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Best Roofing Websites – Roofing Web Design (Updated July 2020)

By Bea Bonte
Updated July 29, 2020
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Roofing Website Design Inspiration 2020

Your roofing company’s website is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Therefore, you should design it in a way that not only attracts leads but also turns leads into sales. A roofing website is more than a digital business card; it’s a list of your services, a point of contact for your company, and an important sales pitch. Some of the best roofing websites have a few elements in common that entice their audiences to sign up for the companies’ services.

Common Elements of Roofing Websites

Your website shouldn’t be the same as your competitors, but there are a few things you can do to turn it into a website that converts visitors to customers. If you visit other roofing company websites, you may notice that the most attractive and engaging ones are those with helpful content and intuitive, eye-catching web designs.

roofing websites and roofing web design ideasRoofing Website Content

A roofing company’s blog is almost as important as any other piece of the site. Your blog is what can help your site rank in a Google search by targeting keywords that your desired audience might be searching for. Rather than using a roofing blog to talk only about the company itself, roofing companies with winning websites use their blogs for long-form, informative content that helps those interested in roof repair, maintenance, and more.

Also, your website should have other blocks of content that help an audience know what your company does, who’s involved, and how they can contact you. Standout roofing websites typically have pages that list their services, give some company history, provide quotes, display testimonials, and point visitors in the direction of how to contact someone, creating the perfect funnel for leads to sales.

Roofing Web Design

Your roofing web design is an especially important piece of your overall website strategy. Roofing companies with converting websites have exceptional website designs that make their sites easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. According to an Adobe survey, as many as 38% of people will leave a site that they feel is poorly designed. Another 66% want to view a website or content with a beautiful design and layout rather than those that look dull or too simple.

But, it’s not only your aesthetic design that matters. If your website is too image-heavy or takes too long to load due to images, plugins, or slow servers, your audience may also turn away and find a different site.

It’s equally as important to ensure that your visitors’ overall user experience is one that you’d also enjoy when visiting a website. Most elements of your site should be easy to find from the moment a visitor comes to your site by using a top navigational menu or displaying relevant information on your main page.    

What Are Some Examples of Best Roofing Websites?

The below examples are some of the best websites for roofing companies based on the common elements that top roofing company websites have in common. When you’re ready to design your website, you can get some inspiration from these examples, which provide users with excellent content and stand-out, yet easy-to-navigate, design.

Secured Roofing & Restoration (A Roofing Website We Designed – In Development)

Secured Roofing & Restoration - Roofing Contractor Website Design


Northface Construction (A Roofing Website We Designed)

Northface Construction - Contractor Website Design


First American Roofing (A Roofing Website We Designed)

First American Roofing Website Design


Yellowfin Roofing (A Roofing Website We Designed)

Yellowfin Roofing - Roofing Contractor Website Design


North American Roofing

North American Roofing

North American Roofing has one of the most eye-catching designs for a roofing company and offers plenty of information about the materials it uses, the services it offers, and the expertise of the team on its main page. From the same page, you can request a quote, contact the company, and even apply for a job. With the helpful navigation links at the top of the page, visitors can find what they’re looking for without digging around.

Roofing Lead Generation Ad

Rainaway Roofing

Rainaway Roofing

The Rainaway Roofing website is eye-catching from the moment you visit it. You don’t have to scroll at all to find the link for the company’s gallery of completed projects, the number to call, or the link to receive a free quote. The site reads like an outstanding piece of copywriting and includes trust elements, like its BBB rating and screenshots of positive reviews, which can help win over visitors and turn them into customers.

Additionally, the company provides helpful information to visitors in the form of articles, blog posts, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. This information can help further establish the company as a trustworthy source for people who need roofing services.   

Hippo Roofing

Hippo Roofing

If there’s one thing you notice when you visit the website for Hippo Roofing, it’s that the company’s branding is front and center. From the brand’s hippo logo to the red and blue color scheme, Hippo Roofing remains true to its branding on its website.

And by listing the services the company provides and how it stands out from the competition, you don’t have to scroll past the main page to learn about Hippo Roofing. But, if you want to learn more, the website provides several pages about its products, financing options, and more, so you can see if the company is right for you.

Conclusion: Create a Winning Website for Your Roofing Company

Roofing websites that turn visitors into customers focus on what the company can do for customers through its services and by providing a helpful site. With exceptional content, easy navigation, stand-out branding, and an aesthetically pleasing design, your roofing company can make your websites stand out from the competition. Place important links, phone numbers, and information about your services on the front page and point visitors in the direction of becoming customers with enticing copywriting, photos, and testimonials.


Commonly Asked Questions About Roofing Websites

Should I use / where do I find a website builder for a roofing company?

Website builders are often a terrible idea because they end up resulting in weird looking websites, that don’t make your company appear professional. That being said – a couple of website builders for roofing companies might be WordPress themes like Metal on Themeforest, or The Roof – Construction Theme, The Barbosa template on Squarespace, or this list of roofing and construction templates on Pedestal. Once again, using a template or theme can lead to shabby-looking results for the non-professional, but is suggested for companies under 500k in revenue. For companies 1 million and above in revenue, please consider hiring a professional company and treating your website like a real investment, and you’ll have a much better experience.

What are some creative roofing website ideas?

The best roofing website ideas I have for 2020 and beyond are 1. Put a video on every service page. This will increase the amount of time people spend on average on your site, increasing search rankings. 2. Put the get a quote form right away on every page – often people just want to take the next step and don’t need to read that much. 3. Surround that form with all kinds of ‘trust factors’ and ‘social proof’ like testimonials, and organizations you’re a part of to decrease friction in the prospect’s mind.

Why should I hire a company that specializes in roofing websites?

Because of the pain of not hiring a professional company will be greater than doing it. Even though hiring a professional may cost significantly more than hiring your cousin’s uncle’s nephew’s brother’s friend – it cost less than doing it again in a year and missing out on 90% of the sales while they go to your competitor who actually invested in digital marketing. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a professional company that specializes in roofing websites – whether or not it’s Hook Agency. If you would like a free consultation, send us a message at


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