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How Sustainable9 Drove 53% More Contact Form Submissions in 1 Year

A completely upgraded website design
Content that matters to their audience
Links from other sites to demonstrate value to Google
Sustainable9 - Green/ Sustainable Business SEO, Web Design Case Study

When your work looks as good as Sustainable9, it’s just plain wrong to not have a gorgeous website that shows off the goods. That’s why they came to us, and along with driving serious leads with content and social posting – we were able to upgrade the entire look of their online presence to better represent the level of quality they put out.

Sustainable9 Home Builder Green,
Working with Sustainable9 to identify why people come to them (modern design), what people are searching for (high-end custom home builder), and driving traffic to a clean, modern updated site!
Driving 211% more traffic from Google year over year for the past 3 months is no small feat, and it means more eyeballs and more opportunities. Driving traffic for local terms, and modern design terms ensured qualified traffic.
"We have nothing but great things to say about the Hook Agency. Their website work, and subsequent SEO, blog writing, and social media expertise have done wonders for our lead pipeline."
Ryan Hanson
S9 Mobile

Why’d it Work? Principles to Apply

  • Continually adding value through content marketing – “content fatigue” happens when you keep on promoting the same boring content month after month. We helped S9 drive traffic with new blogs and landing pages every month, and drove traffic to that through search AND social media.
  • Gorgeous showcase of their work – Some companies are letting millions of dollars of new home clients slip through their fingers because they just haven’t updated their website with the most recent work. Our site design for S9 ensure’s that the work is gorgeous, in your face and larger than life.
  • Driving more traffic to drive more leads – First you need people on your website, and this is not a “if you build it, they will come situation.” This is a – build out tons of content, build links to your site from other websites, and then – and only then – will they come. And come they did, to the tune of 13,300 visitors in the last 365 days.


Increase in Contact Form Submissions


Increase in Clicks from Organic Search


Clicks from Organic in 12 Mo.
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