Do Roofing Salesmen Make Good Money?

Successful roofing salesmen often live a pretty comfortable lifestyle. If you have roofing marketing skills, you may be considering a career path in roofing sales. But before you take that giant leap,…

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Successful roofing salesmen often live a pretty comfortable lifestyle. If you have roofing marketing skills, you may be considering a career path in roofing sales. But before you take that giant leap, you should find out all you can about the salary of an average roofing salesman.

Do roofing salesmen make good money? Well, that depends on the company involved, their experience level, and their clients. If these three factors align, an average roofing salesperson can make a lot of money.

Here, we’ll answer how much a roofing salesman earns and the factors that influence this income. 

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How Much Does a Roofing Salesman Earn?

The income of any sales job mainly depends on the commission policy of the company. It also depends on the size of contracts a salesman can close. For instance, say a company has a commission policy equating to 10% of the total contract value. If you manage to close a roofing contract worth $100,000, you will earn $10,000.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average income of roofing salesmen in America is a bit over $70,000 per year. Every hour, a salesman earns more than $35 every day. This figure does seem like a fantastic amount of money. However, you don’t exactly get to this figure without a bit of work. 

A career in roofing sales isn’t exactly the easiest path. You’ll need to foster professional relationships with contractors and clients alike. You’ll also need SEO marketing and a system for capturing organic leads. Pair these with the requisite communication skills and, it’s possible to build a successful career as a roofing salesman.

But it’s not enough to have the connections and sales skills. The following factors can determine how much a roofing salesman makes.

Factors that Determine Salary

The company the salesman works for

A salesman doesn’t make roofing sheets and materials. They merely sell the services and products a roofing company offers. The higher the quality of products and the reputation of a roofing company, the easier it’ll be for a roofing salesman to make more money. 

A solid reputation in the building contracting world spreads like wildfire. If the company has a solid reputation for excellent roofing products, potential clients will be more open to accepting a sales pitch. It’s easier to make a sale, and the salesman can charge higher for premium products.

Asides from product quality, the commission policy of the company will affect a roofing salesman’s salary. There are two ways you can earn money if you’re a salesman; commission or profit splitting.  

Commission-based payment is a fixed percentage of the total value of the roofing contract. If you’re splitting the profit with the company, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the company. 

The location of operations

While the average annual income of a roofing salesman in the USA is $70,000, the price and demand for roofing services or products are not the same across the country. 

The weather is another factor that can impact a roofing salesman’s income. A location with bad weather is likely to experience a downturn in demand for roofing services. In cities where the roofing business is on the downturn, it may be challenging for a roofing salesperson to earn up to the national average.

The skills of the salesman

When you have the right skills, you know the best way to present a sales pitch to the client and close the deal. Superb presentation is a skill that comes with experience and an innate understanding of how your potential client thinks. If you know how to sell, own a great website to capture leads, you can make over $100,000 annually as a roofing salesman. 

Per-hour payment 

Commissions and profit-splitting are not the only way for roofing salesmen to make money. Roofing salesmen can make more money if the company adopts a per-hour payment platform. 

Mostly, you may have to do a lot more than sales for a company offering this payment model. You may double as an in-house sales consultant while still finding the time to close deals. 

Final Thoughts

Roofing salesmen can make a lot of money if they have the right mix of experience and sales skills. So, if you want a short answer, yes, roofing salesmen do make good money. 

However, exactly how much they make is a function of their commission agreement with the company. A little negotiation on your part, and you may be able to push above the average annual income. Good luck!

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