Roofing SEO Keywords: Roofing Search Engine Optimization keyword strategy

Best Roofing SEO Keywords | 95 of the Most Searched

Search engine optimization marketing (SEO) is one of the best ways for roofing contractors to break through the clutter of their competition on Google.

  • There are many, many different roofing companies out there, which can make it difficult to market your own business.
  • But, SEO allows you to get in front of your target market when they need you most—when they are searching for your services online.
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  • Homeowner Googles a Keyword
  • Let’s say “Roofer Near Me”
  • They find competitor – they win.
  • They find you – you win.

Say, for example, a homeowner in your area is in need of emergency roofing services because a storm just rolled through. They’ll head to Google and search “roof repair services.” Roofing companies that have optimized their SEO through landing pages, service pages, and blogs with the phrase “roof repair services” will appear at the top of Google, thus winning the business.

But, there is a lot that goes into effective SEO marketing (head over to our SEO Basics guide to get the skinny on it), but finding out which keywords your target marketing is searching for is a great start. Knowing these keywords can help with content ideation, social planning, and even your web design.

So, to help you get started on effective SEO for your roofing company, here are 95 of the most searched roofing SEO keywords today:


  • tesla solar roof – 47k
  • gable roof – 33k
  • roofing companies near me – 31k
  • roof shingles – 28k
  • roofing companies – 26k
  • roof repair – 24k
  • hip roof – 23k
  • metal roof -21k
  • roofing contractors – 20k
  • mansard roof – 18k
  • roofing contractors near me – 16k
  • roofing shingles – 16k
  • roof repair near me – 15k
  • roof pitch – 15k
  • gambrel roof – 14k
  • roofing materials – 14k
  • shingles roof – 14k
  • roof flashing – 13k
  • roof types – 12k
  • roof replacement cost – 9.8k
  • solar roof – 9.7k
  • roof vents – 9.5k
  • roof rake – 8.6k
  • metal roof cost – 8.2k
  • metal roofing near me – 8.1k
  • roof cleaning – 7.7k
  • rubber roofing – 7.7k
  • roofer near me – 7.7k
  • roofing contractor near me – 6.3k
  • how to install metal roofing 6.1k
  • metal roofing panels – 6.1k
  • corrugated metal roofing – 5.9k
  • roofing contractor – 5.7k
  • roofing near me – 5.6k
  • steel roofing supply – 4.8k
  • corrugated roofing – 4.6k
  • metal roofing prices – 4.2k
  • tin roofing – 4.2k
  • metal roofing cost – 3.9k
  • metal roofing suppliers near me – 2.7k
  • roofing nail gun – 2.7k
  • plastic roofing 2.6k
  • roofing supplies – 2.6k
  • roofing underlayment – 2.5k
  • affordable roofing – 2.4k
  • installing metal roofing 2.8k
  • best choice roofing – 1.8k
  • roofing hammer – 1.7k
  • how to cut metal roofing – 1.7k
  • roofing shoes – 1.7k
  • metal roofing screws – 1.7k
  • roofing estimate – 1.6k
  • best roofing – 1.6k
  • types of roofing – 1.6k
  • roofing metal – 1.6k
  • metal roofing sheets – 1.6k
  • metal roofing prices – 1.5k
  • metal roofing for sale – 1.5k
  • roofing square – 1.5k
  • metal roofing materials – 1.5k
  • guy roofing – 1.5k
  • polycarbonate roofing -1.5k
  • roofing repair near me – 1.5k
  • residential roofing – 1.5k
  • roofing labor cost per square – 1.4k
  • metal roofing prices per sheet -1.3k
  • roofing boots – 1.3k
  • slate roofing 1.2k
  • roofing cost per square – 1.2k
  • roofing logos – 1.2k
  • roofing tools 1.2k
  • types of metal  roofing – 1.1k
  • shingles roofing – 1.1k
  • roofing tiles – 1.1k
  • types of roofing materials – 1.1k
  • best roofing material – 1.1k
  • roofing and siding – 1.1k
  • roofing cost – 1.1k
  • roofing sheets – 1.1k
  • corrugated roofing panels – 1k
  • metal roofing types  – 1k
  • solar roofing – 1k
  • rubber roofing material – 1k
  • roofing services – 1k
  • best roofing shingles – 1k
  • roofing contractors in my area – 1k
  • roofing membrane – 1k
  • metal roofing for sale near me – 1k
  • metal roofing contractors near me – 900
  • roofer safety equipment – 350
  • roofer review – 250
  • questions to ask a roofer – 200
  • emergency roofer – 200

One interesting takeaway from this list is the large amounts of searches for “metal roofing” related phrases. Metal roofing has certainly grown in popularity over the past decade, and this list of keywords clearly illustrates this. If your roofing company doesn’t offer metal roofing solutions yet, you should definitely consider adding it to your material options.

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