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We're constantly innovating our methods to rank our clients higher.
We want to help you get your site ranking higher in Google, and are constantly improving our methods. Don't hire a company that doesn't understand how to mix SEO and visual design – it's critical your website not only ranks high, but can help turn visitors into customers with effective
visual design.

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Do you want a Minnesota SEO partner working on your behalf to rank your site higher?

  • We create content for you.
  • We get links on other sites.
  • We do clear monthly reporting.

It’s about relationships. We’ve been doing SEO experiments for 5 years, and would like to wield what I’ve learned on your behalf! We’d love to chat with you and talk through what our SEO services entail in detail, and how that process might play out in a relationship with your business.

Our Minnesota SEO services are tailored to each client to give the best possible result, and serve you where you’re at and how it will be most effective in your industry.

If you want to work with a highly motivated team – working relentlessly on your behalf to get more traffic and business from Google, contact us now.

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SEO is an investment in your business – let me help you get more website traffic.

SEO has one of the highest perceived return on investment of many, many digital marketing investments. (E-mail marketing is also very high) – But you don't want to just partner with anyone – I'd love to chat with you about your SEO and give you a demo.

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Questions and Answers about Minnesota SEO

Local SEO is the process of getting services, or location specific companies and websites show up higher in search rankings for a particular geographic area.

Google shows different things to different people based on their place – and there are ways to really drive up your rankings with local directory listings, schema markup, and location-specific landing pages.

We work with companies aiming to rank locally, and are certain we can help you get higher rankings in Google maps.

There are really two main things you can apply your own ‘sweat equity’ to get higher rankings any time you’d like.

One is to create content and answer common questions people have about your business and industry. Ideally you’re doing some keyword research, and then making the content unique and giving it a compelling angle, and then publishing it on your site.

The other is to get links to your site from other places. You can get verified profiles on different websites, leave blog comments, enter your work in award contests, distribute online press releases, and write guest articles on other industry sites – ideally you focus your efforts on high value sites.

Our Minnesota SEO process does all of this for you.

We have a super awesome reporting tool that allows us to show you a bulleted list of what was done this month, what will be done over the next month and alongside that show live graphs pulling in data from Google Analytics what your traffic is doing month over month, as well as calculate estimated revenue from leads on your website.

It all may sound a little complicated, but we’d love to give you a demo and it should clear it up a bit. The idea is that we love helping clients get more traffic and more new customers from their website – educating them a bit in the process, but most of all trying to offer a turnkey process to drive revenue from online traffic, while building their website into their greatest asset.

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