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7 Elements of a Winning HVAC Website: Formula

Instead of just pushing on our HVAC website designs…  I thought I’d feature some of the other leading marketers in the space.  Scorpion with ‘Winters Heating & Air’ Website. Ryno Strategic Solutions…

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HVAC Website Examples Day or Night

Instead of just pushing on our HVAC website designs… 

I thought I’d feature some of the other leading marketers in the space. 

  • Scorpion with ‘Winters Heating & Air’ Website.
  • Ryno Strategic Solutions with Gunthers HVAC + Plumbing’s Website
  • Relentless Digital with Diamond Y Heating & Cooling’s Website

1. Call attention to the ‘Call-to-action’

Examples by: Scorpion

Client: Winters

Visual call to action on hvac website examples inspiration

Many HVAC websites don’t draw they eye to what you want them to do

So it’s important to figure out how you can make them read and see what you want them to:

  • What you leave out is important, meaning leave space around important things.
  • Use 1/3rds / 2/3rds ratios to make these sections visually appealing.
  • Use contrasting and complimentary colors to draw attention to the button to Schedule an Appointment.

Call attention to the call to action -plumbing website gif

Use interactive features like this gif to draw the eye to the action you want them to take

Don’t overwhelm the visitor with tons of moving widgets and gizmo’s but do use these things sparingly, to make them look a little closer. 

2. Make sure your form has the right stuff 

Example by: Ryno Strategic Solutions

Client: Gunthers

What should be included on a form in HVACR Gunthers HVAC Web design

Each field you make people fill out slows down the conversion, but some are worth it

So here, the HVAC website designers – Ryno is keeping the form short, and using:

  • Are you a new customer?
  • What service are you requesting?
  • How did you hear about us? <- This also helps the lead get categorized correctly in your CRM. 

You want to have as few of fields to fill out as humanly possible, without sacrificing your service quality. Every field you add, may decrease your form submission rate by 1-2%.

3. Have pictures of real techs, and clearly state your top services on the home page

Example by: Relentless Digital

Client: Diamond Y Heating & Cooling

Winning HVAC Website Formula Examples

Some HVAC companies spend 10’s of thousands on websites but can’t spare 1k for photos

You’re only as good as what you can share visually, to many customers.

  • “Show what you want to grow”
  • “You can sell it, if you can’t tell it.”

Get out there, get pictures taken and make your services obvious and visual

They don’t all have to be professional.

But every picture you take and share reflects on your business, and you should be striving to make them look more professional, and to provide more clarity around the exact types of services you specialize in. 

4. Have enough content so that Google can find you!

Example by: Relentless Digital

Client: Diamond Y Heating & Cooling

HVAC Website Examples, Scorpion, Relentless, Ryno

Some HVAC websites don’t give enough content for Google to care

Yes – in some sections you want the content to be scarce to draw attention to what is there.

But Google EATS content. 

  • Make sure there are key sections on the homepage, and service pages that add up to more than a thousand words total. 
  • Make sure you have location landing pages for each of your key cities with your main service, so that people can find you when they are searching that city + your service.
  • Make sure you are creating an ever-expanding content base, that answers questions about your service – so that you can create topical authority in Google’s algorithm, and rank for more keywords your ideal customers are searching for. 

Make your content comprehensive, and cover your topics in depth for humans and for Google

You know when you Google something and you find an article that barely answers what you wanted?

Don’t give that feeling to your potential customers.

Not only do you want 750+ words on every page and blog post, but you want that content to be visual with images + videos, and you want it to be formatted where it’s easy to read, with bullet points and headlines that say the main points with just a scan.

Just look back at this blog post as an example of that. 

5. Make them feel the warm and fuzzies, make them feel cool. 

Example by: Hook Agency

Client: Alpine HVAC

HVAC Website Examples Day or Night

Most HVAC companies talk more about themselves than the customer

  • ‘We’re the best and this is why you should care’
  • ‘#1 HVAC Company in Chicago’
  • ‘Look at our truck, and our people, and our accolades

What if you could make it all about them?

You CAN tell them why you’re great. But…

“They don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care”

And there’s no more of an important place to share how much you care…

And show how much you care, than your website!

  • Pictures of happy customers enjoying their perfect climate.
  • Big visual ‘Trustimonials’ with pictures of happy customers, 5-stars, and where the review was left.
  • Video testimonials are the #1 thing you should do for video marketing if you haven’t done them already. 

6. Make your phone number super prominent everywhere on the website

HVAC Header Example

Example by: Ryno Strategic Solutions

Client: Gunthers

So many people are just looking to make a call quick.

  • Make sure it’s at the top.
  • Make sure it’s  at the end of the page.
  • And our signature move – make a button that’s right down by the thumb, no matter where you go on mobile. 

7. Get their trust early and often all over the page


Example by: Rival Digital

Client: Anchor Heating & Air

Not only does this ‘hero section’ give a beautiful comforting introduction about the customer and how they feel…

  • A Google 5-Star Badge right under the logo.
  • Then a Facebook 5-Star Review badge to make sure you know it’s not a fluke!
  • And … one more! Next-door 5-Star badge. 

Seriously – your whole website exists to get trust from visitors.

And these are just a few examples of ways to comfort and get trust from your customers.

What are you doing to get trust?

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