or your category of services in the name – but don’t make it too simple like Athens Georgia Roofing
  • Bonus: Once you’ve got the perfect name – make sure your site’s high on Google with these 3 crucial SEO Tips (if you do nothing else.)

You see – names are important because they either get stuck in people’s heads, are super easy to remember – or they end up in the lost & found of your prospects minds. You can have a great business without a great mind – but everything goes more easily and smoothly if you have a brilliant & simple name.

Ask yourself these 5 questions to help you narrow your search down:

  1. What do we do better than anyone else in our area of expertise in construction industry?
  2. What do customers say they LOVE about our construction services?
  3. How can that secret sauce be expressed in a symbol that’s visual? (Write down 20 symbols that exude the qualities you mentioned)
  4. Start forming 5-10 names based on those symbols – what’s memorable, and rolls off the tongue, and wouldn’t require explanation?
  5. Which of these feels unique, but simple and solid.

Don’t rush the process – consult with your smartest friends, perhaps try a few logo’s first before settling on a final name.

Below – 140 Construction Company Names Ideas to get your juices flowing!

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Construction company names


First, we’ve come up with this initial list of 108 Construction Company Name ideas:

**Domain name availability February 2021 – people keep snapping them up – so we checked again and prioritized the ones that are still available.**

  1. Neighborhood Creation Group – is available
  2. Green Concrete Builder – is available
  3. My Commercial Construction – is available
  4. Quality Building Supplies – is available (8.8k domain)
  5. Premium Contractors – is available (premium 24.7k domain)
  6. Quality Material – is available (premium 19.8k domain)
  7. Sunshine Build Group – is available
  8. Remarkable Remodeling – is available (premium $995 domain)
  9. Success Construction – is available
  10. Base Mountain Construction – is available
  11. Boutique Builders – is available (premium 4.2k domain)
  12. Green Power Home Builders – is available
  13. The Details – is available
  14. Instant Designers – is taken 
  15. Dockside Stone – is available
  16. Evolution Contractors – is available (premium domain 3k)
  17. Wellness Home Builders – is available (50k premium domain)
  18. Canoe n Paddle Homes – is available
  19. Your Home Destinations – is available
  20. Refined Homes – is available (2k premium domain)
  21. Essential Homes – is available
  22. Craftsman Strong Builders – is available
  23. Onyx Strong Construction – is available
  24. Ladder Construction Co. – is available
  25. Red White Blue Builders – is available
  26. Mass Appeal Homes – is available
  27. Top 2 Bottom Homes – is available
  28. Memorable Home Builders – is available
  29. Fluid Homes – is available
  30. Wholesome Builders – is available
  31. Pennant Homes Builders – is available
  32. Red Wood Construction – is available (5k premium domain)
  33. Seamless Designs Inc – is available
  34. Red Ladder Homes – is available
  35. Anything But Ordinary Homes – is available
  36. Smart n Savvy Homes – is available
  37. Secure Homes Inc. – is available
  38. Retro Remodeled Homes – is available
  39. Homebody Home Builders – is available
  40. Holistic Home Builders – is available
  41. Panda Construction – is available (5k premium domain)
  42. Quality Budget Homes – is available
  43.  Forever After Homes – is available
  44. Minimalist Modern Home Builders – is available
  45. Seamless Design Homes – is available
  46. Heavy Weight Builders – is available
  47. Paddle Homes – is available
  48. Uniquely Unique Homes – is available
  49. Crescent Moon Homes – is available
  50. Blissful Home Builders – is available
  51. Freshly Brewed Homes – is available
  52. Looking Glass Homes – is available
  53. Touchdown Home Builders – is available (2.2k premium domain)
  54. Open Prairie Builders – is available
  55. Grand Scale Builders – is available
  56. First Place Homes – is available (2k premium domain)
  57. Builder Gorilla – is taken
  58. Jackhammer Studios – is taken
  59. Builder Rhino – is taken
  60. Pure Renovation Company – is taken
  61. Constructionize – is taken
  62. Builder Ability – is taken
  63. Concept Design Develop – is taken
  64. Mod Guys Construction – is taken
  65. Inspiration Design Build – is taken
  66. Build It Brothers – is taken
  67. Blue Ladder Construction – is taken
  68. Hammer of the Gods Contractors – is taken
  69. Thorough Construction – is taken
  70. High Voltage Builders – is available
  71. S.T.D Contractors – is taken – LOL.
  72. Golden Key Contracting – is taken
  73. You Nailed It Construction – is taken ( is available for $2,895)
    YouTube video
  74. Stoneworks Home Builders – is taken
  75. Hearty Contractors – is available
  76. Refresh Contracting and Remodeling – is taken
  77. Designs 4 You – is taken
  78. Home Heart Construction – is taken
  79. Heavy Lifting Builders – is taken
  80. West Peak Builders – is taken
  81. Modern Green Construction – is taken
  82. Buildersdeck – is taken
  83. Solid Builders – is taken
  84. Hearth and Home Construction – is taken
  85. Heavy Lifting Contractors – is taken
  86. Maximum Builders – is taken
  87. Gladiator Builders – is taken
  88. Modular Construction – is taken
  89. Armored Homes – is taken
  90. Black Bear Contracting – is taken
  91. All The Way Home – is taken
  92. Premier Home Consulting – is taken
  93. Eagle Homes – is taken
  94. Home Atlas Construction – is taken
  95. Best Home Solutions – is taken
  96. HomeScapes Contractors – is taken
  97. Full House Basement Remodeling – is available
  98. Blue Steel Construction – is taken
  99. Antelope Builders – is taken
  100. Progressive Homes – is taken
  101. Valley Mountain Homes – is taken
  102. Green Ladder Homes – is taken
  103. Steady Hand Construction – is taken
  104. Pure Bliss Homes – is taken
  105. 100 Percent Homes – is taken
  106. River’s Bend Homes – is taken
  107. Ivy Homes – is taken
  108. Vibrant Construction – is taken
  109. First Ascent Homes – is taken
  110. Ultra Modern House – is available for 1.13k
  111. Pinnacle Constructions – is available
  112. Stable Structures – is available
  113. Dependable Dwellings – is available
  114. Durable Developments – is available
  115. Trustworthy Trusses – is available
  116. Exceptional Erectors – is available
  117. Graceful Girders – is available
  118. Grand Girders – is available
  119. Resplendent Residences – is available
  120. Dazzling Domiciles – is available
  121. Fantastic Frameworks – is available
  122. Magnificent Mortar – is available
  123. Profound Pillars – is available
  124. Excellent Edifices – is available
  125. Supreme Scaffolds – is available
  126. Eminent Edifices – is available
  127. Incredible Infrastructures – is available
  128. Paramount Pillars – is available
  129. Timeless Trusses – is available
  130. Distinguished Domiciles – is available
  131. Brilliant Builders – is available
  132. Monumental Mansions – is available
  133. Impeccable Infrastructures – is available
  134. Noteworthy Nests – is available
  135. Spectacular Structures – is available
  136. Fascinating Foundations – is available
  137. Apex Structure Builders – is available
  138. Astonishing Architects – is available
  139. Outstanding Outbuildings – is available
  140. Sublime Scaffolds – is available
  141. Transcendent Trusses – is available
  142. Reliable Raisers – is available
  143. Ravishing Roofs – is available
  144. Unbelievable Undertakings – is available
  145. Intriguing Institutions – is available
  146. Stupendous Structures – is available
  147. Prodigious Projects – is available
  148. Masterful Mansions – is available
  149. Exquisite Erectors – is available
  150. Breathtaking Buildings – is available
  151. Marvelous Masons – is available
  152. Impressive Institutions – is available
  153. Awe Inspiring Architects – is available
  154. Sensational Shelters – is available

