5 Specialized Cabinets Marketing Agencies for Leads

If you’re looking to work with a marketing agency that specializes in the cabinet industry, then you’re looking for what we’d call a niche agency. A niche marketing agency is one that…

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If you’re looking to work with a marketing agency that specializes in the cabinet industry, then you’re looking for what we’d call a niche agency. A niche marketing agency is one that works specifically in one industry or a group of very similar industries.

Here at Hook Agency, we consider ourselves a niche marketing agency. We work exclusively with contractors and cabinet makers/cabinet businesses are included in that category (more on our experience with cabinet businesses below).

Before we dive into a list of 5 cabinet marketing agencies that can help you get leads, we want to talk about why you should work with a niche marketing agency for your specific field of work.

The Benefits of Working With a Niche Marketing Agency

A Niche Marketing Agency Knows the Ins and Outs of Your Industry

A specialized agency knows how to navigate your industry because they have done it before. They will understand best practices, what type of competition your facing, and even the details of how you do your work

Their Sole Focus is Businesses Like Yours

You won’t have to worry about the agency being spread thin across multiple different industries. A niche agency has worked with cabinet businesses like yours and helped them get better leads already, so they aren’t having to catch up or learn on the fly as they work with you.

They Speak the Same Language

The gap between marketer and cabinet maker shrinks because the marketer understands cabinet lingo. They don’t need to spend time doing research or ask for long-winded explanations, which saves both parties time and frustration. Additionally, it makes you as the client much more comfortable and the process feels more natural.

They Know How to Market Your Services Effectively and Get You More Leads!

This is the whole reason you’re working with a digital marketing agency in the first place. All of the reasons above ultimately mean that they will be able to get you quality leads more efficiently than an agency that hasn’t worked with a cabinet business before.

Finding a digital marketing agency that’s laser-focused on helping cabinet businesses can be difficult because there aren’t a ton out there. We’ve taken a look at a few niche agencies that specialize in cabinet businesses and also have case studies on cabinet clients’ featured on their website.

Here are 5 Specialized Cabinet Marketing Agencies for Leads

Deci Tech

Deci Tech is a versatile agency that works specifically with cabinet businesses, kitchen remodelers, and other contractors and small businesses. One of their featured case studies details the internet marketing campaign they developed for USA Cabinet Store.

The campaign included a website design, Google advertising, and search engine optimization for the cabinetry business. Clients have had great things to say about Deci Tech which explains their 5-star rating on Google. Deci Tech has shown their website design skills and digital marketing prowess has helped their customers gain quality leads.

Kitchen 365

The definition of a niche marketing agency, Kitchen 365 works exclusively for kitchen and bath cabinet businesses. They have a complete understanding of the kitchen and bath cabinet industry and their customers have been satisfied with their results. A client reviewed on Google: “Our Business, Dream Cabinets RTA, is extremely happy with hiring Kitchen 365 to create and manage our website. Everything is working out exactly as I had planned. Business is growing and I could not be happier.”

Hook Agency – That’s Us!

Here at Hook Agency, we focus on getting smart contractors like you quality leads that actually convert into business. We’re the ONLY construction marketing agency that builds high-end websites AND actually helps you get found on Google. We know how to help businesses like yours because we’ve done it consistently for years, check out our 57 five-star reviews on Google! SEO is just one of many ways we can get your cabinet business more leads, reach out, and get started today.

Hunch Free

Hunch Free is a full-service advertising agency focused on data-driven results. They work with a range of clients, but their portfolio includes a solid amount of small businesses and contractors. They helped Lafata Cabinets develop a beautiful website (check it out here) and significantly increase their web traffic and leads.

Their case study details their comprehensive effort to boost traffic through email marketing, social media marketing, and google ads for Lafata Cabinets. Hunch Free is an excellent example of an agency that knows how to help your business because they have experience working with custom cabinet makers.

Custom Creatives

Custom Creatives is a fast-paced digital marketing agency that focuses on leads and profit. They offer everything from logo design to Google and Facebook advertising for small to medium-sized businesses. What caught our attention was their case study on Summit Cabinets. They reported generating 67 leads in just 21 days for Summit Cabinets which resulted in a significant return on investment. Custom Creatives is an eccentric agency that utilizes some aggressive advertising techniques, but they could be a good option if you’re looking for quick online sales and lead generation.

We know that the process of picking an agency can be difficult, it’s a big choice! Consider reaching out to one of the agencies on this list to see if you’re a good fit for each other. Here at Hook, we pride ourselves on being open and clear about what you can expect from us. Shoot us a message, we’d love to chat! If we aren’t the right fit, we will try to help you find someone who is!

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