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3 Big Mistakes Contractors Make With Google Ads

Advertising effectively can be a challenging process for many contractors. You may have heard a thing or two — or several — about Google Ads. Heck, you may have even tried it…

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Advertising effectively can be a challenging process for many contractors. You may have heard a thing or two — or several — about Google Ads. Heck, you may have even tried it once or twice. The reward can certainly be great when it comes to Google Ads. However, if done improperly, it may end up not contributing to your business at all.

A Google Ads Campaign needs a strategy to ensure profitable results. Even after the initial strategy begins — campaigns must undergo assessments and evaluations throughout their duration to determine what is and what is not working

What factors generate positive results for Google Ads?

  • Know the targeted market
  • Show a competitive edge
  • Manage the campaign continuously

Yes, we get it, these are three simple factors — but they work!

It may take more time and perhaps personnel to complete, but in the end, Google Ads will be the solution you are looking for. 

Know Your Target Market

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to understand your targeted market. It will either make or break your Google Ads campaign.

  • Research the keywords that people are actually searching.
  • Find out what trends are common within your region.
  • Utilize Keyword Planner to discover variations of keywords.
  • Uncover average bid costs for the keywords you want.

We’re just scratching the surface here with the points above. They are great places to start and will direct your campaign towards quality results!

Contractors have to find and use proper keywords; suggested keywords from Google are not going to do the trick. 

The key theme is super simple —- discover more! Too many Contractors are missing out on gold. Don’t settle for the bare minimum; you can guarantee success if you put in the work to identify the details of your targeted market. 

Show Your Competitive Edge

Are you only attracting window shoppers? It is a big mistake to just focus on how to get Ads in front of prospective clients. Something has to change if there is nothing compelling people further than a “click” on your Ads.  

What type of details makes a final job stand out above the rest? 

A truly successful Contractor strives for excellence — they understand the value of making high-quality work. Mediocre is not okay with them. So why should it be the same for their Ads? 

  • Display a unique selling proposition (USP) —  make it evident!
  • Reveal what you’re best at; why should someone want to hire you?
  • Establish confidence in the eyes of those seeing your Ads.

What’s a sundae without a cherry on top? The point is simple — don’t leave the cherry off your Ads! Make it stand out above the rest. Persuade the “window shoppers” to actually step inside your business.

Continually Manage Your Google Ads

Finally, we come to one of the more technical mistakes Contractors make when using Google Ads — not maintaining and managing their ads. Google Ads can be very similar when compared to a job site.

Job sites have multiple teams working simultaneously, for example, Drywallers, Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC crews. They are required to work around each other — and are sometimes put into situations where they must accommodate their plans in order to help everyone finish their respective jobs.

I share this example above because it’s a perfect analogy of what managing a Google Ads campaign is like. 

A Google Ads campaign starts with certain things like bidding strategies and keywords. Those tactics must be evaluated as the campaign progresses — for example — after 30 days you may want to switch from “Maximize Clicks” to “Target CPA (Clicks Per Acquisition)”.

  • Changing bidding strategies saves money in your pocket.
  • Shifting strategies allow you to reprioritize your budget — again, save money!
  • Presents opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Select different keywords based on evaluation of what is working better.

As I stated at the beginning of part three — it takes technical expertise and time to do it right. If you don’t have the time nor skill set to manage your Google Ads properly, let us know. Managing your campaign right will ultimately save you money and create more effective Ads… and guess where that leads… more leads!

Many of the mistakes that occur on Google Ads can be simplified into the following three things: not knowing the targeted market, no presentation of a USP and not managing the Google Ads campaign continually. The thing is, a lot of contractors don’t have the time to master Google Ads and continually manage their campaigns every day. 

If you’d like to take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level, maximize your return on investment, and free up your time, contact the Paid Search professionals at Hook Agency. Not only do we manage Google Ads accounts for a living, we only work with contractors so that you can feel confident that we know how to advertise your business.

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