Funny Construction Company Names

  • The Trusty Wrench
  • One and Done Handyman
  • Double D Electrical Contractors
  • Silver Fox Builders
  • Carl’s Pane in the Glass Handyman

Unique Construction Company Names

  • Blue Comet
  • Pyke Mechanical
  • Omega Design
  • Wombat Contractors
  • West Peak Builders
  • Constructathon
  • Green Power Home Builders

Renovation / Remodeling Construction Company Names

  • Old is New Again Remodeling
  • Dream Home Here
  • Regal Renovations
  • Flat Rate Remodeling
  • Renewvate

U.S. Biggest & Best Construction Company Names (for Real Existing Businesses)

  1. Bechtel
  2. Fluor Corp.
  3. The Turner Corp.
  4. CBI LLC
  5. Aecom
  6. Kiewit Com
  7. Skanksa USA
  8. PCL Construction

So maybe for commercial construction – names aren’t as important! LOL.

U.S. Total Construction Starts Data Outlook Industry

What are the top residential construction company names (of existing businesses?)

Data from ConstructionDive

    1. D.R. Horton Inc. – 2018 Revenue: $15.7 billion – 2018 Closings: $52.6 billion
    2. Lennar Corp. – 2018 Revenue: $18.8 billion – 2018 Closings: $48.9 billion
    3. Pulte Group – 2018 Revenue: $9.8 billion – 2018 Closings: $23.1 billion
    4. NVR Inc. 2018 Revenue: $7 billion – 2018 Closings: $18.4 billion
    5. KB Home – 2018 Revenues: $4.5 billion – 2018 Closings: $11.3 billion
    6. Taylor Morrison – 2018 Revenues: $4.5 billion – 2018 Closings: $8.7 billion
    7. Meritage Homes – 2018 Revenues: $3.5 billion – 2018 Closings: $8.5 billion
    8. Toll Brothers – 2018 Revenues: $7.1 billion – 2018 Closings: $8.3 billion
    9. Century Communities – 2018 Revenues: $2.3 billion – 2018 Closings: $7 billion
    10. LGI Homes – 2018 Revenues: $1.5 billion – 2018 Closings: $6.5 billion

Construction Spending by Sector, Analytics, Data, Graph, Statistics

I hope this list was a good start, maybe even to just get the juices flowing. A good name is the start of a good brand, and a good brand is the start of a good website – and I love to help people get an understanding of how branding, website design, and traffic come together to get your construction company more business.

