HVAC Marketing Plan: 5 Top Resources + Templates

Experts say the HVAC industry could register an annual 1% positive growth rate in the next half a decade due to strong trends like climate change.  You, too, can bite a piece…

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Experts say the HVAC industry could register an annual 1% positive growth rate in the next half a decade due to strong trends like climate change. 

You, too, can bite a piece of the pie and increase your revenue in this $48 billion industry. You only need to execute a top-notch HVAC marketing plan. Over 2 billion people bought goods and services online in 2020 alone, with global e-retail sales exceeding $4 trillion. 

So, it’s probably time you ditched most traditional marketing approaches and leveraged digital advertising and marketing strategies. Up next, we’ll take a keen look into the top 5 HVAC marketing resources and templates.

1. Make Your Brand Visible with a Highly Ranking Website

You don’t direct users to a website that is slow, unappealing, and unusable. That’s why a top-notch website is a core marketing resource. Your company should be easy to find online if you employ various search engine optimization techniques.

Similarly, be open about your services and pricing. Potential clients should see this upfront, or they’ll resort to your more transparent competitors.

Testimonial Template

hvac marketing plan testimonials

It’s also important to highlight to your customers what makes you the right choice for them. So be sure to include genuine testimonials on your site to reassure your customers and show that they can trust you.

Together with the star ratings, include positive comments like:

“Did an awesome job clarifying answers to my questions and handled installation and repairs timely and cleanly.”

2. Obtain an Edge Through PPC Advertising 

If you’re on a tight budget, payment-per-click (PPC) ads are the right fit for you and have a high return on investment. The Google Ads platform brings your ads in front of the right people so that 15 to 20 percent will click on paid ads.

YouTube video

While Google Ads is the most popular and most effective PPC platform, you could also opt for PPC advertising on:

  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

However, advertising on search engines generates revenue faster than on n social platforms. Notably, you should research your area, set your budget, and target your audience with functional keywords, then drive them to act. 

It’s prudent to research to know which call-to-action (CTA) drives traffic to your firm. Avoid a spam notification outlook; keeping the CTA brief, actionable, and valuable – bearing a compelling reason like a free quote or a seasonal sale promotion.

CTA Templates

  • Stop in today and slash $35.99 off a new water heater.
  • Stop in at Elite Systems today and get a real free quote on your HVAC system!
  • Switch from oil to gas and obtain free maintenance care for 12 months.

Lastly, check your data through campaign analytics tools to figure out your overall performance online. A good example is Google Analytics.

3. Incorporate Social Media Marketing

Being present and available regularly on social platforms is an edge because this generation’s eye-balls are entirely trained on the smartphone. You can also create a dynamic presence and make your company more attractive to a vast audience.

YouTube video

Social media marketing is one great way to increase your brand awareness and build significant customer loyalty. Most consumers make purchase decisions from social media and heavily rely on the same for customer service. 

Watch your comments and messages, adopting a proactive approach to response. Besides, post helpful content that praises your company and creates value, especially on new topics.

4. Educate Your Clients Through Optimized Videos

Video marketing could improve your conversion rates by over 80%. Just make your videos creative, engaging, and informative; optimize them for various platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and vary your content. Include video ideas like:

  • How to Check if Your AC is Working Properly
  • Behind the Scenes: The Team at Elite HVAC Systems

5. Competitive Leads Through Email Marketing

Email marketing helps generate and nurture leads by targeting a qualified audience. Optimize your emails for mobile devices and encourage users to opt into your site.

You could grow your subscriber list by inviting users to sign-up on your site for updates and company news, among others. Your routine email newsletters should include exclusive content, coupons, discounts, and giveaways.

Final Thoughts

While this guide covers a select few of the tested and most effective HVAC marketing resources and strategies, there are more out there – including traditional methods. But don’t forget the most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth from a satisfied customer. So employ a solid customer-centric approach in your operations and make your clients smile.

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