Want even more construction company names? – Here’s 16 more!

Construction Company Name Ideas

  • Golden Key Contractors
  • Mountain Home Construction
  • Power-up Builders
  • Prestige Home Building
  • Onyx General Contractors
  • Living Well Remodeling
  • Modern Structure
  • Skyline Contractors
  • Ace & Hammer Builders
  • Five-star Construction
  • Diamond Ridge Construction
  • StoneWorks Home Building
  • Center Circle Design-Build
  • Foundation Builder
  • Lionheart Contractors
  • River’s Edge Construction

Helpful Business Name Generators

1. Biz Name Wiz – Put in a word and get combinations you might use

2. NameJet – Gives you short, punchy domains that are currently available

3. NameStation – Gives you URLs available based on a particular seed keyword or two

4. Shopify Domain Name Generator – Moves beyond .com domains and into less popular extensions like .io

5. – A way to check all of the domain extensions quickly for variations of a word

6. Bust a Name – Create domain names based on availability and a seed keyword

Why it’s important to have construction company names that’s different from anyone else

In the expansive universe of business, a company’s name serves as its identity and its first impression. It’s not just a label but a strategic asset that can make a significant impact on brand perception, recognition, and ultimately, its success. But what happens when your company shares its name with another? This seemingly innocuous mistake can lead to a myriad of problems. In this article, we explore why it’s crucial to avoid having the same company name as a different company.

1. Stand Out in a Saturated Market

  • Differentiation is key: The business landscape is saturated, and standing out becomes a challenge. A unique company name sets you apart and makes your brand memorable. When your name mirrors that of another company, you lose this vital chance to differentiate.

2. Avoid Brand Confusion

  • Protect your reputation: Imagine being mistaken for a company with questionable business practices. A distinct name ensures you control your narrative and your reputation remains unblemished by others’ actions.

3. Enhance SEO Results

  • Online visibility matters: With the increasing reliance on search engines, having a unique name helps improve your SEO. If your company shares a name with another, especially one that’s more established, your online visibility could be compromised.

4. Legal Protections

  • Avoid legal disputes: Owning a unique company name reduces the risk of legal conflicts relating to trademark infringement. Legal battles are expensive, time-consuming, and can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

5. Facilitate Branding and Marketing

  • Maximize marketing efforts: A unique name makes branding and marketing efforts more efficient. It enables you to craft a cohesive and consistent brand image across all platforms.

6. Consumer Perception and Trust

  • Build trust with your customers: Businesses earn trust over time. When you have a unique name, customers can easily find you, learn about your company, and develop a relationship with your brand.

The advantages of having a unique company name are clear. It contributes to your brand’s identity, customer perception, online visibility, and legal security. Moreover, it ensures that your marketing and branding efforts are not diluted or misdirected. Remember, your company name is more than just a title – it’s the first chapter of your business story, make it count.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Naming a Construction Company

How do I create a company name?

Brand yourself with a catchy name; in the end, you’ll want a bold but simple professional logo. This is why it’s easy for many people to start with a symbol – Evergreen Contractors, for instance, you quickly have an evergreen tree as a symbol and a symbol is easy for people to remember and helps them recall your name.

The trick is to find a combination of the common, so it’s easy to remember, and a modifier — that way, people can find you in a world where everything has already been chosen. For example, Evergreen Structures – might be easier to Google and find later since there are probably so many Evergreen Contractors already.

How much does it cost to start a construction company?

You will need licensing- State and local. You will need insurances- liability, workers’ compensation, and auto, and you may need tools and a cell phone – so maybe around 5k. You will have ongoing expenses, so you’ll have to be earning money quickly.

How do contractors get clients?

Start with your current network, and by announcing you’re available on social media. Then use intentional requests for referrals from family, friends, and your network. Once you have a compelling name and logo, try making a basic website. Then, talk to other professionals like realtors and mortgage brokers to expand your network.

Get on Craigs List, Next Door App, and perhaps even HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and Angie’s List. Next, move to Search Engine Optimization, upgrade your website – layer on paid ads on Google and Facebook. Ideally, you also add events, trade shows, truck wraps, yard signs, swag like t-shirts, and video marketing as well.

When you reach a certain size – it may be appropriate to work with a professional web design + SEO company like Hook Agency. In that case, send us an e-mail at to get started with a free consultation.

When you’ve got your name and you’re up and running – be sure to submit your site to Construction Directories!

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